20+ Blank Leave Application Forms (Free Templates)

Leave Application Form

It is not easy to get a job in the times of today. People work hard to finally land a decent job and eventually when they do so, the employers provide them some time off.


Leave in simple terms is a period at which an employer grants a time off to an employee. There can be numerous reasons for the leave.

Leave Application

In order to get the leave, the employee has to write a leave application.

Study Leave Application

As the name suggests the study leave is the period, the student is taking off and there is a need to write the application for that.

Study Leave Application Sample


School Leave Application

As the name implies, the purpose of a school leave application is to take the time off from school.

School Leave Application Form


Sick Leave Application

When a person or a student is sick, he or she definitely needs some time off from work or school. Therefore, a sick leave application comes into play.

Sick Leave Appliaction Form


Maternity Leave Sample

Nine months of pregnancy are not easy and delivering a child is even more exhausting for women. She needs some time off for sure and the maternity leave sample is easy to download.

Maternity Leave Application Template


Education Leave Application

This application as the name implies is the application for the off taken for pursuing education.

Educational Leave Application Form


Parental Leave Application

The parental leave application form is required for the care of the newborn baby and the application is important for this purpose.

Parental Leave Application Pdf


Medical Leave Application

The medical leave gives the employees some time off. During this time, they do not have a fear of losing their job. The medical leave application form is thus important to write for this purpose.

Examination Leave Application

This application as the name implies is a template for writing the examination leave. Here is template for Examination Leave application form

Examination Leave Appliaction Sample


Free leave Application

Free blank Leave Application in Word and PDF format are available. Small companies can download and customize these forms to create their own leave application forms for employees or students.

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