15 Scholarship Rejection Letter Examples

There are thousands upon thousands of college or university applications for entrance to the schools annually. This goes on year-round. One of the major duties of being part of the Acceptance Committee is to accept or reject any application for a scholarship award for a specific reason. Naturally, there are some that are for specific degree plans. Additionally, there are some scholarships for those who have been in the military or who are veterans.

Funded ones from those who have donated money to the school are common nationally and worldwide. The main drawback is this scenario: not all applications are accepted. More than 80% of applicants are rejected. Although there could be several scholarships distributed amongst those number of applicants.

There has to be a letter or some form of correspondence to the process between the press release of availability to apply for one, but unfortunately, there are letters that can relay the rejection or deny an applicant for various reasons.

However, these types of correspondence letters are part of the process. Also called the “scholarship rejection letter,” it is important to send them out.

Letter Examples

Free Downloadable Ga Tech Delta Chi Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample 01 as Pdf File

Free Downloadable Crimson Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format

Free Downloadable Cultural Council Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format

Free Downloadable MCA Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format

Free Downloadable Scholarship Decline Letter Template as Pdf File

Free Downloadable Ga Tech Delta Chi Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample 02 as Pdf File

Free Downloadable Community Fund Scholarship Rejection Letter Template as Pdf File

Free Downloadable Graduate School Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format

Free Printable General Scholarship Rejection Letter Template 01 for Word Document

Free Printable General Scholarship Rejection Letter Template 02 for Word Document

Free Printable General Scholarship Rejection Letter Template 03 for Word Document

Free Printable General Scholarship Rejection Letter Template 04 for Word Document

Free Downloadable MCA Studies Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format

Free Downloadable University of Columbia Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format
Free Downloadable County Annual Scholarship Rejection Letter Sample for Word Format

    Why Should an Institute Send it?

    An institute (aka college or university) must follow proper etiquette to ensure that communication ties are strong and bound between applicants and scholarly professionals. This is regardless of the department it comes from.

    A rejection or refusal letter should be sent out because:

    • It illustrates a solid foundation in the student admissions department, especially.
    • The “scholarship rejection letter” is written for those students who have been combed with a fine-tooth comb, which includes reading and writing a few of the rejection letters.
    • The prospective students who have applied to the school do not want to be given false hope.
    • A prospective college-bound student should not have to wait for a response. When they can simply be told, “They didn’t get the scholarship,” it is easier said than done.
    • These letters can be simple and to the point to avoid all humiliation, angst, frustrations, patience, and the ever so time and place they are opened.
    • It’s part of what high achievers have to go through among the thousands who apply for grants and scholarships. Students who are college-bound have a few things on their mind and besides getting in, they’re going to pay for it!

    How Do I Write Without a Negative Tone?

    Writing a rejection letter while avoiding any negative feelings may be a challenge. On the other hand, remembering what it feels like to be rejected at some point in life is what we should be reminded of while writing it. Only remember, “No one likes to be rejected.” In fact, emotions run high while being rejected. Only to open up a letter with your name on it, the school you want to go to (since you were in middle school), and reading it may come as a shock. These types of letters are not popular with anyone. The student has expected an admissions or approval letter.

    When least expecting it, there are negative feelings that may come out but if the letter is written. Therefore, avoiding any negative feelings is best when writing up a rejection letter. For college acceptance, it can be confusing for a student when opening up the letter. S/he may have to be counseled if they had their heart set on a specific scholarship. Therefore, it’s important to write a letter with the right words as well as phrases. The saying goes: “Never should you injure a scholar or invalidate their dreams…”

    Letter Samples

    In this section, two distinct scholarship refusal letters are presented, each carefully crafted to navigate the delicate balance between gratitude and a polite decline

    Sample  Letter 1: University Scholarship Refusal

    Dear Samantha Green,

    Subject: Prestige University Merit Scholarship Application Outcome

    Thank you for your application to the Prestige University Merit Scholarship for the 2024-2025 academic year. We have carefully reviewed your application, along with those of many other talented candidates.

    Regrettably, we must inform you that we are unable to offer you the scholarship this year. The primary reason for this decision is the limited number of scholarships available and the extremely high volume of applications received. While your academic achievements are impressive, we had to prioritize applicants with the highest academic and extracurricular achievements due to the limited funding and highly competitive nature of our scholarship program.

    We understand that this news may be disappointing. However, we encourage you to explore other financial aid options through our office, as we are committed to assisting deserving students. You have shown great potential, and we hope this decision will not deter you from pursuing your academic goals at Prestige University.

    We wish you the best in your future academic endeavors and hope you will continue to consider Prestige University as your university of choice.


    Dr. Linda Carter  

    Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid  

    Prestige University

    Letter 2: Funding Body Scholarship Refusal

    Dear Jacob Nguyen,

    Subject: Global Talent Scholarship Application Decision

    We are writing to you regarding your application for the 2024 Talent and Innovation Scholarship provided by the Global Talent Scholarship Fund. Your application was reviewed alongside a diverse and highly qualified group of candidates.

    After extensive deliberation, we regret to inform you that we are unable to award you the scholarship this year. The decision was based primarily on the incredibly competitive nature of this year’s applicant pool and our limited funding resources. While your project proposal and academic credentials are commendable, we had to make our selection based on a combination of innovation potential, academic excellence, and alignment with our current funding priorities, which this year favored projects in different areas.

    We understand that this outcome may be disappointing. However, we strongly encourage you to continue pursuing your innovative projects and to reapply for future scholarships. Your dedication and vision are qualities that we value, and we hope to see your application again in the future.

    Thank you for your interest in the Global Talent Scholarship Fund, and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.

    Best regards,

    Rebecca Smith  

    Head of Scholar Selection Committee  

    Global Talent Scholarship Fund

    Key Takeaways

    The two letters provided are useful examples for someone looking to write similar letters, particularly in the context of scholarship refusal, due to several key aspects:

    1. Both letters maintain a professional tone and are well-structured, following the standard format of formal communication. This format is crucial in official correspondence and sets a respectful and serious tone.
    2. The letters are clear and direct in communicating the main message – the refusal of the scholarship. They do not use ambiguous language, which is essential in ensuring that the recipient fully understands the situation.
    3. Both letters demonstrate empathy and consideration for the recipient’s feelings. Acknowledging the potential disappointment of the recipient shows sensitivity and respect.
    4. Each letter provides a brief explanation for the decision, which is a critical element. This helps the recipient understand that the decision was not arbitrary.
    5. The letters end on a positive note, encouraging the applicants to pursue other opportunities. This aspect is crucial, as it helps maintain the recipient’s morale and leaves the door open for future interactions.
    6. Both letters address the recipients by name and reference the specific scholarship applied for. This personalization adds a touch of respect and care to the communication, making the recipients feel acknowledged as individuals.

    Refusal Letter Template

    Here is the basic template for a rejection letter. It is the simplest form of all.


    [Your Organization’s Name]  

    [Your Organization’s Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]


    [Applicant’s Name]  

    [Applicant’s Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear [Applicant’s Name],

    Greetings from [Your Organization’s Name]!

    We are writing to you regarding your recent application for the [Name of Scholarship]. It is heartening to see young individuals like yourself striving for excellence in their academic pursuits.

    We want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication evident in your application. It was inspiring to read about your achievements and aspirations. However, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer you the scholarship this year. The decision was not easy, given the high caliber of all the applicants.

    Please do not let this discourage you. We are confident that your passion and perseverance will lead you to great opportunities. We would also like to encourage you to reapply next year, as we believe in supporting talented students like you in their educational journey.

    Thank you for considering [Your Organization’s Name] for your academic endeavors. We are rooting for your success and hope to see you achieve your dreams.

    Warm regards,

    [Your Name]  

    [Your Position]  

    [Your Organization’s Name]

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