How to Write a Reference Letter for a Friend [Free Templates]

Reference for friend

Many of us for sure has experienced to write a reference letter for someone. It could a reference letter for a friend, student, neighbor, previous employee, company or someone you know personally. This letter is about recommending someone to testify their abilities, achievement, characters and skills.

A character reference letter is usually written when someone need to support their job application or even after the applicant was hired, there’s still a chance that his or her employer might ask for a reference letter. Even the companies sometimes needs a reference letters to certify their trustworthiness. A student also requires a reference letter for their application in their school or university.

When are Character Reference Letters Required?

There are two main instances when one may be required to present a character reference letter. The first reason is for legal reasons, such as court cases or background checks. In this case, the letter is used to provide evidence that the individual you are writing the letter about is generally a good person and should be considered as innocent/be paroled/given a reduced sentence, etc.

The second case where you may be asked to write a character reference for a friend is when they are applying for a job, but they don’t have much work experience of if they have been out of the labor force for a long period but still need references to apply to a job.

Some programs, landlord, clubs, or schools may also require one to present a character reference letter for various reasons.

We have made here a free sample and template which you can use to have a clear sample on to write a reference letter for a friend.

How to Ask Someone to Write You a Reference Letter

Create a Personal Recommendation Letter

Before asking anyone for help, it is important that you first draft a personal recommendation letter. This way, you will be helping the person you are looking to write you a recommendation letter, get the right picture of what you would like them to write about you.

Select the best candidate

Regardless of your reason for writing the letter, choosing the right person to write the letter is very important. The person you choose to write to you’re the letter should be someone who knows you well enough. They should be able to highlight your best qualities to help you achieve your goal.

Ask for a favor

The person you are asking to write to you the letter should be made as though they are being asked for a favor. This is because, when someone does a favor for you, the general presumption is that the favor has to be returned in the future. Even though most people typically accept writing a letter of recommendation for their friends, it is a great gesture to ask in that way.

How to Write

The length of the letter normally varies; however, the formatting should more or less be the same. The general layout of the letter should be as follows; the date, salutation, general introduction, body, conclusion, sign off, and the contact information.


The letter can either be brief and straight to the point or long, depending on the writing. The introduction should explain who you are, how well you know the candidate, and the duration of your relationship.


The body of the letter should contain specific information about the applicant. The writer has the liberty to use as many paragraphs as they deem fit based on their relationship with the applicant. The objective of the body is to state the writer’s belief in the candidate’s character and qualifications by including details about their best qualities. If need be, make sure to provide some endearing examples of the candidate’s accomplishments or notable qualities or performances that would better support these claims.


The conclusion of the letter should summarize why you are recommending the person and should offer a way to contact you should the recipient of the letter need any further information or clarifications. Use a formal sign off to end the letter, and make sure to include your name and contact information at the end.

Sample Reference Letter for a Friend

To whom it May Concern,

Good day! I am Ms. Jane Mcbride, I am the best friend of Ms. Ellen Smith from XYZ Company. We have been friends since high school. She has been good and reliable especially in times of need. It was by good luck that we also got employed in the same company. We were both working there as HR Administrations . As a friend she could take up my roles when i was away. I can recommend her to any company since she has been hardworking since i knew her right from high. She attained good grades and has the best social skills i have even seen.

Ellen has undeniably proven her dedication to her work. She is very organized, goal- oriented, computer literate, flexible, good time manager and reliable. She has an excellent communication skills, she respects not only her superiors but also her office mates. She has built a great relationship with her peers and usually offers help to them. I am so lucky that i have met my best friend.

I strongly recommend her and I assure you that Ms. Ellen Smith would be an asset for your company. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions.

Thank you


Jane Mcbride

HR Administrations Specialists, XYZ Company

145 Manhattan St. New York

+1 810 – 111 – 2222

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    Quick Round-up

    •  First, you must introduce yourself. Give a few importations about who you are.
    • Then, you must write there how did you meet that person, or how do you know him.
    • In this part, you must demonstrate the positive character traits of that person. Make illustrations or tell particular events which shows his good personality or traits. 
    • Write down your reasons as to why this person is a strong candidate, for example, this letter is asked for a job application. So put there his abilities and skills and what great contributions he can make for that company.
    • Make sure to enclose it with a positive note. You must also share your contact information with the employer so as to contact you for any further concerns.

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