Permission Letter to Leave Early from Office (Sample Letters)

The regulations of the working hours of the employees is one of the most important rules enforced by employers at workplace. Most employers ensure that employees comply strictly to the specified work hours. However, it is understandable that you may encounter some unforeseen circumstances and, as a result, you may need to take some time off work or may not be able to finish your hours in one day. You must then follow the company’s protocols, which often include informing your manager of the issue and when you want to depart to take care of your challenges.

This article provides a detailed analysis of writing a permission letter to leave the office early. In this case, to leave early from the office, we share tips and guides on how to go about writing a compelling permission letter. The functions and importance of a permission letter to leave early from the office are also discussed. We also provide samples for you to follow in writing yours, an editable template, and general guidelines on common mistakes to avoid when writing your next permission letter.

Many companies are strict regarding work hours, in exceptional cases however, when they allow employees to close before schedule, they request them to submit a formal letter requesting to leave early from work on the specified date. This letter is known as a permission letter to leave early from the workplace. Therefore, when an employee knows that they will require time off, they should compose this letter as a formal request for leave. There are also times when the necessity for an early leave arises unexpectedly.

Note: It is vital to review your employer’s policy before drafting your request. This helps you know the company’s policy on seeking an early leave from work since different employers have different policies concerning requesting time off. Ask the HR to review the policies so that you know if the time away from work is paid or unpaid

Sample Letters

Permission Letter to Leave Early From Office

Permission Letter to Leave Early From Office Sample

    Reasons to ask for Early Permission from the Office

    In an ideal world, you’d be free to leave work as you want if something came up in your personal life. But our availability is largely restricted, and a permission letter is requested as a necessity before leaving work in the real world.

    The following are some of the reasons why employers demand a permission letter from employees:

    It’s required

    Most offices require an official letter from their employees as part of their company’s regulation before an employee can leave. An employee can write a permission letter for several purposes, either for a grant of leave or an early leave from work for the day. Hence, even when your purpose or reason for closing early is urgent, some employers will still ask you for the letter afterward.

    It allows your employer to prepare for your absence

    As an employee in a firm, your employer wants to be able to get things running even in your absence. Therefore, it is better to keep him in the loop about your early leave from the office beforehand to make necessary arrangements ahead of your leave. In addition, submitting your permission letter early enough helps your supervisor explore other alternatives.

    It is considered professional

    One of the workplace regulations that is considered a basic rule of professional conduct is seeking an official leave grant whenever needed. Be it a leave of absence or a request to leave the office early, it must be well written in the appropriate format and submitted as soon as possible. It is highly unprofessional and considered a bad attitude towards work to leave the office at will without seeking your supervisor’s permission.

    Keeps positive relationship with your employer

    Notifying your boss of your early leave demonstrates that you care about the company’s efficiency and understand the inconveniences your absence may cause. In addition, notifying your boss early enough tells him how conscientious you are. This will make a positive impression on your employer.

    It provides documentation

    Most businesses require this letter of permission to track and document employee activity. And, rather than notifying your manager orally of your early leave from work, the best approach for the sake of documentation is to write an official permission letter requesting leave early from the office.

    Makes you rearrange your schedule

    Once your request has been approved, it will help you to schedule your activities for the day, speeding up your work so you don’t fall behind on your commitment while away.

    Note: It takes time to arrange cover for your job and deal with your employer’s policies regulating leave or absence. Therefore, it is advised that you give your manager enough notice of your impending absence, as this will give them ample time to approve your request.

    Information to Include

    For writing the perfect permission letter, include some crucial points in your draft to make it essential. The following are some critical points to be included:

    Introduce yourself: A good permission letter should include complete employee contact information, such as your full name, the department in which you work, your job title, and your position. All of this information will assist your supervisor in determining what obstacles the firm will encounter while you are away deciding whether or not to approve your request. In addition, if approved, it helps them identify the appropriate substitute for your function while you are away.

    Intent to ask permission to leave early: The first paragraph of your letter should indicate your intention to seek permission to close early for the day. Again, this should be well-coached and succinctly delivered.

    Why you need to leave early: This is the most critical aspect of your letter. Explain in clear terms the purpose of your early leave from work. Use convincing words to explain to your supervisor why you must leave work at the indicated time.

    Below are some of the most common examples of reasons why you may have to leave early from work:

    • Sudden sickness at work which substantially affects your output
    • Leaving to pick your children from school
    • Attending a doctor’s appointment
    • Taking your child to the clinic

    The applicable date of your early leave: Including the date of your early leave helps to keep your boss informed and prepared on alternative options. This is why your request should be made as early as possible.

    The time at which you need to leave/your shift will end: Occasionally, the need to leave early before completing your hours come up unplanned for as an emergency. Still, try to notify your employer as soon as possible, adding the exact time you need to leave. Also, inform them of the expected time your shift ends.

    Ensure the employer about the completion of your tasks: The next paragraph should be used to ensure your employer that you are willing to complete your tasks before leaving and that your absence will not be an obstacle to the business’s productivity.

    Make up the work hours: It is also good to notify your boss of your readiness to complete your work hours on a later day. Many organizations have strict rules on work hours, so it will be better for your employer to know that you will make up for hours missed on a latter-day.

    Say thanks: You must say thanks at the end of your request. It shows courtesy. Granting a request for an early leave from work is a privilege. Do not feel entitled in your application.

    Note: After drafting your letter in a formal pattern, the next thing to do is submit your request to your boss as soon as practicable. You are advised to read the mood and atmosphere and avoid errors in your letter. Follow up your submission with constant reminders to know if your employer has considered your request or not.

    Permission Letter (Leave Early From Office)

    If you are still unclear about framing the perfect permission letter, refer to the template shown below, which will help you draft your permission letter to leave the office early the next time you need one.

    Template 01

    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your City, State Zip Code
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email


    City, State Zip Code

    Dear [Recipient’s Name]

    Re: Permission Letter to Leave Early from Office

    I am [NAME], an employee of your company and functioning in the capacity of (job title). In accordance with the employment contract, I signed before taking up this job, employees are not allowed to leave office before (specify the time).

    However, I have suffered (state the exact health challenge you suffer from), which made it necessary that I see the doctor at (state the time you want to leave), before the stipulated deadline.

    Owing to this, I crave your indulgence to allow me to leave the office earlier than usual.

    I will be pleased if you can communicate your position on my request to me as soon as practicable since I have to take certain preliminary steps before heading to the hospital.

    Kindly reach out to me on [Phone Number] if you have any questions or clarifications

    I will be very thankful to you for this offer.



    First name and last name

    Template 02

    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your City, State Zip Code
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email


    City, State Zip Code

    Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

    Subject: Permission Letter to Leave Early From Office

    As you know, I am employed by your company in the capacity of ____________ (job title). According to the employment contract I signed before taking up this job, I have to leave office no earlier than ________ (specify the time).

    However, I have suffered _____________ (reveal the exact problem you suffer from), which has necessitated that I see the doctor at _______________ (specify the time), roughly an hour from the stipulated deadline.

    In light of this, I ask you to allow me to leave the office earlier than usual. Alternatively, you may alter my shift to the morning hours so that I do not work for fewer durations of time.

    Kindly let me know about your stand on this issue within the shortest time possible. I have to notify my doctor beforehand to be able to arrive at an amicable solution.

    For any urgent issues, kindly reach me on XXX-XXX-XXXX.

    I will be very thankful to you for this offer.


    Signature (hard copy letter)

    FirstName LastName

    Sample 01

    John C. Doe

     February 12, 20xx

     Mr. James Claude
    Editor-in-Chief, Omni Publishing

    Re: Request for early leave

    Dear Mr. Dean Claude,

    I am John Doe, an employee working with the production unit of the company.I am writing to request your permission to leave the office earlier than scheduled time on February 14, 20xx, to pick my three-year-old daughter from school. If considered, I would need to leave by 1 p.m. on the date mentioned.

     I have already verified that I have no pressing deadlines due on the said date. However, I intend to complete much of my day’s work earlier and catch up on uncompleted tasks by working overtime the next day

     I appreciate your consideration of my request in spite of such short notice.

    Please feel free to call me today or tomorrow to brief me on your stand about this matter.


    John C. Doe

    Sample [Email Format]

    Subject: Your Name – Permission Letter To Leave Early From Office

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

    Your organization duly employs me. My employment ID is ACX2657. Like any other worker, I would also wish to scale the corporate ladder, grow career-wise and definitely, earn more. To be able to achieve these, I saw it necessary to enroll in an MBA program.

    The classes start at 3:00 Pm and end at 7:00 PM. According to the employment contract I signed before commencing to work for you, I am supposed to leave work no earlier than 5:00 PM each workday.

    As you can see, I cannot work for you and minister to my studies at the same time. It is against this backdrop that I implore you to allow me to leave the office at 2:00 PM. This one hour is to give me sufficient time to commute to the classes.

    I understand that my premature departure will no doubt impact on the productivity of your firm adversely. I have already spoken to my colleague to step in for me until I come back. That way, all the work will still be done normally.

    Just in case you are uncomfortable with that arrangement, kindly let me know. For any urgent matters, reach me on 216-675-9988.

    Hoping for the very best,


    Your name


    The basic rules and guidelines will help you write a perfect permission letter to leave the office early. In addition, the tips include common mistakes which employees make and how to avoid them.

    Proofread and revise: It is important to proofread, revise and edit all formal letters and writings. This helps you notice grammatical errors and other inconsistencies you may not notice initially. A well-edited write-up shows diligence on the part of the employee.

    Be respectful and courteous: Use formal language in your letter and avoid slangs. Also, address your supervisor with the utmost courtesy and avoid being rude in your request. A respectable approach is the best way to get your boss to approve your request for early leave.

    Follow business letter format: Your letter should follow the standard business format. Use a professional salutation include a subject line that briefly explains the purpose of your letter, the body of the letter should be structured appropriately to include all relevant information. The closing should be precisely and professionally done. Above all, your letter should be well formatted following the approved standard for business letters

    Key Takeaways

    Here we have Top 5 Letter of Request for Permission Writing Takeaways you should remember in writing your letter:

    • Most employers allow their employees to leave early from office in case of emergencies. However, this must be preceded by a formal request made by the employee. This is too fullfil  the necessary condition of documentation and orderliness at workplace.
    • A letter of permission to leave early from the office should provide a valid justification for your early departure that will persuade the employer to grant your request. Suppose you have a reasonable claim or leave. In that, your request will not be denied without justification, especially for personal reasons such as illness, urgent work, visiting sick parents, etc.
    • A letter of permission to leave early may appear to be difficult to draft but if you follow the laid down rules set out in this article, it becomes easier. Templates have been made available for you to edit when writing yours.
    • Most importantly, the permission letter should be well structured and adequately formatted. It should not sound too friendly or casual; rather, it must be formal and professionally written.
    • There are also general rules that should be followed. Always endeavour to proofread your work, edit the letter for errors and grammar. Above all, submit your letter early enough to get your supervisor’s position on your request.

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