Sample Resignation Letter for Career Growth (Writing Tips)

A resignation letter is a formal document which an employee sends to an employer to express his or her desire to quit the job. If the reason you are writing this letter is for career growth, then the letter you write is called resignation letter for career growth. It is used when an employee feels that the current position is not giving him or her chances to grow in a career. You should write such a letter at least two weeks before the time you wish to resign. You might decide to go for further training or join a more competitive environment.

What is career growth?

You might be asking yourself when a resignation letter for a new job opportunity should be written. Career growth is simply the ladder that you climb in the job market out of your experience. In other words, you are not expected to start at an entry-level and stick there in the job market. You should at least be improving.

Some of the aspects that might not allow you to fit in a firm, especially if you are looking at your career growth, might include the size of the firm. If the firm is small, you might not have a chance of being promoted, and so you will be stuck at one point.

Lack of training could also be a reason you will not grow. If there is no training, you will remain the same. Lastly, rigid organizational culture can as well not allow you to grow and fit in the company.

Sample Resignation Letter For Career Growth

Rollan Junior
PO.BOX 12345-001

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this job resignation letter to inform you of my plan to leave this company. I have enjoyed the time that I have worked with this firm. There is no privilege that I have been denied. However, a time has come that I feel that the best step to take is to resign.
I have been aspiring to grow in my career. However, I feel I have worked at a relatively high level in this firm. I am not facing competition, and so I plan to join a more competitive firm. Before I leave, however, I am working on training my team so that we can have a smooth transition. I hope that you will have a better replacement for my position.

Kindly feel free to contact me even after I shall have left if there be a need. I value the season that I have been here and wish that we keep a working relationship. I wish you well as I leave.

Thank you
Rollan Junior

Resignation Letter for Career Growth (Word Format)

Resignation Letter For Career Growth

Resignation Letter Example (for Career Growth)

Dear sir/ Madam

I write to first appreciate you for allowing me to hold my position within this firm. For the ten years that I have worked here, I believe I have enjoyed myself. However, I feel it is time I need to pursue my career growth. I have stayed at the communication officer position for eight years, and I think I should move beyond that. This calls for more training. I am therefore quitting this job to go for some training that would lift me another step in my career ladder.

Before I leave on 4th Dec 20XX, I promise to train my team members. If there is anything you wish I should do before then, kindly let me know. Even as I leave, I hope to get us to communicate on the progress of the company.

Thank you
Regards Rollan

Resignation Letter Example (Word Format)

Resignation Letter For Career Growth Email example