15+ Sample Recommendation Letters for Internship (and Writing Tips)


For acceptance of any student in an institution for an internship, a recommendation letter with a referee is a necessity. The letter is written by the previous employer, supervisor or a tutor and passed on to the organization or institutions with the aim of aiding the intern secure a vacant for an internship. The letter aids that institution in understanding the character of intern they are dealing with.

Why you should send one even if it is not required?

Various reasons require one to send a recommendation letter to the prospective institution of the internship. Among the core reasons are as follows; enable the institution to evaluate the character of the student, capability of the recommended person to carry specific tasks in the institution diligently and the ability of the person to blend well with other employees hence creating teamwork in the institution.

The letter enables the institution to understand the level of education attained and what one is capable of doing. For example- if the intern is a teacher trainee, the letter shows the classes or grades one can handle comfortably.

Whom should I use as a referee for an internship?

Recommendation letters are vital for they create a picture of who you are to your new masters. It is, therefore, recommendable to get the letter from someone who is close and knows you very well. The reason for that is to ensure they give substantial information and are there to provide information about you anytime needed.

Examples of right people to use as a referee in an internship recommendation letter are;

  • The supervisor in case you are undertaking a course with a personal supervisor
  • A very close teacher who can give your details whenever needed
  • Head of the institution
  • Your colleague or previous employer

Sample Internship Recommendation Letters

Sample # 1

George Williams
Head of the science department
Maryville high school
Box 8072 California

11 December 2019

To whom it may concern:

It is with much pleasure that I take this opportunity to write a personal recommendation for my student Bertrand Williams. The student has been a pivotal member of the student council since joining this school in 2016
Williams has been among the top cream students in this school, he is not only useful in leadership skills, but he tops in class as well. Being a student leader, he leads by an example and in the absence of the teacher, Williams assumes the role of peer teacher, and he guides the class especially in biology research work. He is all rounded student as he is also a star in our school rugby team. Previously he has been awarded as best under 20-rugby champion.

Williams carries his duties with due diligent and enthusiasm thus giving out his best. He is very focused and eying to join medical research institution in tertiary level. He is an outgoing student of good character and team builder.

I, therefore, recommend him to your institution for an internship. With my knowledge, I know he has the necessary skills and expertise to perform the duties assigned to him timely. Am confident he will apply same enthusiasm in your institution thus giving the best. Having William in your institution is more of an asset.

Always feel free to contact for more information on the above subject.

Hilda Thomas

Sample # 2

Dear Miss Macadam’s

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Laura Tinno for an internship in your organization. I have known Laura for two years while in mass communication college as she used to be one of our part-time office assistants.
I have been impressed with the way Miss Laura carries her duties with passion and enthusiasm. During the period, she served us; she was a great asset to us due to her quality productivity and timely completion of tasks assigned to her.

Miss Laura has a high capability of following instructions given and articulation of ideas both verbally or written form. She is a quick learner with self-motivation to carry her duties and perform tasks into perfection. Am confident she will be a significant pillar in your organization.

I, therefore, recommend Miss Laura without reservation and I know she will be of great input in your organization. Am very confident she will initiate teamwork as she always did within our organization. For more information about Miss Laura, feel free to inquire anytime.

Kelvin Rodriguez
Human Resource Manager
BZ telex communications

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What are the essential aspects to include in a recommendation letter?

While writing that letter, it is vital to be precise and be straight to the point. All relevant information pertaining the intern has to be captured. The most critical information is as follows

  • Personal information, which includes name and address.
  • Qualifications that is the level of education and skills acquired.
  • Any extra skills earned that is relevant to the field, e.g. medic can have done guidance and counselling.
  • Values that one upholds like being honest, trustworthy, team leader and wise decision maker.
  • Areas of strength and weaknesses in case one requires special attention.
  • Achievement one has had before that can be useful in an organization.
  • The referees for further consultations in case more information is needed.

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