Writing a Letter of Recommendation for an Employee (with Samples)

Writing a recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is a document that evaluates the attributes, potentials, and characteristics of another individual, regarding their capability to perform a specific task. It is also known as a reference letter.

A former employer, a client, a colleague or a supervisor can write a reference letter. They should be particular that their recommendation entails the truth about the recommended party. Writing a recommendation letter for someone who does not deserve the outlined qualities injures the writer’s integrity professionally.

The essence of a letter of recommendation for an employee is that it gives them an advantage in the eyes of an employer. At the same time, the writer aims to endorse an employee such that everything they put down is positive. On competing platforms, employers resort to a letter of recommendation to narrow down their search for preferred personalities.


The Format of a Letter of recommendation for an Employee

A significant number of people called upon to write a recommendation letter, do not have the clue of how to go about it. Before writing, you need the personal information of the applicant. You should also conduct your research to match the information given. Writing a recommendation letter does not have to be a daunting experience, below is the format you need to guide you through it.

  1. The Contact Information

Contact information is a vital part of a letter of recommendation. It is on the top right side of the letter. The first thing you write before going into the contact details is the date. After that, you write the information which includes; the addressee’s name, their title, the company name, and the address.

  1. The Salutation

In this section, the writer addresses the reader of the letter. In the case where the writer knows the recipient, they would refer to them by name. If they do not, they resort to greetings such as ‘to whom it may concern.’ It is, however, best to refer to them by name.

  1. Information on how you know the applicant

This section is the introduction of your letter. You first explain who you are and the relationship between you and the person seeking employment. You also outline for how long you have known each other.

  1. The specific details of the applicant

After the introduction part, you dive right into the primary purpose of the letter. In this part, you outline the achievements and strengths of the applicant in full confidence. You state why you think the person is the best pick for the job describing a few examples.

  1. Applicants characteristics

At this point, you outline the nature of the individual. As you are looking to endorse the applicant, these traits should be positive. You should also describe a few examples of their attractive personality.

  1. Reasons for departure from the previous post

In this part, you explain why the applicant no longer works for you. The reasons for departure should genuinely be positive and reasonable.

  1. The call to action

The section entails the conclusion part of your letter. You clearly state your wish to recommend the applicant and invite the reader to ask you anything about the endorsed party. Finally, you sign off.


A sample of a Recommendation Letter for an Employee

Below is an example of a letter of recommendation.


July 2, 2018

Mr. John Brown
Trent Electronics Inc.
4321 X Street, CA
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Dear Mr. Brown,

It is with tremendous delight that I recommend Jennifer Atkinson for the position of Sales Manager at Trent Electronics Inc. I have had the pleasure to work with Jennifer for six years at Joe and Sons Company Ltd. as her supervisor. She used her excellent skills and ideas as the Assistant Sales Manager to ensure everything was up and running in her department. I am sure that Jennifer’s professional excellence and abilities will positively impact Trent Electronics Inc.

As the Assistant Sales Manager, Jennifer ensured that we always hit our sales targets. She used her leadership skills to aid in managing the sales team. Above all, she was admirably keen on the details regarding monitoring sales representatives.

To top it all up, Jennifer had an extraordinary level of curiosity. The trait enabled her to be productively inquisitive. She was very modest, a characteristic that won us, numerous clients. She was also extraordinarily hardworking and focused.

Unfortunately, due to lack of growth opportunities here at Joe and Sons Company Ltd., we are forced to let go of our most celebrated employee. Jennifer’s departure is quite a blow on our end. However, we believe that she has a better place with you at Trent Electronics Inc.

I confidently recommend Jennifer for this role. She will undoubtedly make a positive impact on your company. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding Jennifer’s credibility and previous work.

Michael Cole.

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