Free Photo Release Forms for Adults & Minors (Word|PDF)

Free Photo Release Forms

This is a document that is drafted to seek and receive consent to use photographs for commercial or personal ends. The person who issues the consent is called the ‘releaser’ whereas the one who receives the consent is the ‘recipient’. This consent may be given out free-of-charge, at a fee, or by way of royalty.

When is it used?

It is used at that time when a person needs to make use of some photographs for matters publication, memories or souvenirs. In many cases, it is the media houses and freelance journalists who make use of this form. They require legal authorization to carry out their publication duties.

Why it is used?

This form is primarily used to secure legal go-ahead to make use of the images, videos, and other relevant attributes. Most images are protected by copyright and their use may be subject to a stringent set of terms and conditions.

Then again there is the issue of royalty which the owners of this property might lay claim to. By being asked for such permission officially, the owners of the property stand to gain their fair share of royalty too.

Types of Photo Release Forms

Several kinds of photo release forms do abound. The following are the most outstanding types in existence today:

a.) Daycare Photo Release Forms

This one is issued by a parent to a guardian or daycare center to use the pictures of his child for internal or commercial applications.

b.) Employee Photo Release Forms

Granted to an employer typically by an employee to use the latter’s photos for commercial applications. These could take the forms of ‘About Us’ or other parts of the company’s website. Yet again, the consent may serve marketing or internal ends.

c.) Minor (Child) Photo Release Forms

In this instance, the consent is given out by a parent on behalf of a minor to a third party. It is mainly used by schools and other organizations that handle the needs of children.

d.) Model Photo Release Forms

Many a time, this consent is given out by a model to a photographer to use her photos for promotions, marketing, or other commercial purposes.

e.) Pet Photo Release Forms

A consent that is given out to a third party to use the images of his pets or other household things.

f.) Photography Photo Release Forms

This one is rather unique. In that, it is not consented in the strictest sense of the word. Instead, it authorizes the removal of the trademark and copyright labels from intellectual property. For this reason, intellectual property may be used for no pay and smoothly.

g.) Video Release Forms

Gives room to anyone to make use of any video which was taken of an individual for commercial or personal applications.

Basic contents of “Photo Release Form”

There are an infinite number or kinds of photo release forms. Regardless of these differences, they cover more or less the same subjects or scopes. The following are some of the things which any kind of release form shall exhibit:

  • Name of the photographer
  • Identity of the Release
  • Address and phone number of the parties
  • A caption of the photographs
  • The validity of the form
  • Intended Use
  • Terms and conditions governing the use

Difference between Public Place Photos and Private Photoshoot

A public place photo is that which is taken in an area that is designated for public use and applications. These include parks, camping grounds, gardens, beaches, and stadia. In most cases, the photos captured here are free-of-charge and are not bound by any copyright protections.

The case is however completely different from the private photoshoot. In this sense, photography is carried out in a private location. These include private residences, schools, amenities, and other grounds that are owned and operated by private individuals.

Most of them are covered by stringent privacy and copyright laws. As such, you have to obtain some consent from the property owners to be able to undertake them. The same case applies to the subsequent use of those photos.

Free Photo Release Forms (by State)

Photo Release Form Templates


Minor Photo Video Release Form


Photo Release Form

Photo Release Form

Photograph & Video Release Form

Photo Release Form for Minors

Photographic Release Form

Photo Release Form 09

Photo Release Form 10

Photo Release Form 11

Photo Release Form 12


Photo Release Form 14

Photo Release Form 15

Photo Video Release form

Photo Release Form 17

Photography Release Form

Photo Release Form 19

Sample Photo Release Form 19

Photo Release Form 21

Photo Release Form 22


Photo Release Form 24

Photo Release Form 25

Photo Release Form 26

Photo Release Form 27

Photo Release Form Free


Photo Release Form 30

    Photo Release Form 31

    Photo Release Form 32

    Photo Release Form for a Minor

    Photo Release Form 34


      What is the scope of this document?

      This document contains the details of the two main parties involved in this transaction. These are the person who is requesting consent and the one who provides it. Also, it has information about the images whose rights are transferred from one person to another. In case money has to change hands, the form also showcases how the revenue will be shared out between the various parties.

      When photo release form is required?

      It is required at that point when the images and other forms of intellectual property are to be transferred from one entity to another. This is mostly in compliance with the laid-down statutory rules and regulations.

      What type of legal suits does it prevent?

      In most cases, it prevents lawsuits that arise from the infringement of property rights, copyright, and royalty rules. Many pieces of intellectual property are covered by these protections for the sake of safeguarding the welfare of the persons who own them.

      What is a commercial use of photos?

      Commercial use of photos entails the use of photographs to make money or serve commercial ends. It is basically the use of the photos of an individual or company to make money for another entity.

      For instance, an advertising company can use the image of a celebrity to push through its products to the masses. It uses the image to draw a connection between the celebrity and the product. Those who are fans of that celebrity will easily identify with the product and make use of it.

      Why should you use release form for commercial use of photos?

      It is necessary to use this form to prevent any breach or privacy and to ward off any copyright violation accusations that might arise later. Further to that, the form also displays the formula which shall be used to share out revenues that arise from the advertising or commercial venture to be undertaken.

      What is a Minor photo release form?

      Lastly comes the minor photo release form. This one, as has already been stated above, is signed by a guardian on behalf of a minor (a person aged below 18 years). It grants the right of use of the photos to a third party. This requirement is needed to protect the minor against the issues that ordinarily arise out of the arbitrary use of such photos.

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