Best MBA Letter of Recommendation Samples and Examples

When you’re applying for an MBA course, most institutions will require you to attach one or two letters of recommendation. These letters are written by individuals who know you well and show the admissions committee that you’ve the right experience, qualification, and skills required to pursue the studies successfully. The recommendation letters strengthen other features of your application.

Who should write your MBA recommendation?

It’s essential to choose a suitable individual to write your recommendation letter. The right person for this job is an individual who is versed with your academic or professional achievement. For this case, your former professor or your immediate supervisor is in the best position to offer an informed recommendation for your MBA studies.

The MBA recommendation letter will highlight your work ethics, academic achievements besides your professional successes.  Any person who has had a direct relationship with you either in class or at work can write a good MBA recommendation letter for you. These individuals may include:

  • Your current boss
  • Your former supervisor
  • Your undergraduate professor
  • Your internship boss/ supervisor.

What to include in the MBA recommendation letter?

Although an MBA recommendation letter may differ from one writer to another, all these letters should have some common aspects that include:

  • The applicant’s intellect and critical thinking skills
  • A clear demonstration of how the applicant has been able to solve work or business-related problems
  • The writer should also highlight the applicants organizational and leadership’s skills.
  • It’s also important to stress on the applicant’s work ethics

If the writer is a former professor, they should highlight relevant strengths that portray the capability of the applicant to undergo the studies successfully.

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter # 1

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter 1

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter # 1 (Text Version)

Dear Sir/Madam

I write this later to recommend Jacky Marley to your MBA program. Jacky has been my assistant at Safeway Logistics for the last three years. In her role has been handling several critical assignments in our department.

She oversees the shipping process, besides managing the dispatch of products to our clients. She also manages a team of 15 marketers. I can confirm that over these years she has done an exemplary job for our company.

She has strong business acumen and commitment to measurable and meaningful results. Besides, she has a great heart for others and has been able to raise a very vibrant team of marketer by inspiring and motivating them.

I believe obtaining an MBA will be an excellent way to polish her already impressive attributes. Without any reservations, I highly recommend her to your MBA program.

Please contact me if you have further concerns about Jacky.


John Smart

Business development manager

Safeway Logistics

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter # 2

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter 2

Sample MBA Recommendation Letter # 2 (Text Version)

Dear admission committee,

I willingly offer my recommendation for Smith Mark’s application for admission to your MBA program.

I have been Mark’s professor for three years during his undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago. Throughout this period, Mark has shown impressive academic and leadership prowess.

I have known him to be a hardworking and committed student, no wonder he graduates with a first-class honors degree been the first in his class. Besides academics, he was also the leader of the young investors club.

In his final year as an undergraduate student, I was privileged to supervise his project. From my observation, I am sure Mark will ready for the MBA program, and this will help him sharpen his skills to offer business solutions to society.

I, therefore, recommend him for your MBA program.

Please let me know if you require any further details about the candidate.

Thank you.


Professor Ademi Chaplin

Dean School of Business

University of Chicago