Sample Teacher Letter of Intent to Return (Free Templates)

A teacher’s letter of intent to return is written by a teacher to their school district informing them of their intent to return to their teaching position or be transferred to a new school/position within the same district in the next academic year.

Teachers are usually required to write it to their district to make clear their intent to continue teaching in the same district in the coming school calendar year or be transferred to a new position, department, or classroom within the community before it begins.

School districts usually make announcements on when this letter must be delivered to them to schedule an RTW interview. Missing the deadline set in case of continuation of the same position may automatically make one lose their teaching position and lead to their termination at the end of their current academic year, as that would signify declined employment.

Free Templates

Free Downloadable Teacher Letter of Intent to Return Sample 01 as Word Document
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Free Downloadable Teacher Letter of Intent to Return Sample 03 as Word Document

    Format of a Teacher Letter of Intent to Return

    The letter of intent to return is an essential document that must be written with the utmost professionalism. This is particularly true if one is looking to be transferred to a new position, department, or classroom.

    Below is a comprehensive guide on how to properly format this letter:

    Sender information

    Start with the sender’s address at the top left corner of the page. Include the sender’s full name, street address, zip code, and state name that the recipient will use when responding to the letter. Also, provide the sender’s phone and email for more accessible communication.

    It is important to note that it would be practically impossible for the district to reach you if you failed to provide the correct contact details.


    Next, write the date and align it to the left or right margin. It is essential to include the date, as it will help the person reviewing the letter know when it was submitted and when to take effect for reference purposes.

    Receiver’s information

    Immediately after the date, mention the receiver’s address. The receiver’s address should include their name and mailing address. It is vital to use the correct receiver’s address to avoid instances where the letter may get lost or discarded for not reaching the intended recipient.


    After the receiver’s address, skip one line and write the salutation. The type of salutation used will depend on whether you know the recipient or not. One of the commonly used salutations is “Dear,” which is highly recommended if you have never met the intended recipient. The salutation should then be followed by the recipient’s last name, if you know it, and it should be punctuated with a comma.

    Body paragraphs

    After the salutation, proceed to write the letter’s body. The body of your letter should have at most four paragraphs, with each paragraph having a clear and definitive reason for why it has been included. The paragraphs should be divided as follows:

    Paragraph 1: Introduction

    Start the letter by properly introducing who you are. Include your name and professional title, if applicable.


    You can begin the letter by writing;

    My name is Mr. John Doe, a teacher at ABD Academy within Primary school district.

    Paragraph 2: Reason for writing

    In the next paragraph, expound on why you are writing the letter and clarify your intent to return to school to teach in the next academic year. Also, if you are requesting a transfer, make sure to make it clear in this paragraph.


    • I am writing to duly inform the district of my intent to return for the 2022-2023 academic year.
    • I am writing to notify the district that I intend to return for the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Paragraph 3: Experience

    This paragraph should only be included if you seek to transfer to a new position, classroom, or another school within the district. When you are looking to be transferred to a new position, highlight what makes you qualified for the new job/position. Mention some of your achievements and any other standout expertise that you may have for the new position. Ensure truthful, verifiable information to help the district make sound decisions when looking into your qualifications for the position.  


    During my time teaching at XYZ, I developed a great rapport with the students, and I would love to help them even more by being moved to the math department.

    Paragraph 4: Contact information

    In the fourth paragraph,  provide your contact information and invite the district office to contact you should they have any questions regarding your intent to return to the same teaching position or approve your request to join the new school or teaching position that you have requested.


    Kindly contact me at 123-456-789 or  should you have any questions regarding my transfer request.


    After ascertaining that you have included all the information, close the letter with a formal closing. Some of the formal closings are “Yours Faithfully,” “Sincerely,” and “Yours Sincerely.” After closing the letter, include your printed name and signature.


    John Doe

    Teacher Letter of Intent to Return Template

    ____________ [Sender’s Name]

    ____________ [Sender’s Company Name]

    ____________ [Sender’s Street Address]

    _____________ [Sender’s City, State, Zip Code]

    ______________ [Sender’s Phone Number and Email]

    ______________ [Date]

    _______________ [Recipient’s Name]

    _______________ [Recipient’s Company Name]

    _______________ [Recipient’s Street Address]

    _______________ [Recipient’s City, State, and Zip Code]

    ________________ [Recipient’s Phone and Email Address]

    Dear _______ [Recipient’s Name]

    My name is ____________ [write your name] a teacher at ___________ [write the name of the school]. I am writing to inform the district that I am planning to return for the ________ [write the start and end of the school calendar for the academic year]. [If you are looking to be transferred to another position/school/class, mention this here and provide your qualifications].

    Kindly contact me at ___________ [insert phone number] or ____________ [insert email address] should you have any questions regarding my transfer request. Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.


    ____________ [Signature]

    ____________ [Print Name]

    Teacher Letter of Intent to Return Sample

    Dear Falcon Heights Academy Administration,

    I am writing to express my sincere intent to return to my position as a Mathematics teacher at Falcon Heights Academy for the upcoming academic year. My time away spent conducting educational research in Europe, has afforded me valuable perspectives and experiences, which I am eager to bring back to the classroom. My dedication to fostering a stimulating and supportive learning environment for my students remains unwavering, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to our school’s esteemed educational standards.

    During my hiatus, I have engaged in several professional development courses that have enriched my teaching methodology. These courses, focusing on innovative pedagogical strategies and technology integration in the classroom, have equipped me with fresh ideas and approaches that I am excited to implement. I believe these new skills will not only enhance my teaching but also positively impact our students’ learning experiences. Furthermore, my commitment to collaborative work with colleagues will continue as I aim to contribute actively to our school’s community and culture, particularly in our STEM initiatives.

    I am looking forward to rejoining the team at Falcon Heights Academy and am committed to upholding the high educational standards we set for our students. Please consider this letter as my formal intent to return, and I am ready to complete any necessary procedures to facilitate this process. I appreciate your consideration and am hopeful for the opportunity to once again be a part of the Falcon Heights family.


    Jordan Ellis


    The provided Letter of Intent to return as a teacher is a useful sample for anyone seeking to write a similar letter due to its adherence to key principles of professional written communication. Firstly, the letter maintains a formal tone throughout, which is essential in a professional setting. This formality is achieved through the use of respectful language and a structured layout, which includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

    In the introduction, the letter clearly states the writer’s intention – to return to a teaching position. This direct approach ensures that the purpose of the letter is immediately understood. The body of the letter effectively highlights the writer’s qualifications and experiences gained during their time away. This is crucial, as it reassures the recipient of the writer’s continued suitability and enhanced skills for the role. The mention of specific professional development activities, like engaging in courses related to innovative teaching methods, adds credibility and shows a proactive attitude toward personal growth.

    Furthermore, the letter demonstrates a strong commitment to the school’s mission and values. This is exemplified by the writer’s eagerness to contribute to the school’s educational standards and their enthusiasm about rejoining the team. Such expressions of dedication are vital in showing the writer’s alignment with the institution’s goals and their readiness to be an active, contributing member of the school community.

    In conclusion, the letter neatly wraps up the writer’s intent and readiness to follow the necessary procedures for rejoining. This shows respect for the institution’s processes and indicates the writer’s professionalism. 

    Overall, the letter is a prime example of how to effectively communicate professional intent in a formal, structured, and respectful manner, making it a valuable model for anyone looking to write a similar letter.


    Writing a letter of intent to return is very important for teachers looking to resume working in the next academic year. As a teacher, it is essential to craft one and send it on time to avoid any inconveniences, especially if you are applying for a transfer or to be moved to a new position.

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