16+ Free Sign-in & Sign-up Sheet Templates (Excel | Word)

The management of people inside a venue or event can significantly benefit from keeping track of attendees’ and visitors’ information, such as names and contact information. The management of residential or commercial buildings, the monitoring of student attendance, event planning, and other social gatherings all involve the recording of such information. Sign-in and sign-out sheets are tools commonly used for this purpose. Typically, sign-in sheets are used to keep track of attendees or visitors, such as clients, visitors, employees, students, and participants.  

Sheet- Overview

A sign-in sheet is an itemized list used to register individuals’ time in and time out at any event. They can be used to record attendance for classes and seminars and at the workplace to track employee hours. Additionally, sign-in sheets are used as a tool for collecting feedback from customers and visitors who visit business premises to improve customer service and support operations. Visitors and attendees give information like their name, contact information, date, time, and possibly their signatures.

Types of Sign-in Sheets

Depending on the situation they are used in, sign-in sheets vary. As a result, there are multiple types of sign-in sheets, as discussed below:

Training sheet template

Training Sign-in Sheet in word format

    Training sign-in sheets are used to record the attendance of the trainees in a training workshop. In addition, the attendees input their name, type of training, date and time, and other details such as the location of the workshops. Sign-in sheets for training sessions are a requirement for volunteers and staff alike.

    Seminar sheet template

    Free Seminar Sign-in Sheet template in ms word

      The number of participants in a seminar is essential to gauging the seminar’s success. Seminar sign-in sheets record details about the attendees and participants, such as names and contact information, which can be used to send follow-up materials.

      Conference sheet template

      Conference Sign-in Sheet In excel free download

        A conference sign-in sheet records the names of attendees, contact information, conference theme, the professional affiliation of the participants and attendees, their designation, etc. This information can be used for follow-up and feedback.

        Meeting sheet template

        Simple Meeting Sign-in Sheet in ms word

          Meetings are highly dependent on how well they are organized. The sign-in sheet records attendees and participants in a specific meeting. This information can be used for reference and to fulfill the requirements for certain decisions to be made, such as having a complete quorum for board meetings in companies.

          Digital sheet template

          Filable Digital Sign-in Sheet in ms word

            While most people tend to use physical sign-in sheets, there is the option of having visitors and attendees sign in electronically using an electronic sign-in sheet. Using the electronic sign-in sheet, guests and attendees can clock in, and information such as arrival time can be recorded and stored on servers.

            Visitor sheet template

            Word format Visitor Sign-in Sheet

              A visitor sign-in sheet is used to register the visitors entering a compound or building, such as a business complex or residential apartment building. The most recognized type of sign-in sheet is a visitor sign-in sheet. It records the visitor’s name, time of arrival and departure, and signature or contact information.

              Patient sheet template

              Editable Patient Sign-in Sheet in ms word

                Medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics will ordinarily have to keep track of the patients and guests entering the premises. Most medical facilities use a patient sign-in sheet to record the name, arrival time, duration, purpose of visit, and other relevant details of the patient or guest.

                2-day class sign-in sheet template

                Free 2-Day Class Sign-In Sheet for Excel

                  A two-day sign-in sheet allows guests or attendees to use the same sheet twice for a two-day event, such as a class or workshop. It mentions the event title, participant’s name, date, and times of arrival and departure for both days. 

                  Blank attendance sheet template

                  Free Blank Attendance Sign-In Sheet in Excel

                    A blank attendance sign-in sheet is generic and contains basic information that can be used to record, track, and verify the attendance of different individuals in different scenarios such as meetings, classes, events, etc. 

                    Employee attendance sheet template

                    Simple Employee Sign-In Sheet im word

                      Employee attendance is considered part of their performance and a factor in determining how much an employee should be paid, as most employees are paid per hour. Therefore, employee attendance can help assess how well an employee is performing. An employee sign-in sheet is used to record the arrival and departure times of the employees.

                      Open house sign in sheet template

                      Free Open-House Sign-in Sheet in word format

                        Real estate agents use an “open house sign-in sheet” to record the information of the people viewing an open house. Visitors are requested to share details such as names and contact information, which is used for follow-ups to try and convert visitors to customers.

                        Student sheet template

                        Free Student Sign-in Sheet template in word

                          Attendance is an integral part of any student’s academic assessment and class and lecture management. Therefore, most educational institutions record their students’ attendance. Students fill out the student sign-in sheet by indicating their name and signature after attending lectures, classes, activities, or events. 

                          Sign-up Sheet

                          The sign-up sheet is filled out before the actual event or activity occurs. The event or activity organizers can carefully plan it if they have the names and contact details of everyone who plans to attend and participate. 

                          Types of Sign-up Sheets

                          A sign-up sheet can also be used in multiple scenarios to manage and organize personal and professional events. Therefore, sign-up sheets will differ depending on their purpose. The different types of sign-up sheets include:

                          Mailing list sign-up sheet template

                          Free Mailing List-Sign-Up Sheet in Excel

                            A mailing list is used to send notices, newsletters, and other advertising or notification correspondence about new programs or products. Additionally, the mailing list sign-up form gathers data like names and contact information to add to the mailing list of current clients, partners, or potential customers.

                            Volunteer sign-up sheet template

                            Free Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet in Excel

                              Voluntary programs such as fundraisers, non-profit organizations, and community charitable services require people to sign up before being assigned responsibilities. Volunteers can give their details and mention the task they would like to undertake on a volunteer sign-up sheet.

                              Carpool sign-up sheet template

                              Free Carpool Sign-Up Sheet in Excel

                                Sign-up sheets for carpools are used to keep track of who will ride with whom and when from a group of people. Carpool sign-up sheets can be used to organize rides for work or school events. Transportation arrangements can be optimized like this. 

                                Party sign-up sheet template

                                Free Party Sign-Up Sheet in excel

                                  Knowing what guests to expect at a party is vital to planning what is needed to cater to all the attendees. People who intend to attend the party can include their name, partner(s), and contact details in a sign-up sheet to let the host know how many people to expect.

                                  Sports sign-up sheet template

                                  Basic Sports Sign-Up Sheet free download in ms word

                                    Sports sign-up sheets are used to enroll participants for sports events, practice, and volunteer for roles during sports events. Names of participants, parents or guardians, contact information, sport or role in a sporting activity, and other details are written down on a sports sign-up sheet. 

                                    Event sign-up sheet template

                                    Free Event Sign-Up Sheet im word format

                                      Event sign-up sheets list the people who have expressed their intention to attend an event. Event organizers use the sheets for planning purposes. They can also be used to allocate responsibilities to attendees.

                                      Trip sign-up sheet template

                                      Simple Trip Sign-Up Sheet free download in word format

                                        A “trip slip” records details about people who have committed to undertake a trip. Travel plans can then be made in accordance with this. The sheet will outline the names of people who have paid, the amount paid, and contact details for paid trips. The trip sign-up sheet is standard amongst clubs, classes, or offices. 

                                        Club sign-up sheet template

                                        Free Club Sign-Up Sheet in ms word format

                                          Sign-up sheets can be used as club registration documents. People who want to become club members can record their names and contact details. Other than recruiting club members, a club sign-up sheet can keep track of existing club members.

                                          Potluck sign-up sheet template

                                          Free Potluck Sign-up Sheets in ms word

                                            A potluck sign-up sheet is used for different categories, such as main dishes, desserts, drinks, and utensils. The sheet will include multiple sections to record these items. It is primarily used for planning purposes, for example, for a picnic.

                                            Food sign-up sheet template

                                            Excel format Food Sign-up Sheet

                                              A food sign-up is used to organize potlucks and picnics. It records who will attend by noting down their name, attendance status, and the food items each one will bring for a small picnic.

                                              Team sign-up sheet template

                                              Team Sign-Up Sheet in ms worrd

                                                During tournaments, there will usually be multiple teams and players participating. A team sign-up sheet helps keep track of these teams and players by noting down the team’s name, type of sport, and the number of teams.

                                                Donation sign-up sheet template

                                                Donation Sign Up Sheet in word format

                                                  People can decide to donate on-site or make a commitment to donate whether it is a charity event, non-profit organization, or community event. A donation sign-up sheet helps collect information about all donors by recording their names, contact information, and donation amounts.

                                                  Sign-in vs. Sign-up Sheet

                                                  A sign-in sheet lists the names of people entering a place and is thus used to confirm attendees’ arrival. A sign-up sheet lists the names of people who are or will be participating in something like an event, social gathering, or charitable event. 

                                                  How to Make a Sign-in and Sign-up Sheet

                                                  Sign-in and sign-up sheets are as easy to make as they are to use. The sheet can be created using Excel, Word, or other inventory software.

                                                  Below are several steps to creating a professional sign-in and sign-up sheet:

                                                  Decide the number of columns

                                                  Determine the number of columns for the sheet. The number of columns will depend on the number of categories of information needed from the guests, attendees, or participants. The number of columns in the sign-in and sign-up sheet will commonly range from two to five, but can be more. However, ensure that the information collected is not more than is necessary.

                                                  Specify the title of each column

                                                  Name the different categories (columns) of information. For example, the first column should be the person’s name. Other categories included in a sign-in and sign-up sheet are the following: phone number, date, email address, mailing address, time in and out, duration, the purpose of visit, and signature. When using 4-5 columns, try to design the column spaces so that individuals are prompted to provide brief details. This has been shown to increase the number of visitors who provide information.

                                                  Print the sheet

                                                  Lastly, save the document as “Sign in and sign-up sheet,” or use the appropriate title, and print the document. Several copies can be printed to ensure they are enough, especially for events without a definite attendance.

                                                  Sign-in and Sign-up Sheet Templates

                                                  Instead of designing sign-in and sign-up sheets yourself, organizers, planners, lecturers, and managers can use the professionally designed sign-in and sign-up sheets here to record information for their events. The templates are designed with sections for essential information that users should consider recording. Furthermore, they are simple to use and free to download, which can help users save time when organizing events.

                                                  Do’s and Don’ts  

                                                  A sign-in and sign-up sheet is a data inventory that will often be used for reference purposes. To make the sheets more effective, different design techniques can be incorporated into their usage and design process.

                                                  The following things can be used to increase the effectiveness of a sign-in and sign-up sheet.

                                                  • Use a clean design: The sheet design should be clean and straightforward. Ensure that people do not have to struggle to read. There should be enough space between each category to fit the data that is needed for that category. For example, a name category should have more space than a date category. 
                                                  • List names alphabetically: Sign-in and sign-up sheets with names printed on them, such as class attendance sheets, should be in alphabetic order. This way, attendees can easily find their names when signing in. 
                                                  • Provide real value: Always try to provide value to the guests or attendees in exchange for sharing their information. This is common among sign-up sheets. For example, by offering them an incentive, such as a reserved table for an event or a discount on services if they sign up.  
                                                  • Ensure visitor’s privacy: Information privacy is critical when using sign-in and sign-up sheets. To protect privacy, it should be made sure that the information of one signee is not visible to another. This may not be easy with the printed sign-in and sign-up sheets, but it is feasible with the electronic sign-in and sign-up sheets.
                                                  • Follow up with attendees: Always try and reach out to attendees for feedback or appreciation. This is more practical for social events, customer seminars, etc. A simple “Thank You” message can be communicated via the provided contact information. When the attendees are participants, customers, or potential customers, inform them beforehand of future events and request feedback.

                                                  Avoid the following when using a sign-in and sign-up sheet:

                                                  • Do not ask for excessive information: Always keep the amount of basic information you ask for to a minimum. The common data types requested are name, date, time in/out, and contact details. There will always be variations in this data depending on the circumstances. 


                                                  A sign-in or sign-up sheet is a good way of recording the information of people attending an event or entering or exiting a building. Planners and hosts use the sheet to remain organized. A sign-in sheet will be used once an attendee or guest arrives, while a sign-up sheet records the information of people who are willing to attend an event in the future. Sign-in sheets are widespread in educational institutions and workplaces. In addition, sign-up sheets are standard at sports events, business seminars, and product or service promotion events.

                                                  Different sign-in and sign-up sheets are prepared depending on the type of event and its purpose. Therefore, it is recommended that templates be used when making the sign-in and sign-up sheets instead of creating a new sheet for every occasion or party.

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