Sample Rental Application Approval Letters (Approved Tenant)

The tenancy is the act of renting a room, apartment, or space for a given period for commercial or residential use under a given agreement between the tenant and the landlord.

An approved tenant letter is a formal letter written by the owner to the tenant, indicating the acceptance and approval of the tenant rental contract by the owner. An approved tenant letter tells the tenant that his/her application has been approved, and both parties are ready to sign a rental agreement.

Sample Letters

Free Downloadable Approved Tenant Letter Sample as Word Format

Free Downloadable Approved Tenant Email Sample as Word Format

    How to Write a Rental Application Approval Letter

    An approved tenant letter is a formal letter; hence, it is good to use a formal format when writing it.

    The following are the steps for writing an approved tenant letter.

    Owner’s address and date

    The landlord’s address comes as the first part of the letter, followed by the date when the letter was written. It is mostly written on the top left corner.



    Owner’s name,




    Tenant’s address

    This is the second part. It consists of the tenant’s name and address.



    Tenant’s name,




    The third part of this letter is the subject matter of the letter. It should be clear and simple.


    Subject: Approved Tenant Letter.

    Opening remarks


    Dear Mr/Mrs (Tenant)


    This is the main part of this letter and consists of a number of things.

    • The first paragraph: Being a formal letter, greetings are not a must. You can go directly to the point. It consists of a brief personal identification as the landlord and a brief explanation of why you are writing the letter.
    • The second paragraph: Consists of the terms and conditions for the tenancy contract, the rights of the tenant as well as the owner, facilities given to the tenant, and any other relevant detail that the owner might find important to the tenant, including the amount of rent.
    • Last paragraph: In this paragraph, the owner indicates the approval of the tenancy contract as well as the appreciation of the new tenant.



    Yours sincerely,


    Name of the owner.

    Things to Include

    • The landlord’s address, date, and the tenant’s address.
    • A clear statement about the terms and conditions of the contract.
    • The rent amount and the rent due date.
    • The period of the contract, if agreed upon.
    • The interests of the owner and the tenant.
    • The facilities offered and rights for the tenant.
    • An approval statement as well as an appreciation and welcoming statement.

    Sample Rental Application Approval Letters

    In this section, you will find two practical and easy-to-follow sample letters for tenancy approval, providing a helpful guide for crafting your correspondence with tenants.

    Traditional Letter Format

    Dear Ms. Johnson,

    I am John H. Smith, the owner of the property located at 789 Pine Road, Springfield. I am delighted to inform you that your application for tenancy at this address has been approved.

    The tenancy agreement includes terms and conditions crucial for maintaining a positive landlord-tenant relationship. As a tenant, you have the right to a secure and well-maintained living environment. The monthly rent is set at $1,200, due on the first of each month. The property includes amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, in-unit laundry, and access to the community swimming pool. It is expected that these facilities will be used responsibly and maintained in good condition. Please be aware that no pets are allowed, and smoking inside the property is prohibited.

    I am pleased to officially approve your tenancy at 789 Pine Road. I appreciate your commitment to upholding the terms of our agreement and am looking forward to a positive and respectful tenancy relationship.


    John H. Smith

    email Format

    Subject: Welcome to Your New Home at 205 Willow Lane!

    Dear Ms. Martinez,

    Greetings! I’m thrilled to inform you that your application to rent 205 Willow Lane, Apt. 3B, in Lakeside, CA, has been approved. As your landlord, I am excited to welcome you to your new home.

    Let’s cover a few essential details of your tenancy. Your monthly rent is $950, payable by the 3rd of each month. This apartment comes with a private balcony, reserved parking, and access to our newly renovated fitness center. Please remember that the lease agreement includes a no-subletting clause, and all maintenance requests should be submitted through our online portal.

    I am delighted to have you as a tenant at 205 Willow Lane. Your choice to live in this community is much appreciated, and I am committed to ensuring a pleasant and comfortable living experience for you.

    Warm regards,

    Emily Rodriguez  

    Landlord, 205 Willow Lane Properties


    The two sample tenancy approval letters are effective templates for landlords. Both are well-structured, maintaining a professional yet welcoming tone, crucial for fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships. They communicate the approval clearly, including essential details like property address, rent amount, and payment due dates. Unique features of each property, such as amenities and specific conditions like no pets or no subletting clauses, are highlighted, ensuring tenants are well-informed. This clarity in communication sets clear expectations and responsibilities from the outset.

    Additionally, the letters are concise, avoid unnecessary details, and are personalized with the tenant’s name, making them more engaging. The inclusion of the landlord’s signature adds a personal touch and establishes a direct point of contact. By emphasizing adherence to the agreement’s terms, these letters encourage compliance and understanding. 

    Overall, these examples serve as useful resources for writing effective tenancy approval letters that balance the delivery of critical information with the establishment of a respectful and positive first interaction.

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