Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reason (18 Examples)

Various personal reasons may surface in your life that may lead you to discontinue your employment with your current employer. Naturally, you will first have to inform your employer of this decision in person if possible. Writing a resignation letter enables you to communicate your decision to your employer formally. While writing this letter, you must decide how much information you are willing to share with the employer. You have to decide if it is necessary to go into detail or whether a vague statement that outlines that you are leaving for personal reasons will suffice.

For instance, if you are leaving because you want to become a stay-at-home parent for a few years, then you should provide your employer with a bit more detail. These details will help ensure that the employer understands your decision and is open to employing you once your personal issue is resolved. However, remember that deciding on how much to share in a resignation letter when there are personal reasons involved will help maintain a particular level of privacy with respect to your decision.

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Resignation letter due to personal reason - Free Template

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Free Sample

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Editable Form

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Printable Example

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Resignation letter due to personal reason - Free PDF

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Printable Sample

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Editable Template

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Free Editable Form

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Word Example

Resignation letter due to personal reason - PDF Template

Resignation letter due to personal reason - Printable PDF

    Importance of Resignation Letter

    When you decide to resign from your job, you must consider the best resignation method to maintain a smooth relationship with the employer. A formal resignation letter plays an essential role in ensuring that a professional and diplomatic relationship with the employer is maintained. This is key as you may require a character reference from the employer when seeking future employment.

    The personal reason resignation letter should be submitted two weeks before the last date of work indicated in the letter. The two-week advance notice enables the employer to prepare what to do next, such as finding a new employee to fill the position you are leaving behind.You can opt to indicate a reason for your resignation; however, you are not obligated to do so.

    Employers are legally required to ask; however, you are not required to provide them with a reason. When writing your resignation letter, ensure you follow the format and wording that is similar to that of a general resignation letter. If you decide to provide a detailed reason for your resignation, ensure that you only write one or two sentences to avoid providing personal details and to keep the letter brief.

    Essential Information to be Included

    You must clearly understand what to include in a resignation letter to be used when resigning for personal reasons. Being aware of the essential elements require in this letter will ensure that it effectively communicates your intent to resign. It will also ensure that you maintain an amicable relationship with the employer even after you depart.

    A personal reason resignation letter should contain the following information:

    Your intent to resign

    It should begin by outlining your intent to resign from the job. The statement should contain the position you are resigning from. It should also set the mood of the letter by expressing your sadness for deciding to resign. These details will ensure that the purpose is clear.

    Add your reasons briefly

    Secondly, you should add your reasons for resigning but keep them brief. You can opt not to go into detail because a general statement will suffice; for example, you can state you are resigning for a personal reason or a family problem that requires your full time and attention. You can also provide a slightly more detailed reason to explain why you are resigning, such as to become a stay-at-home parent or due to a family illness.

    Last day of employment

    You should then indicate your last date of officially working in the letter. The date will prove that the employer is informed of the day you planned on leaving the position and therefore cannot claim that you left abruptly. You should also ensure that you review your contract to clarify how much advance notice you are required to provide. Based on the advance notice, you can then select an appropriate date.

    Thank your employer

    Next, appreciate your employer to show that you are grateful for what the company has done for you, such as facilitating the growth of your skillset. Then, think about what other things you can acknowledge, such as the time and effort the employer has put into training you. Acknowledging the gains shows you are conscious of what the company and employer have done for you.

    Offer your assistance

    You can also offer to assist the employer with finding your replacement or training him/her, or doing both. Though you are not obligated to make the offer, it can help respectfully end the employment. It also shows your willingness to make the transition easy for the employer, which will serve well if or when you request a recommendation.

    Ask questions

    Finally, if there are any issues you would like clarified, include them in the personal reason resignation letter. The questions will enable the employer to provide you with a response before your last day. Besides, they will also ensure that there are no pending issues of concern with the employee.

    Note: The situation that has led to your decision to resign will inform how you resign. The best way to resign is to inform your employer of your intention in person and then write a personal reason resignation letter. However, you may also resign immediately without writing a letter if a sudden situation arises that forces you to depart from the position in haste. You can also opt to resign via a phone call or email if you work remotely or due to justifiable circumstances.

    Template & Samples

    You can use our Resignation letter for personal reasons’s template and samples to write an effective letter for your exit.

    Sample 01

    [Your name]
    [Your Address]
    [Your City, State Zip Code]
    Phone number:


    [Employer’s Name]
    [Company name]

    Dear Mr./ Ms. Employer’s last name]

    I regret to inform you of my intent to resign from my current position as an [position] at [name of company] in [time]. My decision is solely based on personal reasons. It, therefore, does not imply dissatisfaction with my work [ you may also be more detailed, for example, due to family obligations that require my full time and attention].

    My resignation will be effective from [last date of work]. I appreciate the opportunity to [briefly acknowledge specific things you are grateful for]. I hope my resignation will not cause any inconvenience to the company. I am happy to assist with finding and training my replacement. In addition, to help ease the transition, I will ensure any significant pending tasks that may disrupt ongoing projects are completed before my last day. Please feel free to contact me for any further assistance that I can provide to ease the transition.

    Thank you so much for being so understanding on this issue. I hope to work with you again in the future if another opportunity arise.


    Your signature (hard copy letter)

    Your typed name

    Sample 02


    Name of Supervisor
    Company Name
    City, State, Zip Code

    Dear Name of Immediate Supervisor,

    Subject: Resignation from the position of Administrative Assistant

    I hereby officially tender my resignation from the position of an administrative assistant with effect from October 16th, 20xx. My resignation today gives you a one week window to come to terms with it and make appropriate arrangements for my departure altogether.

    Working for your organization for the last 4 years has enriched my experience, opened a world of opportunities for me, and made me better positioned to take on more challenging roles in the future. Indeed, I will miss the warmth and interactions I have had with you all along.

    My reason for leaving is that my husband has relocated to another state. I would not wish that my family splits up as this might give rise to infidelity and poorly cared for children. Between now and when I finally leave the company, I will report for work as usual. Thereafter, I may be available for consultations and follow-ups.

    I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I am indeed grateful for the kind of support, warmth, and love you shared with me throughout my stint here.

    Kindly draw to my attention what ways I may be useful to you in the transition period.


    Employee Signature

    Employee Name

    Sample 03


    Name of Supervisor
    Company Name
    City, State, Zip Code

    Dear Name of Immediate Supervisor,

    Subject: Resignation from the post of Tutorial Fellow

    It is with sorrow and deep regret that I have to inform you that I render my resignation from the post of tutorial fellow in this college. Indeed, I have worked with you in this capacity for the last 2 years. In summary, I would dare say that every bit of my work has been joyful.

    However, I have been headhunted by a senior high school to head their mathematics department. I wished I could stay on to advance my career with you, but I have found it more rewarding to take on this noble opportunity.

    My resignation takes effect 3 weeks from now. Between now and then, I shall report here normally, much like I would in, I not resigned. For a month after my departure, I will still be open for consultation and further follow up if needed.

    As I pen this letter, tears drop down my cheek. I cherish the good days I have been with you all along. In case of any issues, kindly let me /. I am always open to any suggestions which might convince me otherwise.


    Employee Signature

    Employee Name

    Tips for writing a Letter

    While writing a resignation letter, you should consider specific tips. These tips will help ensure that your letter is appropriately drafted by guiding you through whichever stage of the writing process you’re in.

     The tips you should consider include the following:

    Talk to your boss first

    Before submitting your resignation letter, first, inform the employer in person of your decision to resign. It will help ensure that your employer is not surprised by the sudden submission of a resignation letter. Depending on your organization’s policy, you may also send the resignation letter to the human resource department, which will be in charge of finalizing your resignation.

    Stay positive

    You should ensure that you talk about the company positively in the letter. Remember that you may require a recommendation letter from the employer or a job from the same company in the future. Do not indicate that you are dissatisfied with the position, as this can instigate hostility with the employer. Simply stating that you are resigning for a personal reason will help maintain good relations with the company or the employer.

    Follow the business letter format

    A resignation letter is a formal document; therefore, it should be written using the business letter format. This includes a header containing your name and address, the date, and the employer’s name and address. In addition, you should indicate a salutation before writing the letter’s introduction, body, and conclusion. Finally, ensure that you indicate a signature at the bottom of it.

    Edit and proofread

    Once you complete the letter, proofread it to ensure that it is free of grammatical errors. If you find any issues, edit them to ensure that you submit a polished letter. Proofreading your resignation letter also ensures that you maintain the positive image the employer has of you even as your employment comes to an end.


    When you decide to leave your position, you should first make an effort to inform your employer in person. Depending on the circumstances and employment situation, you may use other options such as informing the employer via a phone call or email. It is also vital that you decide how much you want to share with the employer. You can opt to be vague by simply indicating that you’re resigning for personal reasons or go into detail about your reason, like indicating that you are resigning due to family reasons.

     Your personal reason resignation letter should also contain the last date of work and appreciation for the company’s opportunities. You can also offer to assist in the search and training of your replacement. Keep the letter cheerful and polite to ensure that you maintain an amicable relationship with the employer. Remember that you may want to reapply for the position in the future or seek a recommendation from the company. Therefore, avoid expressing that you are dissatisfied with the work. It can lead to a hostile relationship with the employer and affect any hope of reaching out to the company.

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