Payment Reminder Letter Format (16+ Samples & Examples)

Payment Reminder

This is a document written to the customer reminding them to pay an overdue invoice that they owe the company. Whereas there is a legal process that ensures your company gets paid what it is owed, writing a letter to your customer first has proved to be a quicker and easier way you could get paid. It is friendlier as well. Sometimes the customer may have forgotten about the due date of the payment and a letter of reminder gives them that benefit of the doubt.

Things To Include in Payment Reminder Letter

Your personal basic information;
Introduce yourself by your name and job title. State the company’s full name and address too. This will help the customer to know exactly where the letter is coming from in case they had forgotten about it all. Make sure to include the date in which the letter is written for purposes of record keeping.

Basic information of the recipient of the letter;
Include the recipients’ official names and physical address, as well as the contact details, so as to ensure the recipient of the letter is the person it was intended to. Be as accurate as possible to avoid future dismissal of the letter. It is very important to address the letter to the right address so the person is made aware of the late payment.

The writing tone;
If it’s the first reminder, be as polite and friendly as possible, but professional. Do not assume intentional nonpayment, imagine that they just forgot or are having complications with bank transfers. The letter is a reminder, do not make any accusations.

The first paragraph
Get straight to the point by telling the receiver of the late payment. Remind them exactly what it is they have not paid for, and the amount. State the date the payment was due.

Attach bills and enter bill details
Just under the first paragraph, attach all the bills owed and explain the details of that bill. This will help the customer to understand more about the payment.

The second paragraph
This is where you explain how important it is for the company that the receiver pays the money. If it’s a second or third reminder, be strictly professional but assertive, stating how urgent the matter is, and if it’s a final reminder, refer to the previous letters and the date which they were written, asking for payment. Tell the customer of the consequences should they fail to make the payment. Be as clear as you can of these consequences so the customer is fully aware of what is to come.

The closing statement
This is the last paragraph where you state again why it is important for the customer to pay what he or she owes the company. Remain professional and go ahead and even apologize for any inconvenience caused. The most important part here is your official name and signature to make the letter official and therefore should be taken seriously.

Sample Letters

A Professional And Brief Sample Letter For Payment Reminder

The sender’s name
The senders’ title in the company
The company’s name
The company’s’ address
State, City, Zipcode

The date that the letter was written

The name of the person the letter is being addressed to
Address of the person the letter is being addressed to
State, City, and the Zip code of the person the letter is being addressed to

Re: The First Reminder of Late payment

Dear (Receivers name)

This is a letter to notify you that the payment you owe, of (amount of money) was due on (date). Please submit the payment by cashier’s check along with your account number. Attached is a copy of the invoice with the amount due stated. Enclosed is also a stamped and addressed envelope should you need it.

If you have already made the payment, please ignore this letter. But if you have not yet made the payment, please do so immediately.

Thank you for making this matter a priority. Sorry for any inconvenience we might have caused.


(Senders signature)

List of the enclosed documents.

Sample Email for Payment Reminder

the subject of the email:

Invoice for an account number (36572) due today


Hi (Receivers name)

This is to remind you that payment of an invoice for an account number (36572) is due today. The total amount is ($6400). Please make your payments to the account number specified on the invoice.

Attached is a copy of the invoice. If you have any questions concerning the same, I will be happy to answer.


(senders name)

Payment Reminder Letter Samples & Templates

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Using Payment Reminder Letter/Email Templates

A payment reminder template is a template that is designed to remind the employer, companies, or any person of payment that should be effected by the due date. In addition to this, the template is also to remind the employer about due payment or late payment. It explicitly states the amount of money that the employee should be paid and at what time and date the payment should be effected.

The payment reminder template contains details such as the company’s name, address of the company, phone number, fax, and email address. Where the reminder template of late payment, the reasons for lateness are explained to the employee in a language that the employee understands well. In addition to this, the template states when the payment will be effected. The payment reminder template is then signed by an authorized.

This payment reminder template is easily found online and therefore the employer or any person wishing to use this template can easily access it online. The template just needs to be printed and then edited to fit the requirements of the user. In addition to this one can design their own template provided it plays the role of a payment reminder template especially for the slow payers or those who have many commitments therefore high chances of forgetting to effect payment.

The payment reminder is not only used for employees but also customers or people who deliver goods to the company. In addition to this, the template is used to remind a company to make payments to suppliers to avoid delays or lack of payment. The template helps inaccuracy so as to avoid miscalculations which may cause losses in the company or which may result in an overpayment.

Payment Reminder Template and Examples :

Payment Reminder Template and Examples

Final Payment Reminder and Request Example :

Final Payment Reminder and Request Example

Payment Reminder Letter Examples :

Payment Reminder Letter Examples

A quick checklist of composing this letter

  • The company’s name and address
  • The recipient’s name and address
  • The date the letter is being written
  • Reference of the letter. Include the account number
  • State the amount owed
  • Indicate that the payment has not yet been received
  • Give payment methods available
  • Avail yourself to the receiver in case he/she would want to contact you for any questions and clarifications.
  • Thank him and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Sign with the senders’ name

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