Church Resignation Letter Samples (Religious Group)

resignation from church

A church resignation letter is a formal notice indicating the intention of an individual to resign from a position in a religious organization. The letter is typically addressed to the leader of the religious organization, and in most cases, it’s the pastor or father. In the letter, you should thank the leader for the opportunity of serving in the religious organization. It’s also essential to indicate why you’ve decided to leave the organization.

What to include the Church Resignation Letter

In your church resignation letter, you should include the following:

  • Reasons for quitting
  • Your last day of service
  • How you’ll help in the transition

How to resign for your church?

Meet the leader

When you decide to resign from your church position, you should first meet your pastor/ church leader and discuss the matter face to face. If not possible to schedule a meeting with your pastor, you can send an email to inform them about your decision.

Write a resignation letter

You may decide to bring the resignation letter as you meet your pastor, or you may send the letter after the meeting.

Return church items

Make sure your return all the things you were using to discharge your duties as a church leader. Some of the church belongings you may need to return, include church records, musical instruments, church uniform, keys, etc.

Keep a record of the resignation letter

After writing your church resignation letter, make several copies and retain one as a record. Ensure you hand over your resignation letter in advance to ensure the church programs are not disrupted.

Sample Resignation Letter (Religious Group)

December 12, 20XX
Mike M. Smith
The Great Commission Church
34 Parklands Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 8003
(441) 675-6677

Dear Pastor John,

Please accept this letter as my official notice for my impeding resignation from The Great Commission Church. My last day of work will be December 24, 20XX.

My decision to quit has been motivated by my plans to pursue further education. I understand you’ll find a hard time accepting my choice due to the deep relationship we have had for the last seven years, but please allow me to start my next phase in life. I believe it’s time to practice my faith and follow my dreams.

I am thankful for the experience and mentorship I have received working under you. I believe the values I have learned will be instrumental in shaping my future career.

Again, thank you for the opportunity. I wish you all the best.

Yours in the lord,
Melisa Whales

Church Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Church Resignation Letter

Email Example: Resignation Letter (Religious Group)


Dear Father Ronald,

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign as the chief choir minister with St Teresa’s Catholic Church, effective one week from today. October 23, 20XX, will be my last day.

I have and a wonderful time coaching the church choir in the past eighteen years. As you know, my wife is terminally ill, and thus I have decided to resign from my position to attend to her. You have been of great encouragement for all this time, and I thank you for your prayers and support.

I will greatly miss leading the church choir, but I promise to offer my advice and support to this team when possible. My time at St Teresa’s Catholic Church has been a moment of learning, transformation, and growth.

Again thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement. I promise to keep in touch, and I will regularly be visiting.

Peace Be With You,

Marcus Martins

Music Minister

Resignation Email Example (Word Format)

Church Resignation Letter Email Example

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