8 Best Restaurant Receipt (Bill) Templates (Word | PDF)

A restaurant receipt is a document given to customers at a restaurant that keeps track of their order. The receipt lists each item the customer ordered and how much it cost. Recipes are given to customers so they can see an accurate breakdown of the bill. Restaurant receipts also show the tax, tip amount, any discounts or coupons that were applied to the bill, and the total of the order.

What is an Itemized Restaurant Receipt?

An itemized restaurant receipt is a receipt that contains five specific details: the name of the paying customer, the name of the restaurant, the date the meal was purchased, the items purchased and cost of each item, and the total cost of the bill, including the tax and tip amounts.

What Details Should be Included on a Restaurant Receipt?

Standard restaurant receipts will include the following details in a clear and organized manner:

  • Restaurant Contact Information: The name of the restaurant should be included at the top of the receipt. Additionally, any relevant contact information should be included, such as the restaurant’s address, phone number, and possibly website, if applicable. This gives the customer an easy way of contacting the restaurant with any questions or concerns.
  • Receipt Number: Each receipt comes with its number for the sake of convenience. If the customer needs to ask any questions about their order, or if the restaurant needs to look up a past order, they can do so by looking up the receipt number.
  • Date: Including the date on the restaurant receipt helps the customer and restaurant keep organized records about when sales were made.
  • Details of Purchased Items: Each item purchased, along with the price of each item, should be clearly listed on the receipt. This gives the customer an accurate breakdown of what they paid for. It also helps the customer calculate the proper tip amount.
  • Subtotal of Purchased Items: The subtotal is the amount before the tax, and the tip is added. This number is kept separate from the total so the customer can see the price of the food and beverage they ordered before other fees are applied.
  • Sales Tax: If there is a sales tax, this amount will be included separately from the subtotal. This helps the customer clearly see how much the tax costs and how much it will add to the bill.
  • Tip Amount: Including the tip amount on the restaurant receipt shows both the customer and the restaurant how much money the customer willingly added to the bill.
  • Total: The total amount of the bill should be included at the bottom of the restaurant receipt, usually in the bold or enlarged font for clarity.
  • Method of Payment: Restaurant receipts should include the customer’s method of payment, whether cash, card, check, or gift card.

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    Is it Necessary for Restaurants to Issue Receipts?

    While there may not be federal laws requiring that restaurants provide receipts to their customers, it is definitely in the best interest of the restaurant to issue accurate receipts for each order. Doing so ensures that paying customers have an account of what they were charged for and the amount they paid. Issuing receipts helps the restaurant keep a good record of their sales. This will be beneficial for the restaurant when filing taxes. Likewise, receipts help customers by giving them a way to keep track of their expenses.


    Overall, providing customers with receipts is good business practice. It helps build a relationship of trust between the customer and the business, as it shows the customer that the business is willing to provide them with accurate information about their purchases. Restaurant receipts can help both the customers and the restaurant keep good records of their expenses.

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