How to Write a Job Proposal Letter (with Examples)

There are several reasons for writing a job proposal letter, including; showing a business how the employee can meet its needs, proposing a new position that may help the organization function much better, and proposing a new position within a department to increase its efficiency.

By definition,

A job proposal letter is a professional document written by a job seeker that identifies an issue within an organization and describes how his/her skills and expertise can help resolve such issues.

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    Types of Job Proposal Letters

    There are different types of job proposal letters for different situations. Some of the most commonly used job proposal letters include:

    Construction job proposal letter

    When you are looking to create a construction proposal, you must ensure that all the information is captured correctly, including the project’s material cost, the scope of the project, and the contactor’s information.

    Telecommuting job proposal letter

    As an employee, you may always find yourself in situations where telecommuting is your only option. In such cases, it is important to propose to your employer how you will operate outside the offices and how you will ensure that your work is done effectively and how doing so will benefit the company.

    Freelance job proposal letter

    As a freelancer, you will in most cases find yourself looking for new opportunities in different organizations or with different clients; freelancers can use freelance job proposal letters to create a comprehensive freelance project proposal that comprises an engaging pitch, a proposed timeline with the project’s deliverables, the cost of service provided and your key qualifications.

    Internship job proposal letter

    If you are looking to propose an internship opportunity with an organization, you can use an internship job proposal letter to list the different learning opportunities provided by the internship, such as academic relevance, the intern’s responsibilities, and relevant experience.

    Writing a Job Proposal Letter

    Knowing the right words and format to use when crafting a job proposal letter is very important. This is because the letter serves as a first impression to the prospective employer. The job proposal letter also shows the employer that you are confident in your skills and abilities and how much of an asset you will be to their company. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to properly craft the job proposal letter.

    Address the letter to the right person

    Start the job proposal letter by addressing it to the company’s top executives. You can usually find the name of the person to address on the company’s website. If not included, You should consider contacting the company. Addressing the job proposal letter to the right person will ensure that the letter is received and given the proper response.

    Note: Avoid using generic phrases such as “To whom it may concern,” as it shows a lack of research and effort.

    Introduce yourself

    Create a great first impression by properly introducing yourself, i.e., who you are and why you are writing the letter. This will help capture the reader’s attention and potentially set you up as a strong candidate for the position. If you have already interacted with the prospective employer, mention this in the opening statement to help them understand the letter’s context. For example, you may have discussed the company’s problems and agreed to a rough set of objectives. Ensure to allude to this conversation and briefly reiterate why you are the best candidate to offer the solution.

    Proposal’s purpose

    Most companies are usually unaware that they have a problem if such problems are not brought to their attention. Explaining the reason for writing the letter clearly and concisely can help them understand why they need your expertise to help them improve their chances of success. Make sure to identify the issue that you want to solve and provide a detailed explanation of how you will solve such issues.

    Company needs

    To clearly understand what you are talking about, it is important to do thorough research, especially if you are proposing a new position or are not already an employee at the company. To find out more about the company (especially if you are not already an employee there), visit their websites to learn more about its history, what it does, its core principles, etc. Also, read trade journals and any other material that you can find to get insight into the current industry trends. This will help you gain more insight into what the company needs and give your ideas on how you can benefit the company.

    Goals and objectives

    For the employer to take your job proposal letter much seriously, you must define your goals and objectives and how they will benefit the organization in the long run. For instance, if you are proposing a new position in the department, instead of saying that the new position will boost the company’s productivity, you may consider using figures and state that the new position will increase the company’s productivity by 25% and increase work efficiency by 60%. You may also want to state the method you will employ to achieve these goals and objectives.

    Showcase your skills

    When writing a job proposal letter, you want to make sure that you showcase your most valuable assets to make you stand out and be considered a strong candidate for the position. Remember that proposing a solution to a problem does not necessarily guarantee that you will be given the role. Your proposal may be great; still, if not properly crafted, the employer may solve the problem by getting the right candidate with the right tone and choice of words. Ensure that you state some of your special skills related to the problem you are trying to solve and give the employer enough reasons why they should consider you for the role. You may also want to mention your experience with a similar issue or outline a unique process guaranteed to give the best/optimal result.

    Budget and funding

    Although it is not recommended to give a full breakdown of the budget and funding in the job proposal letter, the proposal should provide the employer with an overview of the approximate cost they stand to incur if they decide to move forward with the proposal. Keep in mind that the cost of implementing the proposed solutions is usually a major factor in the decision-making process; thus, it is important not to leave out this piece of information.

    Call to action and follow-up

    When writing a job proposal letter, the choice of words is very important. You should be keen not to write a job proposal letter that ends so that the potential employer can use a non-response as an answer. A call to action requests the employer to take additional steps and creates an urgency for them to move forward with the proposal.

    Also, make sure to afford the employer enough time to respond to the proposal. Employers usually have more than enough on their plate every day; bugging them with calls and emails is not the right thing to do. Instead, giving them enough time and indicating a date on which you will follow up is the right thing to do and shows that you are serious and dedicated to the proposal.

    Contact details

    End the job proposal letter by thanking the employer for their consideration of your job proposal letter and encourage them to contact you should they have any questions or need further clarification regarding the same. Ensure to provide a full set of your contact details at the end of the letter, including your email address, phone number, and an alternative phone number.

    Since a job proposal letter is a formal letter, make sure to include a professional closing such as “Sincerely” or “Regards,” and your name a few lines below, then sign your name above your typed name.

    Job Proposal Letter Example

    Here is a job proposal letter example that you can use to draw inspiration from when crafting one:

    Peter Mackenzie


    763 Valley Arcade

    New York 8628, NY

    6th June 202x

    Marcus Greenwoods

    Sales and Marketing Director

    7617 River Road

    New York 8689, NY

    Dear Mr. Greenwoods,

    It was nice meeting and talking to you on Monday about the issues that your company is facing regarding staff training and recruitment. You explained your desire to improve the recruitment practices and policies and establish tested result-oriented staff recruitment practices.

    At XYZ Recruitment Agency, we have more than ten years of experience providing recruitment services to organizations with the same challenge you are facing. In addition, our recruitment team has vast knowledge and experience in your particular field, having worked with QRT company and Lincoln Modern Tech Company.

    In this job proposal letter, I would like to briefly describe a few things such as how we operate, how we will provide a solution to your problem and the objectives we would achieve.


    Our goal will be to reduce the total amount of resources used during the recruitment process by 40% while at the same time maintaining the current results. In addition, we will increase new staff productivity over the first eight months of employment by 25% by improving staff training and onboarding processes.

    There are several intermediary objectives that we would have to meet to achieve this:

    Longer-term analysis and optimization of new processes

    Testing and implementation period to identify positive changes

    A review of the current hiring and training practices

    Creating of testing infrastructure and formulation of viable KPIs

    Evaluation and Reporting

    You will be furnished with a monthly report which will cover all important KPIs. In addition, the team leader will continually brief you regarding the onboarding and training process. At the end of every month, you will be invited to attend a presentation explaining the testing outcome, positive and negative charges, and the general progress towards the project’s objectives.


    As earlier discussed in our meeting, the approximate cost of the project is $89000 paid in installments over six months. Note that this payment plan is, of course, flexible and open to discussion.

    I will be following up after two weeks to get your feedback on the same. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime should you have any questions or need further clarification about the project.


    Peter Mackenzie

    +1 – 234-567-890

    Tips for Writing a Proposal Letter

    When sending in your job proposal letter, you want to make sure that it gets the right response and doesn’t get ignored and piled with other letters. To give your letter an edge, make sure to keep important tips in mind when drafting the job proposal letter.

    Some of these tips include the following:

    Study project objectives

    The first thing you want to do before writing your job proposal letter is to study and master the project’s objectives. Understanding what the problem is and how your proposed solution will help mitigate them is very crucial. Pitching something that you have a clear understanding of is far much easier as you will answer any question directed to you with ease.

    Keep it brief

    Job proposal letters are usually short and direct to the point. To ensure that you create a great first impression and capture the employer’s attention much easier, you must craft a clear and concise job proposal letter. If you write an overly long proposal full of dense paragraphs, you ask the employer to spend more time trying to find details that matter in your proposal. Do not omit any crucial information; instead, state them briefly using bullet points to ensure that your proposal is engaging, to the point, easy to read and comprehend.

    Be professional

    Job proposal letters are formal letters and should be written in a professional yet friendly tone and should offer the employer a sense of reliability and give them an overview of what it would be like working with you. Whether you have a close relationship with the employer or not, always maintain professionalism when writing an official letter.

    Include samples

    To establish more relevance and make the case that you are the right candidate to offer the solution, you may want to consider attaching samples of your most relevant work, if any. Samples help create a clear picture of what the problem is and what you are trying to solve.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is a proposal letter?

    A proposal letter is a professional document used to introduce a person’s business ideas to an important recipient who holds the decision-making role.

    When do you use proposal letters?

    Various instances prompt the use of proposal letters, including convincing a business partner about the validity of your business objectives; get a loan for your business from a potential investor; to convince a company to hire your services for their project, etc.

    Why are proposal letters important?

    Proposal letters are important as they serve as the first impression the recipient has of you and your business (ideas). In addition, a clear and concise proposal letter will significantly increase the recipient’s likelihood of considering the proposal and moving forward with it.

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