Sample Authorization Letter to Claim (Passport, Money, ID)

An authorization letter to claim is a letter that allows a third party to claim a specific item on behalf of an authorized individual temporarily. One may require another person to help them conduct their acts in a legal way in various situations. These situations include medical information derivatives, claiming for money, salary, package, Identification, and other legal appointments.

It is normally used in situations where the individual writing the letter is unable to represent him or herself. Examples of such situations include a guardian or parent granting another adult the authority to make medical decisions during an emergency, giving underage children the permission to travel with another adult to protect them from child trafficking and custody problems.

An authorization letter to claim involves three parties. The first part consists of the rights of the original holder, for example, the owner of a passport or the parent and guardian of a child. The second part includes the firm or the person with whom the original holder is transacting. The third-party consists of the people or person appointed to act on behalf of the first party.

An authorized letter to claim is addressed to individual or organization the first party is transacting from that is the second party. The letter should contain detailed information on the rights of the third party. If the second party is unknown the letter is addressed To Whom It May Concern. One is required to find a witness that will observation the signing of the authorization letter to ensure that it is not signed under compulsion. The proxy should keep one copy of the letter for confirmation purposes.

Authorization Letter to Claim Template

From Name ………….
Street address ………..
City, state and zip code ………….

Date ………………

To Name……….
Street address…………
City, state and zip code……………

Dear Mr/ Mrs/ Dr

To Whom It May Concern

I, (first party’s full name), hereby authorize (third party’s full name) to obtain from (organization or individual to transact from) the following (money, ID, Passport, package, or salary). I am not able to represent myself because I am out of town and I will not be able to meet the deadline.

I hereby authorize (third party’s full name) ……. to act on my behalf and perform all the necessary transactions required to complete the process ……… (Third party’s full name) shall be presenting his or her Identification card or passport for verification. I also permit (third party’s full name) to receive the ……… I understand that (third party’s full name) will not be responsible for any loss of documents or delays incurred during the processing procedure and delivery.

(Third party’s full name) is not allowed to use the received ……. for any other purpose not mentioned in the letter and he/she should not also be allowed to make any other decisions on my behalf without written consent from the (organization or individual to transact from). (Third party’s full name) is permitted to collect the ……… while residing at ……… from ……. (Date) to ……… Please accept my letter of authorization as a confirmation that I grant permission to (third party’s full name) to claim my ……… from (organization or individual to transact from).



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