16 Best Internship Recommendation Letter Samples

Many students opt for internships nowadays. They tend to be easy to get since they are like jobs without payment. Here are some of the reasons why they chose it.

  • Students choose internships mainly as a requirement from their respective universities or colleges. It is usually part of their program that must be completed before a student can graduate from either college or university.
  • These also become an important part of a student’s life if they seek to move up in their chosen career path. It shows that a particular student has gained some field or job experience, apart from their basic classroom knowledge.
  • Students may also desire to go for internships to boost their resumes. With this, a student is sure to grab a potential employer’s attention and secure a job. A student can mention their internship in their cover letter or during their job interview to improve their chances of getting that job.

Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is a document that acts as a character reference for the student in question. A student may request their recommender for a recommendation letter to submit it to an establishment, along with their application, for them to secure an internship.

Students mainly need to have recommendation letters to secure a proper internship. These students will, therefore, request a recommendation letter from a proper and qualified adult.

Such adults are acquaintances and may include their teachers or professors and even their previous employers.

The purpose of writing a recommendation letter for a student is as follows:

  • It is proof that a particular student has the required knowledge for the job position.
  • The recommendation letter is also essential, as it shows that the applicant is up to the task of the position being offered.
  • This recommendation letter serves as a description of the applicant’s qualities that are relevant to the stipulated position.
  • It also endorses an applicant for a paid internship or a prominent business opportunity.

Sample Letters

A recommendation letter is a document that provides a professional endorsement of a candidate’s abilities and qualifications for an internship position. By utilizing sample letters, you can benefit from their technical expertise and structure, saving you time and effort in crafting your letter.

Writing a Recommendation Letter

When it comes to writing a recommendation letter for a student, some steps need to be observed. Here is what a recommender should do when writing a recommendation letter for any particular student.

Connection with student

The first paragraph that is written in this letter should highlight and describe the connection a recommender has with the student. Also, the recommender should explain how they know the student and how long they have known them.


I am enthusiastic about offering my support to (name of applicant). As his professor, I have known him for six years and I believe that he is fit for the intern position.

Explain the student’s attributes

These details will be highlighted in the second paragraph. Here, the recommender should highlight the student’s attributes, which can include their expertise and qualifications. Through this, the recommender can expound on how the student’s attributes make them suitable for that particular company or organization.

Apart from highlighting that the student would make a good fit, it is also essential for the referee to mention what the student is bound to contribute to the company if given the position.


(Name of Applicant) is industrious and thrives well in challenging situations. He does not shy away from working in teams when dealing with new situations that may prove difficult if he handles them on his own. With such focus, team spirit, and his ability to work under limited supervision, I believe that (Name of Applicant) is fit for the internship. He will manage to work well with his colleagues to benefit the company.

Summarize the letter body

In the third paragraph of the letter, the recommender can now provide a summary of the letter. They can mention why they recommend that particular student. A referee can use phrases like “highly recommend” or “recommend without reservation” when providing a summary of the letter.

Using such phrases shows the referee’s confidence and excitement to recommend the student for the particular position. This will make the company consider the student faster than others.


With all this in mind, I highly recommend (name of the applicant) for the internship position at your company. His skills, attributes, and nature will play a huge role in a successful internship.

Include the contact information

For the final paragraph, the referee needs to provide contact information, which may include their phone numbers and email addresses. They can also choose to include their contact details in the return address of a letter that has been printed or in the signature part of an email recommendation.


For any further inquiries or requests for more information, please feel free to contact me through email or phone.

Closing salutation

Lastly, closing salutations are required in the recommendation letter. The recommender should formally end the letter by including the name and title of their job or profession at the end.


Yours sincerely,

(Name of Applicant)

Free Downloads

Free Internship Recommendation Letter Sample 01 for Word

Editable Internship Recommendation Letter Sample 02 for Word

Free Internship Recommendation Letter Sample 03 for Word

Printable Internship Recommendation Letter Sample 04 for Word


    [Your Name]  

    [Your Position]  

    [Your Company/Organization]  

    [Your Company Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]  

    [Your Email Address]  

    [Your Phone Number]  


    [Recipient’s Name]  

    [Recipient’s Position]  

    [Recipient’s Company/Organization]  

    [Recipient’s Company Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend [Applicant’s Name] for the internship position at [Recipient’s Company/Organization]. As [Your Position] at [Your Company/Organization], I have had the pleasure of working with [Applicant’s Name] for [duration] and have closely observed their remarkable skills and professional demeanor.

    During their time here, [Applicant’s Name] demonstrated exceptional abilities in [specific skills or areas relevant to the internship, e.g., communication, technical skills, and project management]. They showed great enthusiasm for their work, consistently delivering high-quality results on time. One notable project where [Applicant’s Name] excelled was [describe a specific project or task], where they [describe specific contributions and achievements].

    [Applicant’s Name] possesses a unique blend of skills that make them an ideal candidate for an internship with your organization. Their ability to [mention specific skills or attributes, e.g., think critically, adapt to new challenges] sets them apart. Furthermore, their eagerness to learn and contribute positively to a team environment will undoubtedly make them a valuable asset to your program.

    I do not doubt that [Applicant’s Name] will bring the same level of dedication and excellence to your organization as they have shown here at [Your Company/Organization]. They have my highest recommendation, and I am confident that their participation in your internship program will be mutually beneficial.

    Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] if you require any further information or clarification regarding [Applicant’s Name] and their suitability for your program.

    Thank you for considering this recommendation.


    [Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]  

    [Your Typed Name]  

    [Your Position]  

    [Your Company/Organization]

    Sample Letter

    Crafting a meaningful letter of recommendation is crucial for supporting a candidate’s application for an internship. Explore the free sample letters in this section, each with insightful commentary to help you write a thoughtful and compelling recommendation.

    Sample Letter 1

    Dear Dr. Helena Richardson,

    I am delighted to recommend James Parker for the research internship at Richardson Environmental Studies Center. As the Head of the Biology Department at Midtown University, I have known James for two years as his academic advisor and professor in several advanced biology courses.

    James has consistently demonstrated a deep passion for environmental science and an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. In his independent research project on wetland ecosystems, James showcased his exceptional analytical skills and innovative approach to complex environmental issues. His findings, which revealed new insights into local biodiversity patterns, were well-received at our annual university research symposium.

    Moreover, James is a natural leader. He spearheaded a student initiative for campus sustainability, successfully implementing a comprehensive recycling program that reduced our waste by 30%. His ability to engage and inspire his peers is remarkable and speaks to his potential as a future environmental leader.

    I am confident that James will make a significant contribution to your team and gain invaluable experience under your mentorship. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.


    Dr. Emily Harris  

    Head of Biology Department  

    Midtown University  



    Sample Letter 2

    Dear Mr. Thomas Green,

    I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Maria Gonzalez for the software development internship at Innovative Solutions, Inc. As a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Central College, I have had the pleasure of teaching Maria in several advanced courses and overseeing her impressive work in our software development lab.

    Maria has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills in programming and software design. Her project work, particularly in developing a user-friendly app for campus navigation, showcased not only her technical expertise but also her ability to understand and address real-world problems. This project was notably recognized in our college’s annual innovation showcase for its practical application and user-centric design.

    Furthermore, Maria’s collaborative spirit and leadership qualities are evident in her role as a team leader in our coding workshops. She has an innate ability to bring together diverse ideas and guide her peers toward achieving common goals, a skill that I believe will be invaluable in a team-oriented environment like Innovative Solutions Inc.

    I am confident that Maria will bring a blend of technical acumen and innovative thinking to your team. She has my highest recommendation. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.


    Dr. Alan Foster

    Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

    Central College




    For those looking to write strong and polished recommendation letters for internship candidates, the two provided sample letters are great resources. Each letter demonstrates key aspects that contribute to their efficacy as recommendation tools.

    Firstly, the letters establish the credibility and relevance of the writer. The writers identify themselves as professionals or academics with direct knowledge of the candidate’s abilities and achievements, immediately lending weight to their endorsements. This establishes the context and foundation upon which the recommendation is built.

    Secondly, both letters are structured to provide a clear and concise overview of the candidate’s qualifications. They begin with a strong statement of recommendation, followed by detailed examples of the candidate’s skills, achievements, and personal qualities. This approach is effective because it not only states the writer’s endorsement but also substantiates it with concrete examples, making the recommendation more persuasive.

    Thirdly, the letters are personalized and specific to the candidate. They avoid generic praise and instead focus on specific qualities and accomplishments of the candidate that are relevant to the internship. This personalization shows that the writer knows the candidate well and is not providing a generic endorsement.

    Moreover, the letters exhibit professionalism and a formal tone, which are essential in such correspondences. They are well-structured, with a clear beginning, body, and conclusion, making them easy to read and understand. The writers also offer to provide further information, indicating their willingness to support the candidate beyond the letter.

    Lastly, the letters conclude with a reiteration of the recommendation and the writer’s contact information. This not only reinforces the endorsement but also provides a means for the recipient to seek additional information if needed, demonstrating the writer’s sincerity and commitment to the candidate’s application.

    In summary, these sample letters are useful guides because they effectively combine personal insights and professional evaluation, presenting the candidates in a compelling and credible manner. They serve as good samples for crafting thoughtful, personalized, and impactful recommendations for internship candidates.

    Tips for Writing the Recommendation Letters


    • Be very careful about the language you use in a recommendation letter.
    • Highlight the qualifications, talents and other remarkable points of the candidate.
    • This letter should always be written by someone who knows the candidate.
    • Make sure that you do not repeat the same points. 
    • A proper, warm, and polite opening, along with a proper closure, is very important
    • Always use “I hope” instead of “I am confident..”


    • Don’t make unnecessary points unrelated to the job.
    • Never use generalities and platitudes.
    • Don’t use over-creative, empty, or vague words.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best closing for a letter of recommendation?

    The best closing for a letter of recommendation is a formal one. Such closings involve using a complimentary clause like sincerely, yours respectfully, with respect, and with appreciation.

    Should you sign a letter of recommendation?

    If the letter of recommendation is a hard copy, then the recommender must sign the letter underneath their typed name.

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