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Your integration into the company that just hired you starts with accepting the job offer. When you land the dream job you have been eyeing, the professional step to take is to send the employer a job acceptance message. Of course, you have already accomplished the more significant part of impressing the employer, so your acceptance letter should be short and precise.

However, there are a few things your acceptance letter should not miss. It would be best if you were keen to thank the employer for hiring you, accept the offer, state the preferred date you wish to start working and touch on other essential aspects of the hiring process. This article has put together the following guide to help you craft a professional job acceptance letter as a crucial hiring process step.

What is a Job Acceptance Email?

A job acceptance email is an email written to show the intent of accepting the job offer. In addition, it clarifies the perks and conditions of the job to ensure that you and the employer agree.

Usually, an employer will communicate the precise job title, pay, allowances, and more information upon choosing you for the position.

Then, the employer will request feedback in the shape of an acceptance email depending on specific company terms. By writing back to the recruiter and confirming the highlights of the communication, you ensure that everything is brought to light before you start working. The email also allows you to understand the role of your upcoming job.

Free Templates

Free Editable Job Offer Acceptance Email Template 01 as Word File
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Free Printable Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template 01 as Word Document
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Free Editable General Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template 01 as Word File
Free Editable Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template 04 as Word File

    The importance of sending it

    Your job acceptance email is a crucial professional correspondence that serves the following purposes:

    • It is a display of continued professionalism that shows the employer they have made the right decision to choose you for the position.
    • The letter drives away any confusion regarding the terms of hiring, such as salary and leaves, before the day of starting.
    • It provides the avenue for airing your appreciation for being chosen to fill the position.
    • The letter displays your excitement and enthusiasm to become an employee of the company.
    • It provides an avenue to show the employer your true character as an employee and what you will be bringing to the table.

    What to include in it?

    After reviewing the entire communication from the potential employer regarding the terms of your induction, you can go ahead to put your acceptance in writing. Remember that it is vital to write it even if you have already accepted it verbally by a call or live chat. Your email should capture these details:

    • You must write the day you shall start working. Moreover, if you still need to clear things with your current company, they must be mentioned.
    • It would be best if you write an extension of deep appreciation for considering you for the position.
    • You accept the offer as extended to you, which must be indicated.
    • You must clarify the fine details and conditions governing your stay at the company. These include salary, title, benefits, leaves, vacation, allowances, bonuses, and training.

    Pre Writing Considerations

    To avoid future disagreements, disappointment, or premature quitting, it is not wise to accept a job offer that does not meet your expectations. The process of joining the company is a negotiation between you and the employer. As such, you are allowed to take time to review the offer and discover if it meets your expectations.

    If this is the direction you want to take, be sure to show you are interested in the offer before communicating the precise day you will get in touch to accept or reject the job. Conventionally, candidates ask for 24 hours. Be keen to stick to the time you have indicated, even if you choose to accept or reject the position. The commitment prevents inconveniencing the recruiter who may want to contact other applicants.

    After reviewing and making consultations as necessary, write to the company asking for an updated job offer to ensure that you and the company are riding on the same rail. This will ensure that the company matches all your expectations and compel you to start the job with a positive attitude.

    How to Write an Acceptance Email?

    Your acceptance email is an official form of communication that will be part of your file in the company.

    With this in mind, craft it professionally and void of errors as you add the details below:

    Start with your name and a clear subject line

    Just like with other professional correspondence, start with a direct subject line alongside your name. Doing this indicates the purpose of your email and confirms that you are the one writing the email. The reader of your letter should grasp your intention just by reading the line.


    ‘Accepting Amazon’s Offer – Jason Whitebolt’

    Address the email to the right person

    Indicate the name or position of the person you are addressing, usually the hiring manager, department head, or potential supervisor. Conventionally, you can structure your acceptance as a reply if the company contacts you via email. However, put in extra care if they get in touch via a call or physical letter.

    Thank the addressee

    Your acceptance email is a tool to express your appreciation for the company’s dedication to interviewing you and choosing you ahead of other applicants. Be keen to come out clearly on the job title and company to counter any possibility of confusion. In addition, your wording should show the reader that you are enthusiastic about the chance given to you.

    Agree and list the terms of employment

    After thanking the employer, you should include the highlighted terms of employment. These are items such as the enumeration details, leave, and vacation plans. If there is anything highlighted in the job offer that you feel does not work for you, go ahead to raise a concern. Often, the company expects and leaves room for more negotiation, even when it comes to salary and benefits.

    Your counter offers, however, should be realistic. The employer will review your proposals and get back to you so you may both arrive at a final offer and acceptance. Explain any reason why you would want the starting date to be pushed forward, such as wanting time to follow contractual procedures to quit your current job or wanting time to relocate.  

    Sign your complete email

    After putting down everything, it is time to terminate it in a professional capacity. Close it with a formal sign-off after thanking the employer once more for the opportunity they have granted you. An appropriate closing phrase to use here would be ‘best regards’, followed by your name and signature. Also, ensure that you send an email positively by illustrating your excitement to join the company.

    Job Acceptance Email Template

    Subject line: [‘Your name’ – Acceptance of Job Offer]

    Dear [Hiring manager or name of addressee]

    Thank you for allowing me to join [company name] as a [job title]. I look forward to starting working and meeting the rest of the team.

    I understand that my starting salary will be [salary per year or per month] with the possibility of incrementing to [raised salary] subject to completing a 6-month probational stay.

    I have read and accepted the company employee policies and will start working on [starting date]. Please let me know if you need further information before the date.

    I thank you, once again, for picking me to join your company. I look forward to starting my employment.

    Kind regards,

    [You signature]

    Job Acceptance Email Samples

    Few samples of acceptance emails are given below:

    Sample 1

    Subject: Acceptance of Job Offer –  Jared Rope

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Kindly receive this email as my formal job acceptance for the position of Senior Sales Director at Rivio LTD. Thank you for this opportunity, and I am excited to start working.

    As you indicated in the job offer email, I at this moment accept my starting salary of 60,000 per year, with house and transport allowances for this position. I understand that my salary will rise to 75,000 after two years in the company. I agree to the terms and conditions for working at the company as attached in your job offer email.

    As discussed earlier, my starting date will be 7th February 2022. Please let me know if you require any further information. My contacts details are listed below.

    Once again, I thank you for believing in me as the ideal candidate for the position. I look forward to working with the team at Rivio Ltd.


    Jared Rope.

    Sample 2

    Subject line: Offer Acceptance Letter – Cynthia Gray.

    Dear Dr. Michelle Brown,

    Thank you for offering me the position of Resident Orthopedic Nurse. It has always been my dream to work for Copta Hospitals. Kindly consider this email as my acceptance letter as I await to start working soon. 

    Although the salary you offered of 55,000 per year is a good amount, I would like to negotiate it further. I hope we can reach an agreement before the starting date, 8th January 2022.

    I have read and accepted the terms and policies of working for your prestigious hospital. I also believe that I have sent all the paperwork as you had advised earlier. Let me know if there is anything else remaining, and I shall send it immediately.

    Thank you once more for offering me the chance to join your hospital. Should you need any further clarification or information, please feel free to call me on (your phone number) or email at (your email address) around the clock.


    Cynthia Gray.

    sample 3

    Subject: Accepting the Job Offer – Eric Taylor

    Dear James Reynold,

    Thank you for choosing me as your ideal candidate. I, at this moment, accept the position of Junior Designer with great pleasure and excitement. I am delighted to join Decimal Designers, and I hope to meet my supervisor and the rest of the team soon.

    I believe that my innovativeness and creative abilities will be a rich addition to the team as we work to achieve the company’s goals.

    I understand that I am set to start on 7th July 2022, and my salary will be $40,000 per year with the possibility of increment based on performance. I also understand that any allowances and benefits shall be subject to my performance and value.

    Thank you, again, for allowing me to work for your prestigious company. Feel free to get in touch if you need any more information from me.


    Eric Taylor

    sample 4

    Subject: Job Offer Acceptance- Rebecca Ubosot

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I received your job offer letter with gratitude and excitement. Thank you for offering me the position of Resident Engineer at Elite Builders Limited. Receive this letter as my formal acceptance of the offer as I look forward to meeting the rest of the staff.

    As we discussed during our last interview session, my starting salary is $75,000 per year with bonuses and extra remuneration for working overtime. First, however, I would like clarification on health insurance and the retirement plans enabled by your company. I have read and accepted all other company terms and policies.

    Allow me to confirm that I will start working for your company on 30th March 2022 because I need an extra three weeks to cut things with my current employer according to their policy.

    Thank you, again, for choosing me, and I look forward to getting started on my new role.

    Kind regards,

    Rebecca Ubosot

    Tips for Writing an Acceptance Email

    Writing an email calls for utmost precision and content depth. This is because the letter is a continued show of professionalism to your new employer.

    As such, be keen to utilize the following tips to bolster the quality of your acceptance letter:

    Format the letter correctly

    Your letter is an official correspondence that needs to follow all the standard rules. From addressing appropriately, signing off, to adding your contact information, you should be keen to include all the required elements and techniques of a formal letter.

    Be brief

    An employer is potentially a busy person, and they have already agreed to hire you. As such, only focus on the necessary details. Keep your letter short and rich.

    Express gratitude

    It is always good to show gratitude for the favor accorded to you. Besides, thanking the hiring team reinforces that you are indeed enthusiastic and excited about getting started as their employee.

    Proofread your email

    Submitting a low-quality email of acceptance could potentially trigger questions among the hiring team. The team could even think about withdrawing the job offer. To avoid such an occurrence, go through your letter a few times to remove any careless errors. More importantly, confirm that you spelled the addressee’s name correctly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to send an email to accept a job offer?

    Make your email short but ensure it thanks to the employer for the opportunity. Your letter should also highlight the terms of employment to confirm that both parties are on the same page.

    What should I include in an acceptance email?

    In your acceptance email, thank the employer, write the terms of employment, the job title, and company, starting date, and a professional sign-off.

    Why is it essential to send an acceptance email?

    An acceptance email confirms that you have accepted to work for the company and puts you and the employer on the same page regarding essential terms of employment, including salary and benefits. It also brings you out as a professional who is excited to start working.

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