How to Write a Scholarship Rejection Letter (15 Examples)

There are thousands upon thousands of colleges or university applications for entrance to the schools annually. This goes on year-round. One of the major duties of being part of the Acceptance Committee is to accept or reject any application to a scholarship award for a specific reason. Naturally, there are some which are for specific degree plans. Additionally, there are some scholarships for those who have been in the military or who are veterans.

Funded scholarships from those who have donated money to the school are common nationally and worldwide. The main drawback is this scenario: not all applicants for scholarships are accepted. In fact, more than 80% of applicants are rejected. Although there could be a number of scholarships distributed amongst those number of applicants.

There has to be a letter or some form of correspondence to the process between the press release of an availability to apply for one, but unfortunately, there are letters that can relay the rejection or deny an applicant for various reasons.

However, these types of correspondence letters are a part of the process. Also called the “scholarship rejection letter,” it is important to send them out.

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Scholarship Award Rejection Letter

    Why an institute should send it?

    An institute (aka college or university) must follow proper etiquette in order to ensure the communication ties are strong and bound between applicants and scholarly professionals. This is regardless of the department it comes from. Rejection or refusal letter should be sent out because:

    • It illustrates a solid foundation in the student admittance department especially.
    • The “scholarship rejection letter” is written for those students who have been combed with a fine-tooth comb which includes reading and writing a few of the rejection letters.
    • The prospective students who have applied to the school do not want to be given false hope.
    • A prospective college-bound student should not have to wait for a response. When they can simply be told “they didn’t get the scholarship,” it is easier said than done.
    • Actually, these letters can be simple and to the point to avoid all humiliation, angst, frustrations, patience, and the ever so time and place it is opened at.
    • It’s part of what high achievers have to go through in the thousands whom apply for grants and scholarships. Students whom are college-bound have a few things on their mind and besides getting in, how they’re going to pay for it!

    How to write without a negative tone?

    How to write a scholarship rejection letter while avoiding any negative feelings may be a challenge. On the other hand, to remember what it feels like to be rejected at some point in life is what we should be reminded of while writing it. Only remember, “No one likes to be rejected.” In fact, emotions run high while being rejected. And only to open up a letter with your name on it, the school you want to go to (since you were in middle school), and reading it may come as a shock. These types of letters are not popular with anyone. student been has expected an admittance or approval scholarship letter.

    When least expecting it, there are negative feelings that may come out but if the letter is written. Therefore, avoiding any negative feelings is best when writing up a rejection letter. For a college acceptance, in fact, it can be confusing for a student when opening up the letter. S/he may have to be counseled if they had their heart set on a specific scholarship. Therefore, it’s important to write a letter with the right words as well as phrases. The saying goes: “Never should you injure a scholar or invalidate their dreams…”

    Scholarship rejection letter examples

    Example 1:

    Dear Miss Cindy Ledbetter:

    The promoting talent accepted here at Delaware Fine Arts College has always been our biggest feature. We offer various types of student scholarships such as $1,000 and up for those who have maintained a 3.5 GPA. We offer up to 20 of $800 Fine Arts Scholarships generally.

    Receiving your scholarship application earlier this year did go through our panel of judges. In fact, yours was one of the requests mentioned more often when it came time to pull the winners list. Unfortunately, your name was not one of the finalists to qualify for the scholarship of the 2019-2020 school year.

    On the other hand, you can still apply for pay-credit courses for this summer. At any rate, the student admittance panel believes you have the ability to achieve and re-apply in hopes that you will find academic and financial resources. Therefore, do not give up hope nor your dreams to continue to further your education.

    Thank you wholeheartedly for your application and wish you major academic success in the upcoming months.

    Dr. C. Uma, Academic Advisory and Scholarship Funds Dept.
    Delaware Fine Arts College

    Example 2:

    May 2019
    Gina Mayberry
    1223 Long Hills Rd. #232
    City Hills, Illinois 18342

    Dear Gina:

    You recently sent our University of Chicago Admittance Department an application for one of our Scholarship Funds for 2020-2021 Criminal Defense Fund for Future Lawyers of the Greater Chicago District. The chance for you to become a lawyer in the Illinois region is a challenging and committing field. In fact, we know how difficult it is to simply pass the Bar in the State of Illinois. We have more than 1,000 undergraduate students who are enrolled here and only 40% of our graduates finally make it into the Graduate Program.

    Great job on your academic success although unfortunately you did not meet the entire qualifications by a fraction. In fact, if you like to know the areas, feel free to call so as to apply again next year. There are only so many graduates in the Criminal Law College and would love for you to join our institution because of your academic success.

    This does not mean you shouldn’t attend our institution, but you can start with a few “pay out of pocket” basic courses to get you going on the right path. We hope to hear from you in the near future!

    Thank you wholeheartedly for your recent application!

    Dr. Weber, University of Chicago & Professor of College of Criminal Justice

    Scholarship refusal letter template

    Here is the basic template for a scholarship rejection letter. It is the simplest form of all.

    The college or institution where applicant applied at is important. They may be waiting for this letter from this specific school so ensure you have the school name or logo as a header.
    The second part is the individual who applied as well as his/her address.
    Date is next so s/he knows the time frame of the correspondence letter.
    Subject of the REJECTION LETTER WOULD be a nice gesture. It shows that you actually are not making them wait to the area of importance and what to expect with regards to the subject line.
    Dear _____________APPLICANT_____________
    Sincerely or Respectfully, (follows with a signature)

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