Job Reference Letter | How to Write (Examples)

A job reference letter is the type of letter written to recommend someone for a job and to testify to an applicant’s character, skills, achievements, and experience.

When someone applies for a job role, they will be asked to submit a job reference letter to affirm their application. An excellent letter can give an applicant an edge over other applicants during the hiring process. It can serve as a way to filter applications to separate the best from the rest.

It helps the employer or grantor better understand the applicant from an interested party’s perspective. Therefore, these are mostly considered recommendation letters addressed to employers in favor of a particular applicant. Also, large organizations seeking contracts from governments locally or internationally require these letters to gain the contracts.

Free Samples and Examples

Professional Printable Tech Assistant Reference Letter Sample for Word Document

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Professional Printable General Job Reference Letter Template for Word Document

Professional Printable Product Manager Reference Letter Sample for Word Document

    Types of Letter

    There are four main types; Academic, Employment, Professional, and Personal reference letters:

    • Employment Reference Letter: An employment reference letter is from former employers, co-workers, vendors, or clients. It is the type of letter written to recommend someone for a job or to testify to an applicant’s character, skills, and achievements.
      Often, potential employers request an employment personal reference letter with a CV and cover letter. It is often helpful if the applicant doesn’t possess much experience.
    • Personal Reference Letter: A Personal reference letter comes from a person who can attest to the applicant’s attributes and skills. This letter is needed if a person is in the process of offering specific details about someone’s behavior.
      It might be needed to provide the letter when considering adopting a child or a potential landlord while submitting a rental agreement. The person selected to write this letter is based on the nature of the letter or what it is needed for. For example, a close friend could be writing it for a friend whom he has known for years and can attest to their capabilities.
    • Academic Recommendation Letter: The academic reference comes from professors, teachers, or academic advisors. This letter is used by students or applicants applying for school admission. The admissions board or office uses the letter to understand the candidate’s character from their previous school. This gives the admissions board a fair representation of the personality and capability of the student.
    • Professional Reference Letter: A professional reference letter is a type of letter from someone who knows an applicant professionally and can attest to his skills, working experience, and prowess.

    Writing Format of Reference Letter

    Some of the main details to be included in the letter are:

    • How long you have known the applicant
    • The applicants’ abilities, skills, and talents.
    • The writer’s contact information and email address for potential follow-up.
    • The writer should ask for the job listing and description to have the information needed to draw up and link up the applicant’s skills with the job description.

    It should not be too long, but it should be sufficient enough to give the reader a full view of the person whom they are referencing. A well-written letter has an introduction, at least two paragraphs, and a conclusion to end it.


    The introduction should be brief. It should just be highlighting how the employee is related to the person referencing him/her. How long they have known each other and what role he held in the company.


    Dear Dustin,
    I am writing this letter to recommend Mark Wales. He has worked for me at Johnson Corp. for two years. He started as an intern and rose to a managerial position while still attending his classes at Imperial College.

    Or it could be –

    Dear Ms. Jones,
    It is my pleasure to recommend Ronald Lionel for employment with your company. I have known Lionel for over four years, during which time he worked as a legal assistant to the MD in the office.

    Body paragraphs

    The first paragraph can go on to explain the capabilities of the applicant and what incredible feats he has achieved in the company whilst he worked there. It’s necessary to state both his technical, functional, and interpersonal skills and how they have helped him work effectively with people in the company.


    He quickly became one of our most valued staff; he was the go-to person for questions and special projects. His assiduousness and willingness to dedicate long hours on end to get the work done were vital in helping us close some of the biggest projects we had in record time.

    The following paragraph should then contain a recommendation and reason why the applicant would be a perfect fit for the job.


    I highly recommend Janet for your legal position. In her time at LongBrothers, she has shown functional, technical, and fantastic interpersonal skills that show exceptional legal prowess. I know that you are looking for someone with great knowledge and zeal for excellence in the legal sphere, and I can vouch that she would provide you with just that.

    Summarize all

    The concluding part of the letter should give a summary of the letter while re-stating why the applicant is getting the recommendation. A brief highlight of the skills that would make the candidate a perfect fit for the job again would suffice at this point.


    Again, it is sad for us to see him leave our team, but I believe he is going on to greater heights, and his joining your team would greatly benefit both him and your company. His people management skills and technical skills would come in very handy while working with your legal team, and I am certain he would do well in your company.

    Letter closing

    The letter closing should contain the recommender’s contact details; an avenue for further discussion concerning the applicant should be shown at the letter end. Finally, a handwritten signature should be given when it is mailed. Conversely, typed signatures would be okay.


    If you would require any more detail from me or have questions you need clarification on, you can reach out to me with the contact details: John Doe, 23 Huntersville Street Wyoming Texas USA. Tel: +23451878952.

    Best Regards,
    John Doe(Signature)
    John Doe

    Letter Samples

    This section includes illustrative sample letters of recommendation for a job, offering you an insightful glimpse into the structure and content that characterize a strong professional commendation. 

    Letter sample – Text version

    Dear Ms. Lee,

    I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Alex Martinez for the position at Global Dynamics. Having worked with Alex for over four years at Innovatech Solutions, where I served as his direct supervisor in the role of Senior Project Manager, I have witnessed firsthand his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to excellence.

    Alex’s technical expertise in software development and data analysis was a cornerstone in our project successes. His innovative approaches and proficiency in advanced technologies like AI and machine learning significantly enhanced our capabilities. Beyond his technical skills, Alex’s interpersonal strengths are equally impressive. He is a natural leader, admired for his ability to foster collaboration and motivate his peers.

    A testament to Alex’s capabilities was his leadership in a high-stakes project involving the development of a cutting-edge analytics platform. His dedication and strategic planning under tight deadlines were critical, leading our team to complete the project ahead of schedule. This achievement not only brought significant value to our company but also strengthened the team’s dynamics under his leadership.

    I am confident that Alex will bring the same level of expertise, dedication, and teamwork to Global Dynamics. His ability to blend technical knowledge with strong interpersonal skills makes him an ideal fit for any challenging environment.

    In conclusion, Alex Martinez is a professional who exceeds expectations and brings a positive dynamic to any team he joins. I wholeheartedly endorse his application for the position at your esteemed company and am confident that he will be a valuable addition to your team.

    Should you require any further information or insights into Alex’s qualifications and achievements, please feel free to contact me.


    Michael Thompson

    Senior Project Manager, Innovatech Solutions

    Key Takeaways

    This sample letter of recommendation is an effective example for several reasons, and it can be a useful guide for writing similar letters. Here’s an analysis of why it is effective:

    1. The letter opens with a clear statement of intent (“I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend”) and establishes the writer’s relationship with the candidate (worked together for over four years, direct supervisor).
    1. The letter provides specific examples of the candidate’s expertise in software development and data analysis and mentions his proficiency in advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. This detail adds credibility and substance to the recommendation.
    1. The writer mentions a high-stakes project that the candidate led, highlighting his ability to work under pressure and deliver results.
    1. The letter praises the recommended candidate not only for his technical skills but also for his interpersonal strengths.
    1. The recommender expresses confidence that the recommended person will bring the same level of expertise and dedication to the new position, which is a strong endorsement for any potential employer.
    1. By offering to provide further insights, the writer shows their genuine support and willingness to back up their recommendation, which can be very reassuring to the potential employer.

    Letter sample format

    This template is used for a job application letter. The format is more formal and detail-oriented. It is written with a focus on specific academic achievements as well as impressive career milestones.

    free print job reference letter

    Letter sample – general 02

    This template is used for a personal reference letter. The format is more easygoing since the reference is personal and not professional, and it is written as a detailed, individualized statement on the positive attributes of the prospective employee for the potential employer.

    sample of job reference letter

    Job reference letter sample – General 02

    This template is used as a letter of reference for an accountant. It is formatted from the perspective of a fellow employee, and it describes the applicant’s positive attributes in the workplace.

    editable job reference letter

    Job reference letter sample – for accountant

    This template is used as a letter of job reference for an accountant. It is formatted from the perspective of a fellow employee, and it describes the applicant’s positive attributes in the workplace.

    free edit job reference letter

    Job reference letter sample – for bank jobs

    This template is used as a letter of job reference for a bank. The format is formal, and it is written with a focus on specific career achievements and strong skills that would be an advantage in the prospective position they are applying for.

    printable job reference letter

    Job reference letter sample – for marketing jobs

    This template is used as a letter of job reference for marketing. The format is formal, and it is written with a focus on significant achievements within the previous companies as well as the strong skills necessary in this field.

    job reference letter example

    Job reference letter sample – For medical jobs

    This template is used as a letter of job reference for the medical field. It is written with a focus on the positive attributes necessary to excel as a medical professional and ends with a testament about how the prospective applicant would enhance their future work environments.

    edit free job reference letter

    Job reference letter sample – for nurses

    This template is used as a letter of job reference for a nurse. It is written with a focus on strong attributes (like interpersonal skills) and a personal, positive testimony about working directly with the prospective applicant.

    sample of job reference letter

    Other Considerations

    Following are the general considerations regarding a job reference letter:

    Elements of the letter

    This letter consists of two major elements. These elements help the employer better understand the applicant’s potential and suitability characteristics, which can influence them to offer the job to the applicant. First, focus on the applicant’s qualities, such as their tasks and responsibilities from their previous job or contract, the duration of their contract or employment, their position in the previous employment, and the applicant’s abilities, such as their intelligence or creativity levels.

    In addition, the applicant’s qualifications, i.e., ability to speak in other languages or skills to communicate socially, can help motivate the employer to consider the applicant for the applied position. Secondly, the applicant’s termination of their previous employment or termination of contract details is an important element.

    Things to note when writing it

    It is advisable to write it for an applicant whose qualifications and skills can be affirmed. Especially when writing for a close worker or colleague. Don’t forget to have information such as:

    • Recipients Email
    • Recipients Name
    • Submission Date

    Before writing the reference letter, there are things to ask for and include in it.

    • Updated Resume and Job details
    • Address
    • Whom should the letter be addressed for better personalization
    • Follow strict submission guidelines (either hard copy or via email)


    In order to write the most suitable reference letter, it is important to clearly define the applicant’s qualities and abilities that match the job of interest. The employer will blend the best qualities with the job requirements, and therefore it is easier for the applicant with the best attributes to gain the grant, contract, or employment.

    Also, it is important to understand the job requirements before writing the reference letter. This will prevent unnecessary information that could be irrelevant to the specific application of interest. However, using the most suitable template for writing can be an easier and possibly best option, considering the most relevant elements will be covered in the template. Therefore, on this site, we provide templates that can provide insightful knowledge and information that could guarantee a successful recommendation letter.


    Unlike other applications, a reference letter offers information concerning the applicant from an outside perspective. It provides information about the applicant’s skills, experience, qualifications, traits, achievements, personal perspective, and capabilities.

    A well-crafted letter endorses the applicant’s qualifications and skills for the job and other employment opportunities.

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