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Packing List Template

The Shipping packing list template is a unique template that can be used when shipping goods. It can also serve as a bill of lading and is also used to give the details of the shipment. It helps to tally the items at different stages of the shipment and also helps to automatically calculate the total weight. In addition to this, the template is also essential for custom clearing at the airport as it makes work easier. The packing slip template is designed in a way that it is easy to print on standard A4 paper and is in most cases provided in excel spreadsheet format which makes it. this make it a better option that is cheap, easy and simple to print.

The packing slip template provides fields for the packing list number, the shipping date, ship to address, shipping method, required date, goods shipped, payment term and the customer identification number which makes it simple and easy to deal with the shipment. This template is easily found online and therefore the individual who requires it can easily access it and print it. Some websites such as free packing list template spreadsheets provide templates that are well designed to look so professional and classic. Before the template is printed, the individual can edit it then print it for use. The individual just fills the different fields provided on the template. Other people prefer to make their own templates.

A shipping and packing slip is mostly combined with the invoice template and a purchase order template so as to professionally suite the business documents. The documents are used together for business purposes especially during the shipment process where the packing slip includes the amount of goods in containers or boxes. This template may not be legal but it is mostly used in the ports.

Free Packing Slip Templates for Microsoft® Word

Free packing slip template word

Red themed packing slip template (Word)

packing slip template format

Creative Shipping List Template Word

Creative Packing List Template Word

In the current times, people tend to prefer to get their packages delivered to them, as compared to conventional methods of physical purchase of goods. This is due to the major technological advancements that have been occurring in the recent years. These advancements have enabled online purchase of goods and services and the delivery of the products to one’s doorstep with much ease. One of the documents which is very important during shipping of these products is the packing slip

What is the packing slip?

The packing slip is a document which is used in shipping of packages which have made on order. It is a document which is usually embedded together with package, and is usually placed inside the package, or in a shipping pouch. The packing slip has many names such as waybill, unpacking note, and bill of parcel or packing list. The packing is required during packaging and transportation of packages which are being shipped internationally.

Reasons for attaching a packing slip with shipping:

The main reason for attaching a packing slip with a shipment is that the document facilitates identification of the package being shipped. This will prevent a myriad of problems such as shipment of wrong products and shipping products to wrong destinations.

Others include:

  • It can be used for identifying evidence of payment of shipping fees.
  • It is used in customs office when the product being shipped lands in a foreign country.
  • It is used to verify goods by the government through electronic export information, popularly known as EEI.

Detailed Packing Slip and Return Form

Detailed Packing Slip and Return Form

Simple Shipping Slip Format (Word)

Simple Packing Slip Template Word

Blank Packing Slip Template

Blank Packing Slip Template

Difference between a packing slip and an invoice

The packing slip and invoice are documents which constantly get confused at by many people. This is largely due to their similarity in function and purpose. However, the two documents have various disparities. These include:
The receiver: The two documents have differences with regards to who receives each document. For instance, the packing slip is usually sent to the person who is in charge of receiving the package being shipped and ascertaining that the correct goods have been delivered as ordered. On the other hand, the invoice is sent to a person who is responsible for payment of goods being shipped. Often a time, the persons receiving the two documents is not the same.

The purpose:

The two documents serve different purposes. For instance, the packing slip has the purpose of identifying the constituents of the package being delivered by the person receiving the package, and then confirm with list as he checks them off. On the other hand, the invoice serves the purpose of demanding payment for goods or services delivered.

Organized Packing Slip Format (Word)

Organized Packing Slip Format (Word)

Fill able packing slip (Word)

Fill able packing slip (Word)

Packing Slip (Professional Design)

Packing Slip Example

Commercial Packing List Template (Word)

Commercial Packing List Template

Types of packing slip

Packing lists come in different formats and variations, and these differ according to the preferences of businesses and institutions. They include:

Packing slips with forms: This type of packing slip consists of a return form. This form is used by recipients of packages who want to return the shipped packages due to it being different from the ordered package.

Packing slip with order and ship quantity: This type of packing slip gives detailed description of the amount and quantity of the package being shipped.

Landscape packing slip: This is a packing slip which consists of additional tables which enable one to fill more information regarding the package and the shipment in subject.

Contents of a packing slip

The basic packing slip describes the quantity, description of the shipment and weight of the shipment’s contents. This is to enable the recipient of the shipment to easily ascertain that the contents are as per the order that was given for the shipment. In addition, a packing slip should contain information such as:

  • Return address
  • Sending information
  • Order number
  • Order date
Packing Slip Template Quickbooks
Printable Shipping Packing List Template for Microsoft® Word

Free Packing Slip Templates for Excel

free packing list template for excel

Packing slip format for Excel

Packing slip format for Excel

Company Shipping List Template (Excel)


Blank packing list template Excel

Blank packing list template Excel

Commercial packing list template Excel

Commercial packing list template Excel

Packing List Template for Microsoft Excel

Packing List Template for Microsoft® Excel®

How to create a packing list with the help of free templates

One can easily create a packing slip by keenly aligning the shipments details with free templates. For instance, one can identify the package’s details such as description of the package, its quantity, destination, date being shipped and order number. Thereafter, one can input this information into a packing slip template in the specified field on the template. One can custom create other input field s which the template lacks and fill the required information.

Reasons to use and keep a packing list template

Packing slip templates are use as they already come in custom made formats that enable one to easily fill them. In addition, the templates can easily be custom made to suit future shipping needs without the need of starting from scratch. Essentially, these templates enable one have an easier time of creating the packing slip requirements, and even can enable one remember details one might have forgotten. These details such as order date, may be easily forgotten, hence the usefulness of the packing list templates.

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