Resignation Letter for Traveling Abroad

Sometimes we may settle in our current jobs, but an unexpected opportunity sprouts farther afield. In this case, we are left we no option but to relinquish our present employment and relocate elsewhere. This is where the ‘resignation letter for traveling abroad’ comes in. The letter is typically drafted one week or two weeks before the departure. It endeavors to explain to the employer that you are no longer capable of discharging your duties as you intend to relocate.

What to include in a resignation letter?

In this letter, you thank the employer for the opportunity and give him surety of cooperation and support during the transition phase. Though not a must, the letter may also specify where exactly you are relocating to and which company you will now start working for, going forward.

As a sign of good gesture, you should also avoid unnecessary criticisms, complaints, and other forms of negativity, even when the same may truly be the case. Remember, it is vital to maintain your professional image regardless of the prevailing circumstances. You do not want to jeopardize your future career prospects, do you?

Sample Resignation Letter for Traveling Abroad

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I draft this letter to let you know that I shall tender my resignation from your company, effective three weeks from now. I would have wished to retire in this company, but honestly, I cannot forfeit this juicier offer I have received abroad.

When I look back, I reminisce about the good old days I enjoyed with your company. Particularly, I cherish the support, warmth, love, and the friendship that my workmates accorded me while in your firm.

As always, I am ready and willing to be on standby during the transition period. Feel free to get to me for any help or support in the meantime. I shall be more than willing and ready to offer the same when I am called upon to do so.
Many thanks to you yet again for the opportunity you gave me while in the firm. I also wish you well in your subsequent Endeavor’s.

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Resignation Letter for Traveling Abroad (Word Format)

Resignation Letter for Traveling Abroad

Resignation Letter Email for Traveling Abroad

Dear (Mr. /Ms.) [Name]:

Kindly accept this resignation letter of mine as a formal notification of my impending departure from your organization. Indeed, I shall step down as a (job title) with effect from (date).

The reason to explain my departure from your organization is a more lucrative offer I have received with another firm overseas. Their terms of remuneration and working conditions are much better than those of your company. I could not resist the deal for the sake of bettering my life.

I also take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the opportunity you gave me to work and make money. I particularly appreciate the support and the love your colleagues gave me when I was a full-time worker with your company. This is over, and above the skill and expertise, I have managed to accumulate with time.

I know that my departure has definitely exerted a toll on your firm. To help mitigate the adverse effects of the same, I offer myself to help with the transition. Kindly get to me in case you want my support during the transition period. I promise to provide the necessary logistical assistance.

Sincerely yours,
Your Name

Resignation Letter Email (Word Format)

Resignation Letter for Traveling Abroad Email example

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