Transfer Department/Job Letter of Intent Examples

The transfer department/ job letter of intent is an official request written by an employee addressed to management to ask for a transfer to a different department within the organization.

There are several reasons why one may need to write this letter. However, the delivery of these letters is typical in the following situations:

  • Where the employee is unhappy/unsatisfied with their current job position or department and would like to be given a new role with additional responsibilities and challenges
  • The employee anticipates moving to a new residential area and would like to continue working with the organization in a different branch/location.

Free Templates

Comprehensive Printable Transfer Department Job Letter of Intent Sample 01 for Word Document

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Free Editable Transfer from Operations Manager to Overall Superintendent Letter Sample as Word Format

    Considerable Factors

    It is important to note that, given that the employee is already bound to an employment agreement, it may take the employee a financial offer to terminate the contract. The job transfer letter of intent has to be persuasive and informative. It has to highlight to the employer why a job transfer would be beneficial for the business and what the employee has accomplished thus far to deserve a job transfer to a new location or department.

    When writing a letter of intent, one has to brilliantly craft the letter to be persuasive and informative. To achieve this, one has to analyze their situation and know where to start first.

    As you write the letter, consider answering questions such as:

    • How will the employer benefit from allowing you to transfer roles or locations within the organization?
    •  Why do you want to transfer?
    • What is the timing?
    • Is there a job listing?

    Thinking through these questions helps you set the tone for the letter and make a persuasive case for why your request for a transfer should be approved.

    Secondly, you must show your employer what you have to offer if they allow you to transfer to a new position or department within the organization by balancing your skills and assets with the company’s needs. Play up the open angles, but be keen not to come off as arrogant or presumptuous. You will want to be viewed as a valuable asset in the company’s day-to-day processes, but not as someone asking for a favor.

    If you figure out how to include these two critical things in your job transfer letter, you are sure that management will have your transfer approved.

    Professional Samples

    Here are template and example of a letter message used to request a transfer to another job location due to the employee’s anticipation of relocating to a new place.

    Transfer Department Letter of Intent Template

    [Your Name]
    [Company Name]


    [Receiver’s Name]
    [Recipient’s Job title/position]
    [Company Name]

    Dear [Recipient’s Surname]

    I,__ [Your Legal Name], am officially requesting that I be transferred from my current position as the______________ [Write your current job title] to the position of a __ [write the position you intend to transfer to]. The reason for asking for a transfer is because of _ [Mention your reason(s)].

    I have been working at my current position for____________ [Number of years you’ve worked], and so far, I have benefitted the company in the following ways during my tenure_______________ [List the ways you’ve been beneficial to the company].

    My time working with ___ [company name] has been enriching to me, and I acknowledge and appreciate the experience I have gained so far. I am truly convinced that a transfer would benefit the company greatly as the new role befits my newly acquired skill set and would enable me to continue developing my career as an employee of this organisation.

    Thank you for considering my application. I’m looking forward to advancing my career in _ [write the company name]. Should you require more information from me, Kindly contact me via email at _____ [provide your email address].

    ___ [signature]
    ___ [Name]

    Transfer letter of intent due to relocation Sample

    Dear Mr. Thomas Harrison,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to formally request a transfer from my current position at the San Francisco branch to a more suitable location, in light of recent changes in my personal circumstances.

    As of May 1, 20XX, I will be relocating to Seattle, Washington, due to my spouse’s new job opportunity in the area. This move makes it challenging for me to continue working effectively at the San Francisco branch.

    I am keen on continuing my journey with Zenith Technologies and contributing to our shared goals. Hence, I am requesting a transfer to the Seattle Downtown Branch of Zenith Technologies. I believe that my experience as a Senior Project Manager and my familiarity with our company’s culture and processes will allow me to quickly adapt to the new team and continue delivering high-quality work.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the San Francisco branch and have learned a great deal, thanks to the supportive and dynamic environment here. I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition, should my transfer request be approved. I am willing to assist in any way necessary during this transition period, including training my replacement or transferring ongoing projects to other team members.

    I understand that such a request involves considerable coordination and adjustments, and I am ready to provide any additional information or documentation that may be required. I would greatly appreciate your support in facilitating this transfer and would be more than happy to discuss this matter further at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response and am hopeful for a continued fruitful association with Zenith Technologies at the Seattle Downtown Branch.


    Jessica Miller

    Senior Project Manager

    Key takeaways

    The sample letter is a useful guide for individuals seeking to write a formal request for a job transfer due to personal circumstances. Here are key aspects that contribute to its effectiveness:

    1. The letter maintains a professional and respectful tone throughout. It is well-structured, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, making it easy to read and understand.
    2. The reason for the transfer request is stated upfront, providing immediate context to the recipient. This clarity ensures the reader understands the purpose of the letter from the beginning.
    3. The writer explains their situation (relocation due to a spouse’s job) clearly and concisely. This context is essential, as it justifies the need for the transfer without delving into unnecessary details.
    4. By expressing a desire to continue working with the company and contributing to its goals, the writer demonstrates loyalty and a commitment to their job. This is important in showing that the request is not due to dissatisfaction but to unavoidable personal changes.
    5. Mentioning their role and experience helps remind the recipient of their qualifications and the value they bring to the company. This can aid in making a case for why their transfer would be beneficial to the new branch.
    6. Offering to assist in the transition process, including training a replacement, shows a sense of responsibility and awareness of the potential impact on the company.
    7. Recognizing that the request requires coordination and expressing willingness to provide further information demonstrates understanding and respect for the company’s procedures.
    8. The letter ends on a positive note, expressing gratitude and hope for a favorable response, which is key to maintaining good relations with the recipient.

    Overall, this letter serves as an effective example for someone needing to request a job transfer due to personal reasons. 


    Regardless of your reasons for wanting the company to transfer you to another department or position, you have to master the art of writing a well-crafted job transfer letter of intent. Most importantly, you have to know why you are writing the letter in the first place, know your background with the company, provide a valid reason for the transfer request, and finally know how to make your case while focusing on what the employer has to gain from your transfer.

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