Summer Job Cover Letter Examples (Writing Tips)

Many colleges take a few weeks or months off during summer. It is during this time that many students seek employment in order to earn some cash. To get many summer jobs, the process begins with submitting a well-drafted resume and cover letter. Here, we show you how to write an outstanding summer cover letter.

Tips for Writing a Summer Job Cover Letter

Consider the following tips for writing this type of cover letter alongside the sample cover letter below:

Tailor Your Letter to a Summer Job

Avoid writing a general cover letter. After all, you are particularly looking for a summer job as opposed to an ordinary job. Instead, tailor your letter to a summer job.

Skills and Qualifications

Every job has some sort of skills and qualifications required. Of course, by the time you are considering applying for a job, you have already considered the skills and qualifications necessary for that particular job. Be sure to highlight them in your cover letter.

Include Your Relevant Work Experience

Do you have a past work experience that could be useful for the job? If yes, include it. Including this information in your letter will give the employer more confidence that you can handle their job.

Emphasize Your Ability to Learn Fast

Are you a quick learner? If yes, you have a huge advantage over other applicants. Summer jobs are temporary jobs and that means employers prefer candidates that are able to learn fast. Emphasizing your quick learning capabilities will increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

Show the Employer that You Are Hardworking and Diligent

No employer wants to hire an employee who would hardly go a month without asking for a day off from work. This is because it costs the company a lot of money through decreased productivity. Showing the employer that you are a hardworking and diligent person will make them want to give you a try.

Sample Summer Job Cover Letter

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms

[Name of the Hiring Manager]

Subject: Summer Storekeeper Job Application

I hereby submit my application for the storekeeper position recently announced on your company website. With all the skills and qualifications required, I believe I can be a great fit for this temporary position.

I am a final year student at the University of [name of your university] who is taking a degree course in stores management and stock control. With great customer service skills, work ethic skills and social skills, which you stated as key to this job, I believe I am up to the task. In addition, my ability to learn quickly will come very handy in this short-term position as your company will not have to spend a longer period than necessary trying to train me.

When it comes to work experience, I am glad to let you know that I have worked as a storekeeper with another company that is within the same niche you are. I will use that experience to add value to your organization.

Last but not least, as a hard worker, I will work very tirelessly and diligently to not only meet my daily or weekly targets but also to surpass them.



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    Final Thoughts

    If you look at this brief summer storekeeper job cover letter, it covers all the points discussed above. Having tailored this letter for a summer storekeeper job, the applicant talked about his skills and qualifications, plus relevant work experience. He also pointed out his ability to learn fast, alongside his hardworking and diligent nature.

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