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A Fax Cover Letter, sometimes referred to as a fax cover sheet, goes at the beginning of any faxed document. It displays important information that lets the recipient know whom the document is intended for.

Fax cover letters usually include a brief description of the contents of the fax, its purpose, and how to contact the sender.

A fax cover letter is different from a regular cover letter.  A regular cover letter is usually sent with resumes and other business reports to non-familiar entities to introduce applicants and their qualifications.  On the other hand, a fax cover letter usually precedes a faxed document detailing what information the recipient will find in the fax. In most cases, fax cover sheets accompany documents whose correspondents are somewhat familiar with each other.

Whereas sending important documents and messages using a fax machine is not common in the contemporary technological world, some companies may still prefer to use fax over electronic mail. If you are applying for a job position using the fax machine, you can include both the fax cover sheet and the regular cover letter along with your resume. The ideal format for sending these documents will be a fax cover letter, a traditional cover letter, and your resume.

Free Fax Cover Letter Templates

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    Need for a Fax Cover Letter

    A fax cover letter is essential anytime you send professional correspondence or classified documents using the fax machine. For instance, if a company requests you to fax a copy of your company’s financial data, it is crucial that you include a fax cover sheet describing what you sent, why, and whom it is intended for.

    In some cases, employers may be specific about how they want job applicants to apply and submit their job application documents. In such cases, applicants must follow the submission guidelines to ensure that their documents reach the potential employer safely and at the right time. If an employer requires a paper copy of your job application forms and resume, sending them through fax can be quicker than the traditional mail. Given such a case, including a brief, strong, and professional fax cover letter along with your application documents will certainly help the recipient to determine the importance of your fax.

    Benefits of Using a Fax Cover Letter

     Fax cover sheets or fax cover letters are essential anytime you send information or important documents using the traditional fax machine or the eFax. They not only provide context for your document but also gives it a more formal and professional look. The following are the main advantages/benefits of using a fax cover letter:

    Keeps information safe

    When you send information or communicate to another person through fax, the recipient will receive the message as a paper copy. And in most cases, companies and businesses usually have one fax machine-accessible to everyone within the company. Including a fax cover letter that discloses who the fax is from, whom it is intended for, what is in the fax, and whether it is confidential will help keep your private information safe.

    Helps your information reach the intended person

    A fax cover letter usually discloses where the document needs to go and whom it is intended for. This is important, especially where the receiving company or business uses one fax machine for the entire employee pool, in that it ensures the document ends up in the hands of the right person.

    Makes it easier for the recipient to contact you

    A fax cover letter usually includes the sender’s contact information. If the recipient of the faxed document wants to contact you for clarification or further questions, the fax cover letter will be helpful as it displays your contact details.

    What to Include in a Fax Cover Letter

    The contents of a fax cover letter may differ, as different companies follow different formats or different templates of a fax cover letter. However, the following are the general contents of fax cover letters that are used for official correspondence in most corporates:

    A professional fax cover letter should contain the sender’s company name at the top of the page. If the company has a business logo, it should also be prominently displayed at the top of the page, such that the recipient immediately knows which company sent the fax.

    Sender’s contact information

    A fax covering sheet must include the sender’s contact information. You can include your relevant contact details, including your name, phone number, email address, and your company’s business address. If you are applying for a job position, including your contact details in the fax cover sheet makes it easier for the potential employer to contact you for an interview or additional clarifications.

    Recipient’s name

    If the faxed document is intended for a single person that you are already familiar with, you can include the recipient’s name on the fax cover letter. However, if you are sending the fax to an unknown recipient, the company in general, or multiple people within the company, you can include the company name in your fax cover letter. If you are applying for a job position, it is impressive to conduct some background research to find more information about the company and the hiring manager’s name. If you are unable to identify the name of the hiring manager, you can include a general title on the fax cover letter, such as Dear Hiring Team/Manager

    Date and time of fax transition

    Including the date and time of fax transition in the fax cover letter is crucial, especially when sending time-sensitive information. Generally, the traditional fax machine and the eFax automatically print the date and time of transmission at the topmost part of the fax cover letter. However, in some cases, the machine’s calendar and the clock may be off, meaning that you will have to manually include the date and time of transmission on your faxed document.  

    Number of pages of the faxed document

    It is essential that you include the total number of pages of the faxed document in your fax cover letter. When filling out the number of pages, ensure that you include the fax cover letter sheet as part of the total pages. This ensures that the recipient receives all of your attached documents, and in case they find that some pages are missing, they will let you know.

    The subject of the fax

    The subject of the fax includes a brief description of what the fax is all about and why you are sending it. From this section, the recipient gets a fair idea about the importance of the fax.

    Summary or description of the document attached

    An official fax correspondence cover page may also include a summarized description of the attached documents. This can include information on what the document is all about, the faxed document’s total number of pages, a privacy notice (if applicable), the urgency level of the attached materials, and any other relevant information.

    Confidentiality statement, if required

    If you are sending sensitive data, such as medical information, personnel records, or company financial data, it is essential to include a confidentiality statement at the bottom of your fax cover letter sheet. The confidentiality statement typically states that the fax contents are solely meant for a certain recipient, and any unauthorized use or disclosure of that information is prohibited. Some fax cover letters also include a notice to unintended recipients asking them to contact the sender if they receive the fax in error.

    Fax contents

    Using a few sentences, let your recipient know what they will find in your fax. This encourages them to read to rest of the fax because they have already established its importance. If you have attached several documents, such as your resume and covering letter, you can use this section to list all the documents you have attached in the order you sent them.

    Clear instructions

    If you expect the fax recipient to follow up or perform other action upon receipt of your documents, you can state that in your fax cover letter.

    Relevant notes

    Fax cover sheets typically include an additional notes section or a blank area for further instructions. The most relevant fax notes include:

    • Urgent
    • Please reply
    • Kindly comment
    • For review

    Type your relevant notes clearly, and include a phone number or email where the recipient can contact you. The relevant notes section is especially important when sending company documents that need to be reviewed, but you can always omit this section when applying for a job.

    Fax Cover Letter Template

    A fax cover letter template is a pre-designed document that serves as a front page for your fax communication, providing essential information and enhancing the professionalism of your correspondence. Our selection includes a range of professionally designed templates, each tailored to different purposes and industries. Best of all, these templates are readily available for free download, ensuring the utmost convenience for you. Whether you are a business professional or an individual seeking to streamline your fax communications, our fax cover letter templates offer a hassle-free solution with numerous benefits.

    company name and logo


    [sender’s name]

    [sender’s mailing address]

    [sender’s phone number]

    [sender’s email address or website(optional)]


    Recipient’s name and title]

    Recipient’s company name and address]

    Recipient’s fax number]

    [sender’s name and fax number]

    Date and time of fax transition]

    [Total number of pages, including the fax cover letter sheet]

    SUBJECT LINE: [Write the subject of your fax, for example, Hr Assistant Job Application Materials]

    [Paragraph one: using a few sentences, describe the contents of your fax] for example;

    I have attached the following documents to this fax:

    • Cover letter for Hr assistant job

    • Resume

    • Relevant academic certificates

    • Employer recommendation letter

    [Paragraph 2: Let the recipient know why you are sending the fax documents].

    For example, I am sending this fax in response to your job posting for an HR Assistant date August 21, 2021. Based on the job description and qualifications criteria, I am well suited for the job. Kindly review my attached job application materials to see my qualifications, skills, and relevant experience.

    I look forward to positive feedback from you.

    [Relevant notes: Mark on the appropriate note that is relevant to your fax contents]

    • URGENT




    Sample Fax Cover Letters

    Following are some free samples for you:

    Sample 1

    James Thatcher

    223 E. 1100 S. Ste.3

    Urban City, City State 23232

    (213) 454-7654

    TO: Operations Manager Edward Smith

    (912) 640-64064

    FROM: C.E.O Matthew Ottomans

    (213) 454-7654

    DATE: 07/10/20XX

    Pages: 7(including cover letter)


    The following pages contain a summary of the plans for the acquisition of Gravy Technologies, as we had agreed in the board meeting. It outlines the entire process and the parties involved in each step. Also included in the contract (copy) signed by both parties.

    I have sent this fax to ensure we all have copies of the proceedings and a copy of the contract. Please sign as indicated and send back the signed copies to me to show you agree with the terms and conditions of the acquisition

    X – URGENT




    Sample 2:

    McCray James

    1 One Way

    Sheep Town, Maryland 12009

    (201) 900-2003

    TO: Haco Investments

    (912) 308-4326

    FROM: McCray James

    (231) 411-8880

    DATE: 13/12/20XX

    Pages: 4 (excluding cover page)


    This fax contains my cover letter, testimonials, and resume for the position of deputy county commissioner (Maca State).

    I have sent this fax in response to your posting on your website advertising for the post of deputy county commissioner for Maca State. After reading this fax, you will note I meet the minimum requirements for this post. I hope to get feedback soon.

    X – URGENT




    Tips for Writing a Fax Cover Letter

    Once you have understood the general format of a fax cover letter, you can easily input the information that you want to communicate in the letter. However, while writing your fax cover sheet, there are essential tips that you need to consider to ensure effective communication and to make your fax look neat and professional. These include:

    Check for repeating information

    Naturally, the receiver of your fax documents will read your documents as soon as they read your fax cover sheet. Therefore keep it brief and avoid including any repeated information as this will make it too long. Keep in mind that long fax cover letters are less likely to be read.

    Offer sufficient details

    Make sure to include enough descriptive details in your fax cover letter, including your name, the number of pages, the recipient’s name and contact information, the purpose of your fax, and your reason for sending it, to keep the recipient wanting to read through the rest of the fax. However, avoid providing too much information as the recipient will think that they have read enough to get its gist.

    Consider the recipient business hours

    If you want the recipient to read the letter on the same day, you should send it before they close business.

    For example:

    If the recipient closes the shop at 5.00 pm, if the fax cover letter is received the past time, they will probably read it the next day.


    If the fax is confidential, the fax cover letter should also be marked as” confidential “to ensure the intended person only reads the information.

    Keep it neat and professional

    You should avoid slang and unofficial language in your fax cover letter. The details in the letter will inform the recipient of what to expect in the fax.

    Key Takeaways

    A fax cover letter is a sheet that precedes documents sent through the fax machine.  To write an effective fax cover letter that immediately communicates the essential information to the recipient, include the sender’s contact information, company name and logo, recipient’s contact information, and briefly state the purpose and contents of your fax. Your fax cover letter should also include the faxed document’s total pages to ensure that the recipient receives all the documents. Finally, make sure to include the date and time of fax transmission-especially for time-sensitive documents,

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