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After you have been selected for a job, you will typically be invited to write a letter of acceptance to the prospective employer. The letter formalizes your acceptance for the position offered and clarifies your intent to work for the organization in the capacity you have been hired after all contractual obligations have been met. Knowing how to craft a job acceptance letter properly can help ensure a smooth employment transition and is an essential formality that is important for all job candidates.

This article will take you through everything you need to know about job acceptance letter, including what it is and what to include in it. We will also provide you with free samples and templates that you can use to help you craft a great job acceptance letter.

A job acceptance letter is a formal letter you write to your prospective employer after being accepted for a position you applied for.

The letter is usually addressed to the hiring manager or the organization’s HR department. It should include all pertinent details about the employment offer such as benefits, vacation time, salary, etc. The letter also serves to thank the organization for the opportunity you are being presented with and formally accept your position.

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    Why Use a Job Acceptance Letter?

    Writing a job acceptance letter is very important as it helps convey your acceptance for the position offered. Accepting a job offer in writing also helps solidify the agreement between the parties involved by ensuring that all the terms and conditions of the employee have been agreed upon. The letter also allows you to ask questions about your job (such as the start date, employment contract duration, etc.), your duties, and understand the essential aspects of your expectations as an employee.

    Note: After you receive a job offer, it is recommended to take few days to review the offer before writing the job acceptance letter.

    There are two main reasons why you should do this; one, to avoid writing the letter while you are overly excited and two; to have enough time to understand the full extent of your new job. By understanding the job offer, you will be able to pin out any concerns or queries that you may have and have them addressed before you officially accept the position that you have been offered.

    Elements to be Included in Job Acceptance Letter

    After reviewing the job offer and deciding that you want to accept the position offered, the next step is to write a job acceptance letter.

    The letter should include the following details:

    Clear subject line

    You must start your job acceptance letter with a clear subject line that immediately informs the recipient of what the letter is all about. The subject line should be clear and concise, and it should be relevant to the contents of the letter.

    For example,

    “Job Offer Acceptance” or “Letter of Acceptance.”

    Address the appropriate party

    The acceptance letter should be addressed to the appropriate party. This will ensure that your letter is received and reviewed by the right person. For example, if you were writing a letter to the HR manager of the organization, you would address it as

    “Dear Mr./Mrs.______” or “Dear HR Manager.”

    Ensure that you double-check that you have addressed the letter to the right person and used the correct title to address them.

    Thank and appreciate the opportunity

    It is essential to thank the hiring manager/prospective employer for the opportunity they have presented to you. Emphasize your gratitude that they give you this opportunity and covey your enthusiasm to work with them. In addition, thanking the potential employer for the job offer will show how grateful you are for the position and show them how much it means to you to be offered the position.

    For example, you may write,

    “I am delighted to be considered for the position, and I thank you for the offer. I hope to be a valuable addition to the team.”

    Accept the job offer

    The letter should clearly and officially state that you accept the job offer. Include reasons for accepting the position and explain why you feel it is the right opportunity for you, especially if this is your first job or you’re switching careers.

    For example, you may write,

    “I am pleased to accept the job offer. As I mentioned in my application, I am looking to step out of my usual field as a professional and explore this new opportunity. I know that working for you will be an exciting experience for me, and it will help me grow as a person.”

    Terms and conditions of employment

    The job acceptance letter should clearly outline the details of the employment offer, including things like salary, benefits, job title and vacation time, etc. This will help avoid misunderstandings regarding the employment terms and conditions, including the job interview details. When writing this section, you can use bullet points to list down the conditions that you agree to or write in paragraph form.

    For example, you may write,

    “As previously discussed during the interview process, I will be paid $56,000 annually. I will also be eligible for several additional benefits, including health insurance, retirement savings, and assistance with other needs.”

    Starting date of employment

    Your job acceptance letter should include the date you are expected to start working for the organization. This will enable you to prepare for the job and give the organization enough time to plan and schedule your resources and tasks accordingly.

    For example, if you are starting on the 1st of June, you would write:

    “It is with great pleasure that I can accept your generous offer of employment and will begin work on the 1st of June 2022.”


    The acceptance letter should end with a short paragraph thanking the recipient for the opportunity and conveying your enthusiasm to start working for the organization.

    For instance, you may write,

    “I am excited to get the chance to work with such a professional team, and I look forward to beginning my employment on the 1st of June 2022.”


    Your job acceptance letter should end with a signature line. You should sign your name to confirm that you have accepted the position you’ve been offered. Make sure to sign and date the letter and use a professional closing such as “Yours Sincerely,” “Sincerely,” or “Respectfully” to close the acceptance letter.

    Job Acceptance Letter Template

    Re: Job Acceptance Letter

    Dear Mr./Mrs. _________,

    I am delighted to accept your offer of employment, and I thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am excited to be offered a job as the _________ (Position) for your company, and I look forward to starting my new role.

    As discussed during the interview process, my starting salary as ______________ (position) will be $ ________ per year, and I will be eligible for several additional benefits, including health insurance, retirement savings, and assistance with other needs.

    I am more than capable of meeting your expectations for the position, and I look forward to a successful working relationship with my colleagues.

    I will begin my employment on ___________; however, we can begin working together as soon as you can provide me with the necessary information about my ________ (position).

    I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this position, and I am eager to get started.


    ______________ (Signature)

    ______________ (Name)

    Job Acceptance Letter Sample

    Subject: Job Acceptance Letter

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to inform you that I would like to accept the Marketing Coordinator position with your company. I’m thankful for the opportunity, and I believe this position would be perfect for me.

    I’m excited about the opportunity to work for your company and to be part of this team. With a degree in marketing and over five years of marketing experience, I’m confident I can be an asset to the company.

    According to the offer letter, I will be paid $48,000 annually and assigned a laptop computer and iPhone. As needed, I am willing to work overtime so long as I am compensated accordingly. I will also be eligible for a generous performance bonus of $2,000 if I can meet or exceed all of my goals.

    I am sure I will enjoy working here. According to your website, the company has a culture of excellence, which is one of my core values. I look forward to meeting the team and learning more about your company’s goals and mission.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon with more information about my specific duties, as well as an official start date. In the meantime, if there is anything I need to know or that you think I ought to know, please feel free to contact me.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Doe

    Professional Tips for a Pefect Letter

    Writing an excellent job acceptance letter makes a big difference in the perception of your credibility, competence, and professionalism. Below are some tips that you should consider to help you write an excellent, high-impact acceptance letter:

    • Format the letter professionally: When writing the acceptance letter, it is essential to use a professional business letter format. This includes a formal salutation, “Dear hiring manager,” and a formal closing, such as “Sincerely.” In addition, the body of the letter should be written in paragraph format, each paragraph addressing one topic. The paragraphs can be short as long as they are clear and concise.
    • Keep it brief: Before writing the acceptance letter, it is vital to write down why you want to accept the offer and how your new position will benefit you. After doing this, circle the most compelling reasons and include those in your letter. Avoid repeating information already included in your resume or cover letter. Only include details that are specific to the job you are accepting.
    • Proofread and edit: After writing your letter of acceptance, it is crucial to proofread and edit the letter to check for spelling and grammatical errors. You can also ask someone else to proofread your letter to catch any mistakes you may have missed. Be sure to avoid typing errors as well.
    • Watch your tone: When writing your acceptance letter, it is essential to write in a tone of sincerity and gratitude. However, avoid writing in a way that is overly aggressive or competitive. Instead, keep your message upbeat, and portray yourself as an intelligent, thoughtful candidate who has accepted the offer graciously.


    While it may seem that the job acceptance letter is a mere formality, it is an integral part of your candidacy and can make a lasting impression on the employer. A well-written job acceptance letter can convince the employer that they made the right choice by choosing you for the concerned position by showing them that you are an organized, thoughtful candidate who is capable of communicating effectively. When writing the job acceptance letter, make sure to always start by writing a rough draft and revise it until you are confident that it reflects your professionalism and your capability to succeed in the job.

    We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need to write a professional job acceptance letter. Just make sure to use the standard letter format discussed above to ensure that all necessary information is included. Then, proofread and edit your letter to ensure error-free and easy to read. With this advice in mind, you should be able to present your employer with a great job acceptance letter that will set the tone for your entire employment.

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