Unemployment Appeal Letter Samples (How to Write)

Being denied unemployment benefits can be a distressing situation. This is especially in case you are confident that they have denied you these benefits based on erroneous grounds. Unemployed people may use unemployment benefits as a backup plan. Denial of aid can make people feel financially and emotionally insecure. That is when such an individual uses an unemployment appeal letter.

You this letter to highlight that the denial of benefits in your case is unjustified. You also back your statement with solid supporting factors. Since the authorizing parties in this area vary from region to region, we can not specify a specific organization. The state’s Department of Labor often handles the authorization process of such cases.

When you want to ensure accuracy in this letter of yours, you can use the templates we have provided. They are meticulously prepared, proper, and professional letters. We will walk you through the steps of writing this letter. Also, we have provided tips to enhance its effectiveness. You can use these as guides to write your own, or edit and use them directly to remain accurate.

Sample Letters

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      What is an Unemployment Appeal Letter?

      When an employed individual loses employment, they usually apply for unemployment benefits to the relevant authorizing body. Unemployment benefits are financial support for a limited period for people who lose their jobs. These benefits are usually applicable when an employer relieves you from your job due to no fault of your own. For example, they lay you off due to company closure.

      The application procedure for these benefits involves sending an initial application to claim unemployment benefits to the authorizing party. The authorizing party then assesses it and either accepts or rejects it. If they reject it, the individual in question will send the letter to them for reconsideration.

      This letter, as its name suggests, is an appeal for reconsideration of the decision regarding the denial of benefits. You persuade the reader, with the help of supporting evidence, to reconsider giving you the benefits you applied for.

      This is usually done by highlighting to them that they made a mistake in the application reviewing process. You state that you believe the highlighted error with the application is a false reason for denial. There are multiple ways to do this, such as by discussing how they made the mistake due to a misunderstanding. You can then explain the situation in detail, with supporting evidence to clarify the situation as much as possible. For instance, if they laid you off, you can provide them with a copy of your documents in the application. You can also refer to the witnesses involved.

      For whatever reason it may be, the basic contents of the letter will remain the same.


      It is essential to consider that you write the appeal letter within the state-specified legal period after determination. These response periods vary from region to region, therefore you must be aware of your respective state’s response time limit requirement before writing your letter.

      The Contents of an Unemployment Appeal Letter

      A valid letter must contain all the essential elements. A basic unemployment appeal letter contains the following essential components:

      Date and personal information

      The first items to mention in your letter are the current date followed by your credentials, such as your full legal name, phone number, email address and SSN (social security number). This information will help the reader identify and refer to your case in terms of other associated documentation gathered.


      (Date) (Your name) (Phone number)
      (Social Security number)

      Recipient details

      Once you enlist your information along with the date of writing, include the receiving party’s name, designation, and/or department. This will serve to address them in professional terms to get their attention.


      (Recipient’s name) (Designation/department)
      (Organization’s name) (Organizational address)

      Opening paragraph 

      The opening paragraph of your letter must address the reader by their name personally if possible, and then extend towards a statement based on the purpose of the letter. Here, you mention that you are writing to appeal the reconsideration of the decision regarding your unemployment benefits. 


      I am requesting reconsideration of my denied unemployment benefits. I believe that the decision has been made on erroneous grounds, as a mistake seems to have been made pertaining to the determined reason behind my unemployment. 

      The reason for the appeal 

      Discuss in detail why you initially thought and still think you should be entitled to unemployment benefits. Provide information regarding your requirement in solid factual pointers along with supporting claims. Refer to your reason for unemployment and how you are struggling due to it without your fault.


      I would like to highlight that I am eligible for unemployment benefits considering that my previous employer laid me off due to the company closing down, which is something that I had no part to play in. You must also consider my active engagement in a job search ever since then; however, I have not succeeded in that area yet and my family and I are struggling to survive as we don’t have the finances to cover basic expenses. I reiterate my humble request to kindly reassess the aforementioned situation and reconsider the decision regarding it. 

      Reasons behind denial 

      Next, restate the reason you found in the notification (legally known as the Notice of Determination) in which the authorizing party declared the denial for your case. Being aware of the reasons for ineligibility aids in understanding the issue. 


      According to the notice of determination, I am not eligible for unemployment benefits due to my voluntary resignation from XYZ Company. 

      Applicable state laws and regulations 

      Adding the applicable state laws and/or relevant regulations in place within your state of residence to the letter will strengthen its credibility significantly and help support your claims from a legal standpoint. To attain accuracy in this section, you may even consider involving an attorney at law if that is convenient for you.


      Keeping my case in consideration, I have closely reviewed (the State’s unemployment benefits act/regulation/code), and would like to highlight that I find myself eligible considering the aforementioned law as a resident of (name of State.) (Also quote a more specific section/clause to address the topic directly). I request you to reassess my case in light of the specified law. I shall be very grateful if you did that.

      Evidence and documentation

      Afterward, attach any documentation or evidence that shows that you are, in fact, unemployed due to unavoidable circumstances on the company’s part. In this section, you can include your layoff letter or some other documentation that clearly supports your claims.


      I am also attaching a copy of my layoff letter from company XYZ for reference. I request that you kindly assess it closely, as it proves my claims of being unemployed without my own will. Also, I am attaching some of my pay stubs and evaluation documentation from when I was employed, which proves that I have consistently delivered my services in a professional way. 


      The last part of your unemployment benefits letter should summarize the main points you enlisted in it before in a concise manner. You must also restate your request for reconsideration and mention your availability to provide any additional documentation or proof required to support your claim. Doing this presents you as confident and honest in your appeal.


      Finally, I appeal reconsideration of the decision specified in the notice of determination based on the factual information, along with the verification documents I have attached for your reconsideration. Furthermore, I declare my full availability to provide any additional documentation required in the process. I look forward to your careful review and reconsideration and am very grateful. Sincerely, (Your name)


      Try to go through the process of obtaining a copy of your state claim file before you send your appeal letter. The state claim file is the file that contains information and details regarding your employment history. Accessing this file can be beneficial for your appeal process, as it can give you deeper insights into the reasons behind the determination of the authorizing agency regarding your case and help you contest them in a more prepared way.

      Free Template


      [Your Full Name]  

      [Your Phone Number]   

      [Your Email Address]   

      [Your Social Security Number] 

      [Recipient’s Name]   

      [Recipient’s Designation/Department]   

      [Organization’s Name]   

      [Organization’s Address] 

      Dear [Recipient’s Name],

      I am writing to request the reconsideration of my denied unemployment benefits. I believe that the decision was made on incorrect grounds, as there appears to have been an error in the determination of the reason for my unemployment.

      As a former employee of [Previous Employer’s Name], I was laid off due to the company’s closure, an event beyond my control. Since then, I have been actively seeking employment but have yet to secure a new position. This has put significant financial strain on my family, as we struggle to meet basic expenses.

      According to the Notice of Determination, my application was denied [ Explain the reason]. This is inaccurate as [Explain the actual position].

      In light of [State’s Unemployment Benefits Act/Regulation/Code], particularly [specific section/clause], I find myself eligible for unemployment benefits. As a resident of [State], I believe that my situation complies with the state regulations governing unemployment benefits.

      Enclosed, please find a copy of my layoff letter from [Previous Employer’s Name], along with recent pay stubs and performance evaluations. These documents substantiate my claim of [mention the actual reason] and my commitment to my professional duties during my tenure.

      In conclusion, I respectfully request a reconsideration of the decision outlined in the Notice of Determination. I am confident that the enclosed documents, along with the factual information provided, will support my eligibility for unemployment benefits. I am available to provide any additional documentation or information required.

      Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to a careful review and favorable reconsideration of my case.


      [Your Full Name]


      1. Layoff Letter from [Previous Employer’s Name]  
      2. Recent Pay Stubs  
      3. Performance Evaluations  

      Sample Letter

      Dear Ms. Smith,

      I am writing to you today to appeal the decision to deny my unemployment benefits. This letter aims to clarify the circumstances of my unemployment and to address the reasons cited for the denial of my claim.

      My employment at Mainstreet Technologies ended abruptly due to large-scale layoffs that were part of a company-wide restructuring. This situation was entirely beyond my control and was a shock to many dedicated employees like myself. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to secure new employment, owing partly to the niche nature of my skills and the limited job market in our sector.

      The Notice of Determination cited my failure to meet the required number of work hours in the qualifying period as the reason for denial. However, I believe this is a misunderstanding stemming from an oversight in my employment records. The enclosed documents detail the actual hours worked, including overtime, which were not accurately reflected in the initial review of my claim.

      Given the provisions of the State Unemployment Benefits Act, especially section 4.2, I believe my updated employment records clearly demonstrate my eligibility for unemployment benefits. As a committed member of the workforce in Stateville for many years, it is crucial that my situation be reassessed in light of this new information.

      In addition to my employment records, I have included evidence of my continuous job search efforts. These include a detailed log of job applications, emails of inquiry to potential employers, and records of job search-related activities, underscoring my commitment to securing new employment as soon as possible.

      The impact of this unemployment on my personal life has been profound. As the sole provider for my family, the sudden loss of income has put us in a difficult position, struggling to cover essential living expenses. My spouse’s ongoing health issues add to our financial challenges, making the need for unemployment benefits even more critical.

      Enclosed are also letters of recommendation and performance evaluations, which speak to my work ethic and professional accomplishments. These documents attest to my value as an employee and my efforts to maintain a high standard of work during my tenure at Mainstreet Technologies.

      I respectfully request that you review the additional documentation provided and reconsider my eligibility for unemployment benefits. I am prepared to provide further information or discuss my case in more detail if needed.

      Thank you for your time and understanding in reviewing my appeal. I am hopeful for a fair reassessment and a positive resolution to this matter.


      John A. Doe

      Key Takeaways

      This letter is a useful example of how to write an effective appeal for unemployment benefits. Here’s why it serves as a useful sample for someone looking to write a similar letter:

      1. The letter opens with a clear statement of its purpose – to appeal the decision to deny unemployment benefits. This sets a clear context for the reader.
      1. The writer provides a detailed account of the circumstances leading to their unemployment, emphasizing that it was due to factors beyond their control (large-scale layoffs). This helps to establish the legitimacy of their claim.
      1. The writer directly addresses the reason for the denial (not meeting the required work hours) and provides a counter-argument supported by evidence (enclosed documents of actual work hours).
      1. By mentioning specific sections of the State Unemployment Benefits Act, the writer demonstrates an understanding of the legal framework governing their claim, adding weight to their argument.
      1. The inclusion of a detailed log of job applications and related activities shows the writer’s commitment to finding new employment, which is often a requirement for receiving unemployment benefits.
      1. The letter outlines the personal impact of unemployment, including financial strain and family circumstances, adding a human element to the appeal.
      1. The tone of the letter is respectful and professional, which is crucial in making a formal appeal. The writer also expresses appreciation for the reviewer’s time and consideration.
      1. The letter concludes with a respectful request for a reassessment of the claim and an offer to provide further information, which is a proactive approach.

      This letter serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone needing to write a similar appeal. It covers all the necessary elements, from explaining the situation to providing supporting evidence, all while maintaining a respectful and professional tone.

      Essential Tips

      Contesting ineligibility for unemployment benefits can be challenging. However, if a few basic tips are kept in mind, this situation can be dealt with effectively and in a way that benefits you exactly how you want it to.

      The following are a few of the most effective tips that we have gathered for you to go through this process: 

      Research state regulations and laws

      Knowing the laws on unemployment benefits in your jurisdiction can be beneficial. Having this knowledge can help you build a case that is strong and persuasive from a legal standpoint.

      Anticipate and address counterarguments 

      Assess the specifics of your case from the authorizing party’s standpoint and plan one step. Considering what counterarguments could be presented to your appeal and the factors in it can help you prepare for them effectively. You can already include information, keeping them in mind while writing your appeal and conveying a convincing narrative. 

      Legal backing for your appeal to reconsider the determination about unemployment benefits is essential. A well-seasoned appeal that is prepared keeping in mind the legal aspects of the scenario can potentially convince the reviewing party. Therefore, it is suggested that you hire and involve an attorney at law to guide you through this process. A trained professional can be much more aware of the laws and regulations in place than you can be. 


      Facing unemployment without benefits can be a challenging situation. This can be especially difficult if you have a family of your own to bear the daily life expenses of as well. Unemployment benefits can be helpful, but attaining them can be difficult in some situations. Especially when you are deemed ineligible in the notice of determination received from the authorizing party, which reviews your request for obtaining these benefits. A letter of appeal can help you request a review of the decision. This article provides a complete step-by-step guide to writing this letter and also provides free templates for your easy access and additional assistance. 

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