Continue Working Letter of Intent Examples (How to Write)

In most cases, if the employer accepts to extend the contract, he/she will approach the employee with a new agreement or some type of contract renewal agreement. Presenting the employer with a well-formatted Continue Working Letter of Intent has the potential to reopen negotiations regarding the employee-employer business relationship while serving as formal proof of the employee’s desire to maintain the employment contract.

By definition,

A Continue Working Letter of Intent is a formal request made by an employee to express his/her intentions to renew a business relationship.

This is usually when an employment contract is about to end, and the employee would like to continue working at the company. The purpose of addressing the continued working letter of intent to the employer is to convince them why they should renew the contract and inform them how renewing it would benefit their business.

Since the letter is usually issued by the employee and not the employer, it is expected that the employee will plead their case for why the company or business would benefit from the contract renewal/extension. To achieve this, an employee can provide a concise description of their notable accomplishments during their tenure with the company. One could also provide a viable argument for how their business relationship has been beneficial to the company. Further, one can use the continued working letter of intent to remind the employer of their qualifications, including academic qualifications, past work experiences, skills, etc.

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    Writing a Continue Working Letter of Intent

    Mastering the art of writing a well-formatted continue working letter of intent is essential, especially if you want to have your employee-employer business relationship renewed. The use of a persuasive and informative tone matters a lot, as well as the overall structure of your work.

    A well-written continue working letter of intent should comprise of the following key components:

    The header

    In the header section of the continue working letter of intent, provide your name and contact information, including email and mailing addresses, city, state, zip code.

    After writing your contact information as the letter’s header, skip a single line and write the date of writing the letter. However, if you are sending the letter via email, you can skip the date as it will be automatically included in the email

    Recipient’s contact information

    Just below the date, skip a line and add the recipient’s contact information. Write the recipient’s full address, including the company name, recipient’s name and job title, and their mailing address.


    Start your letter with a professional salutation. You could mention the name of the recipient or their job title within the organization.

    Note That: Some company’s employment policies state that such letters be addressed to the Human Resource staff members or the employee’s direct supervisor.

    In any of these cases, make sure that you continue working letter of intent is addressed correctly to get a timely response and avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.

    For Example,

    Dear Mrs. Greenwood,

    Introductory paragraph

    In the introductory paragraph of the continue working letter of intent, start by introducing yourself. Mention your name and your job title, then proceed to explain why you are writing the letter. Mention why you are interested in continuing working with the company and why you believe the employer should extend your contract.

    For Example,

    My name is Rushford Williams, and I am writing to express my interest in continuing working with XYZ limited. My current probationary employment contract is set to expire on June 6, 20XX, and I would like you to consider giving me a contract renewal.


    The body of the continue working letter of intent should highlight some of your most relevant accomplishments. These include:

    • Your relevant skills
    • Past work experiences
    • Unique talents
    • Achievements
    • Academic qualifications, etc.

    Highlighting your qualifications and notable achievements during your tenure helps to make your case for why the employer should extend your contract and how this will benefit the organization in the long run.

    Remember: Most employers want to read about how your continued role in that organization would help them grow their business.

    Therefore, you need to be persuasive while writing this section, but be careful not to come out as being too boastful. 

    For Example,

     I believe that my continued role in XYZ limited could be instrumental in growing the business. I am a highly skilled and talented employee who is eager to contribute to company success through hard work. Besides, I am very passionate in this role. With each passing day, I feel molded into my position through the continuous mentorship program that I receive and the various training I have had the pleasure of attending.


    The last paragraph of the continue working letter of intent should reiterate your reason for writing the letter and consequently appreciate your letter’s recipient for taking the time to consider your application. You could also provide a call-to-action sentence requesting the receiver for a written response or for the opportunity to arrange a sit-in meeting to discuss the details of you continue working request further.

    For Example,

     I would like to thank you again for allowing me to be part of your reputable organization, and I wish for its continued success. If you are willing, I would be happy to have a meeting with you to discuss the contract renewal request further. Please free to contact me via my email at or through my job extension number at 3567

    Afterward, write an appropriate closing tag followed by your name, job title, and signature.

    For Example:

    Rushford Williams

    Continue Working Letter of Intent Examples

    Continue Working Letter of Intent Template

    ____ [City, State, and Zip code]
    ____ [Employer’s name]
    ____ [Employer’s Address]
    ____ [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear____________ [Employer’s name and title]

    My name is____________[Name] and am writing to formally request renewal to my employment contract which is scheduled to end on______________ [Date of contract expiry].

    During my time with______________ [organization’s name], I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful team and great mentors, and my experience has truly been rewarding. I am very grateful for the opportunity. For these reasons, I humbly request you to extend my contract for an additional period of______________ (Months, years).

    I believe that my continued employee-employer business relationship in _ [company name] can meaningfully help grow this business further. For the years that I have worked in this organization, I have been molded to fit into the role of a________________ [your current position] through continuous mentorship and attending training sessions provided by the management.

    I appreciate you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this reputable company, and I wish for its continued growth and success. If you need any help or assistance, even if my contract is not renewed, I will be available to offer my support where necessary.

    [Your typed name]

    Continue Working Letter of Intent Sample

    Johnson Muller,
    380 Avenue,

    April 12, 2021

    Veronica Janes
    Assistant Director Clinical Services
    Y254 hospital

    Dear Ms. Janes,

    I, Johnson Muller, hereby submit a formal request letter expressing my interest in continuing working with Y254 hospital. My initial employment contract is set to expire on June 15, 2021, and I would like you to consider giving me a contract renewal.

    I have been working with you for 2 years now, and my experience here has been truly rewarding. For these two years, I have received much training from different workshops, seminars, and networking events, and I have acquired more skills, knowledge, and experience in my current role as a Resident Clinician. Besides, the mentorship program here has been beneficial, and I am very thankful for the opportunity. Therefore, I humbly ask you to give me another chance of fulfilling my career by renewing my contract for another 4 years as per your employment contract policy requirements.

    I believed my continued role here at the hospital can help to grow the business significantly. With each passing day, I feel empowered in my position through the extensive training and knowledge that I have received. I have enjoyed working with the most competent professionals in the industry and acquired valuable skills that can really help improve my work significantly.

    Once again, thank you for the chance to be part of your team, and thank you for enabling me to have a clear outlook on my career. If you are willing, I’d like to meet with you to discuss my continued working intent further. Do not hesitate to contact me through my email at

    Johnson Muller

    Final Words

    Knowing how to write an effective continue working letter of intent is crucial if you wish to have your employer extend or renew your employment contract. It is imperative to note that you must use a convincing tone while writing the letter and mainly talk about your most notable accomplishments and achievements that are invaluable to the organization’s growth to convince the employer to consider renewing your contract. Remember to proofread before submitting it.

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