Transfer Department/Job Letter of Intent Examples

The transfer department/ job letter of intent is an official request written by an employee addressed to the management to ask for a transfer to a different department within the organization.

There are several reasons why one may need to write a job transfer letter of intent. However, delivery of these letters is typical in the following situations:

  • Where the employee is unhappy/unsatisfied with their current job position or department, and they would like to be given a new role, with additional responsibilities and challenges
  • The employee anticipates moving to a new residential area and would like to continue working with the organization in a different branch/location.

Considerable Factors

It is important to note that, given that the employee is already bound to an employment agreement, it may take the employee a financial offering to terminate the contract. The job transfer letter of intent has to be persuasive and informative. It has to highlight to the employer why a job transfer would be beneficial for the business and what the employee has accomplished thus far, to deserve a job transfer to a new location or department.

When writing a job transfer letter of intent, one has to brilliantly craft the letter so that it is both persuasive and informative. To achieve this, one has to analyze their situation and know where to start from firstly. As you write the letter, consider answering questions such as:

  • How will the employer benefit from allowing you to transfer roles or locations within the organization?
  •  Why do you want to transfer?
  • What is the timing?
  • Is there a job listing?

Thinking through these questions helps you set a tone for the letter and make a persuasive case for why your request for a transfer should be approved.

Secondly, you must show your employer what you have to offer if they allow you to transfer to a new position or department within the organization by balancing your skills and assets with the company’s needs. Play up the open angles, but be keen not to come off as arrogant or presumptuous. You will want to be viewed as a valuable asset in the company’s day-to-day processes, but not as someone asking for a favor.

If you figure out how to include these two critical things in your job transfer letter of intent, you are sure that the management will have your transfer approved.

Professional Samples

If you are looking to transfer to another job within your organization and you are wondering the best way to ask for the transfer and what to include in the letter to make your transfer intent approved, Review the professional template and sample provided in the section that follows to inspire and inform your own writing.

Transfer Department Letter of Intent- Template

[Your Name]
[Company Name]


[Receiver’s Name]
[Recipient’s Job title/position]
[Company Name]

Dear [Recipient’s Surname]

I,__ [Your Legal Name], am officially requesting that I be transferred from my current position as the______________ [Write your current job title] to the position of a __ [write the position you intend to transfer to]. The reason for asking for a transfer is because of _ [Mention your reason(s)].

I have been working at my current position for____________ [Number of years you’ve worked], and so far, I have benefitted the company in the following ways during my tenure_______________ [List the ways you’ve been beneficial to the company].

My time working with ___ [company name] has been enriching to me, and I acknowledge and appreciate the experience I have gained so far. I am truly convinced that a transfer would benefit the company greatly as the new role befits my newly acquired skill set and would enable me to continue developing my career as an employee of this organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m looking forward to advancing my career in _ [write the company name]. Should you require more information from me, Kindly contact me via email at _____ [ provide your email address].

___ [signature]
___ [Name]

Transfer letter of intent due to relocation- Sample

Here is an example of a letter message used to request a transfer to another job location due to the employee’s anticipation of relocating to a new place.

Vanessa Stephen,
Assistant Manager- Operations
HH & Young Ltd Co.
76-002 Wembley Avenue, Los Angeles

April 11, 20XX.

Noah Parker,

General Manager,
HH & Young Ltd Co.
76-002, Wembley Avenue, Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Parker,

My Name is Vanessa Stephen. I am formally writing to request that I be transferred from my current position as an Operations Assistant Manager at HH & Young Ltd Co. Main branch, Los Angeles, to Senior Overall Superintendent’s position HH & Young Company ltd, North Carolina branch. My main reason for wanting to be transferred to the branch is because I anticipate moving to North Carolina State to be reunited with my spouse and children. I also came across a job listing for the Senior Overall Superintendent position in the branch, and I am very interested in the position.

I believe that my experience here at HH & Young Ltd Co. Main branch, Los Angeles, makes me an excellent fit for the position. I have worked with the company for over 7 years now. Within those years, I have worked in different capacities starting from internship position to Junior employee, and I have been able to climb up the managerial ladder to the role that I currently hold at the company. The that I have gained from these positions over the years, plus my intimate knowledge of the day-to-day operations and processes of HH & Young ltd, will be invaluable to the company, especially in making the North Carolina branch visible within the current competitive market.

My time spent working with the Los Angeles branch team has been extremely challenging, exciting, and rewarding. Further, I have learned a lot from all the employees I have had the pleasure of working with. I am eager to continue growing my professional career in this reputable company.

I thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you need more information regarding my application, Kindly contact me through my email at [email protected] or through phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Vanessa Stephen.

Free Templates

Here are the free downloadable templates that can be personalized according to the requirements:

Transfer Department Job Letter of Intent 01

Transfer Department Job Letter of Intent 02

Transfer Department Job Letter of Intent 03


    Regardless of your reasons for wanting the company to transfer you to another department or position within the company, you have to master the art of writing a well-crafted job transfer letter of intent. Most importantly, you have to know why you are writing the letter in the first place, know your background with the company, provide a valid reason for the transfer request, and finally know how to make your case while focusing on what the employer has to gain from your transfer.

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