Free Car Accident Release of Liability Forms (Waiver / Settlement)

Automobile Accident Release

A release of liability form is an official legal document that is signed by two parties. These are the releaser, who issues the consent, and the recipient, who receives the consent. It basically shifts any liabilities or accidents which arise in the course of the use of a property to the recipient. To put it differently, the responsibility of caring for or shouldering such responsibilities are transferred from the releaser to the recipient.

Purposes of Release of Liability Form

The purpose of this form is to absolve the release of any legal liabilities or responsibilities that may arise out of the damages which might be incurred by the recipient. It is a way of a property owner shielding himself from any errors or dangers which the tenants might experience in the course of the use of his property.

What is the Car Accident Release of Liability Form?

A car accident release of liability form is a kind of release of liability form. It is a legally binding form that is signed between a car owner and a car renter. In case of accidents and injuries which might arise from and during the use of a leased car. It specifically spells out that any disputes, injuries, or accidents which arise in the course of the use of the car are borne by the renter, rather than the car owner. In other cases, if any two parties involved in a car accident. The form stipulates that in the event of an accident, the two parties shall resolve the issue outside of a legal system.

Basic contents of “Car Accident Release of Liability Form”.

Though these forms vary in scope and use, they bear much the same similarities. Below are some of the issue that each form of this kind contains:

  • Releaser – The property owner who similarly promises not to instigate any legal proceedings in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Releasee/Recipient – The person or entity who takes custody of the car or property for use.
  • Effective Date – This is when the agreement officially kicks off
  • Event – a description of the purpose or activity for which the property is to be put to use
  • Consideration – Value of money, promised course of action, or any other thing of legal value which is surrendered in return for appending signature on the form.
  • Governing law – Any anticipated issue or problem which might have to be resolved using the prevailing state laws.

Other names of “Release of Liability Form”.

This form goes by several other names. These are but a few of those alternative names:

  • Unconditional or conditional waiver forms
  • General waiver
  • Legal release
  • Liability waiver form
  • Waiver of liability agreement

Accident Release of Liability Forms (by State)

Free Accident Release of Liability Form Templates

Accident Release of Liability Form


Release for Automobile Accident



    When Car Accident Release of Liability Form is used?

    The document comes in handy when a party wants to lease out some car from another one. It basically lays down the rules that govern such a lease. In particular, it states exactly what shall happen in the unlikely event of an accident arising.

    Who Uses this Form?

    This document is used extensively by the car owner and a car renter. Other than shifting any liabilities to the renter, the document also has many other added responsibilities. It may be used for the purposes of litigation, proof of custodianship of the car, and the settlement of any other expense which might arise out of the use of the car. If two parties involved in a car accident, this form is used to settle any claims and repairs outside of the law and court.

    Is it Legally Binding and Enforceable?

    The main value of this form is the fact that it is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law. Signing this form carries much the same way as instituting a legal proceeding in a court of law. This is what ought to give you the confidence hence to sign and make use of it.

    In what cases should you use this form?

    This form is used to handle litigations that touch on the ownership of a piece of property. For instance, the case might require that the authorize proves that he indeed has the legal right to make use of the car for that duration of time.

    Then in the event of accidents, the form yet again comes in to facilitate the settlements of such disputes outside the primary legal systems. As stated before, its primary role is to absolve both parties from the need to do so in a court of law.

    In case there are any confusions regarding the use or ownership of that property, this form comes in to dispel the same. It contains pieces of information that accurately showcase this and many more pertinent issues.

    Lastly, it spares the property owner any blames that might arise out of the damages inflicted by the property to a third party during the stated duration of time. Instead, it shifts that blame to the recipient.