16 Free Weekly Schedule Templates (Word | Excel)

Your upcoming week can be planned with the help of schedule templates. You can set deadlines for accomplishing different tasks and can also decide about the ways by which a particular task will be done in your next week. It can also be beneficial. After all, your time will also not get wasted because everything will be pre-planned. It can increase your productivity, and the outcomes of your tasks will also get better in terms of their quality.

Pre-planning is always good for every kind of work. Making a template helps you visualize your priorities and important things to do in the next week. You will schedule your week according to all the primary objectives according to your areas of interest in personal and professional lives, the ways by which those objectives could be achieved. It will allow you not to allocate your precious time to unnecessary things, and your time management will also improve. Without it, you may manage to get your tasks done, but the success and quality of your work could not be ensured, and you may feel degraded for not utilizing your time efficiently.

A template will help you to do different activities and not feel overwhelmed with the workload. You can spare some time for exercise, work out, play any game of your interest, picnic with your friends or family, etc. It will give you a feeling of being relaxed and not getting bored of a demanding daily routine.


The template allows you to visualize your achievements and pending tasks all in one place. In case you forget about any meeting, you can have a look at your schedule and proceed with the meetings. The available hours of working can also be depicted through it. You can start making the template by starting it on Saturday, Sunday, or from Monday. You can also get such templates from our site, already customized and available in different designs.

These templates can be made by different people belonging to any age for varying purposes.

Employees’ shifts

You can make it for different employees working in your organization according to workers’ working hours and shifts.

  • You can make it according to the morning and evening shifts.
  • The schedule can be made according to the working hours of every employee, i.e., 6 hours, 7 hours, 8 hours, etc.


The total working hours of every worker can be easily calculated through it.

Free Employees’ Weekly Shift Schedule Template - Editable Format
Employees’ Weekly Shift Schedule Example - Sample Document

    Student’s schedule

    Every student needs to have a proper plan. It will help him/her in becoming successful ultimately.

    • School/College timing can be indicated in the schedule.
    • A section for doing homework should also be included.
    • A separate column for the playing time should also be a part of students’ schedule templates.


    Writing about the weekend plans will help you to spend your week fruitfully.

    Free Student’s Schedule Template - Editable Format
    Free Student’s Schedule Template - Editable Format

      Assignment’s schedule

      It can be helpful for the teacher and a student as well.

      • A teacher can plan the lesson which will be taught to students in the upcoming week.
      • A teacher can trace out the number of topics that have already been covered and which are pending; it will help the teacher in delivering the lectures accordingly.
      • A student can list down the assignments of all the subjects which are due for the next week.
      • A template for assignments will help the student in feeling relaxed by looking at the number of remaining tasks.
      Free Assignment’s Schedule Template - Editable Format
      Assignment’s Schedule Example - Sample Document

        Group schedules

        Working as a team helps the group members in getting their tasks done in a shorter time and with greater efficiency.

        • The responsibilities of every group member can be enlisted.
        • Every member will do his/her duty within the allocated time.
        • The task can be done before the deadline.
        Group Schedules Example - Sample Document
        "Free Group Schedules Template - Editable Format

          Weekly study plan

          University students can get help from the templates for making their study plan before their exams.

          • They can enlist the topics which they will study on a specific day.
          • They can also plan to revise their syllabus on weekend days.
          • They can prepare efficiently because the syllabus will be divided according to the number of days left in their exam.
          Free Weekly Study Plan Template - Editable Format
          Weekly Study Plan Example - Sample Document

            Weekly class schedule

            This template can be used by any of the teachers at schools, colleges, or universities.

            • It will help the teacher in making a proper timetable for the class students.
            • All the teachers will get to know about their schedule and at what time and on which day they will teach a particular class.
            • Students will also benefit from it as they will get an idea of which teacher will take their class at a specified time.


            It will help in better coordination between students, teachers, and the administration as well.

            Free Weekly Class Schedule Template - Editable Format
            Weekly Class Schedule Example - Sample Document

              Weekly chores schedule

              This type of template can be used by any working person and by housewives also.

              • Housewives can use this template to designate different household chores on different days for managing all the things appropriately.
              • Working men and women can get help from this template by enlisting their other tasks, which are not directly related to their job but are essential to be fulfilled within proper time.
              Free Weekly Chores Schedule Template - Editable Format
              Weekly Chores Schedule Example - Sample Document

                Weekly tasks’ schedule

                Different people can use the schedule template for planning different tasks.

                • Office workers can make it for their upcoming meetings.
                • Housewives can schedule their household chores on different days.
                • Teachers can plan their lessons accordingly.
                Free Weekly Tasks’ Schedule Template - Editable Format"
                Weekly Tasks’ Schedule Example - Sample Documen

                  How to Make Weekly Schedule

                  This template will consist of an overview of the things you have planned to do in the next week. If you are feeling confused about where to get started, then here are some of the steps by which you can make a schedule for yourself also:

                  Think about bigger goals

                  A person may want to achieve a specific goal in a specified period, that can be a week, a month, or even a year, and then he/she has to focus on that goal. All the activities automatically get associated with their goal. It would be best if you also focused on the things you want to achieve in a certain period of time and list the plans regarding that goal on a priority basis in the template.

                  List the details

                  For this part, you will have to think about even small things that are mostly done every day or every week, such as going to the market to buy groceries. It may take more time to write about all the little details at the start, but after some time, it will become easy for you to enlist these details when you become proficient in making the template. You can review it and can add or delete some of the tasks according to your plans.

                  Schedule your priorities

                  This is an essential section in which you write about your significant and vital tasks, which should be done on a priority basis. The number of priority activities may vary according to your goals, but their significance is always more than any other task and is done before the others.

                  A limited number of plans

                  You may think of doing a lot of things and getting them enlisted. But it would help if you gave a final review of the template and should make it realistic by considering your working hours’ ability. Then your list can be cut down short according to the available time and number of other essential tasks.

                  Use right tools

                  If you are an expert in using technological tools such as Google Calendar, etc., you can use it to get reminded of important meetings. But on the other hand, you may prefer to choose a board or a diary for getting your template written down.

                  Use different colors

                  You can use different colors for different events, i.e., a specific color can be used for office meetings and other business-related activities, another color for your plans with family, and a particular color for the meetups with your friends. It will allow you to quickly view the schedule and get remembered about the upcoming activity.

                  Make the schedule template

                  You have already thought about your bigger goals and other details about your priority tasks; now, it’s time to specify the days for every task. When you assign a specific day to a particular task, then you will keep your focus on getting that task done on the same day, it will give you a sense of accomplishment, and you will also get encouraged and motivated for the rest of the days.

                  Steps of Making It in EXCEL

                  You can stay on track by making a template. It can be made with the help of EXCEL on your computer or laptop. Following are the steps by which you can make it in EXCEL:

                  • First of all, select the option of “Page Layout” from “View” so that your schedule can be easily printed out afterward.
                  • Set the margins from “Page Layout”.
                  • You can write the date, day, and time in different rows or columns according to your ease.
                  • You can format it as a table by going to the “Home” option and selecting “Format as Table”.
                  • You can choose any color scheme and design you like.
                  • You can add another sheet for enlisting the activities and tasks you have planned to do in the next week.
                  • In this way, your template will be ready, and then you can list all the details according to your plans.

                  Making a template in the EXCEL sheet can be easy for you once you get hands-on experience of making it yourself.

                  Key Considerations

                  Following are some key considerations for you:

                  Scheduled calendar

                  You may choose to make a template on the calendar in a complicated form, but this is the age of technology, so you can also synchronize it with Google Calendar.

                  • It will not allow anyone else to have a look at your template.
                  • Your family time and picnic schedules will also remain private.
                  • You can set reminders for important meetings or events, and you will get notified of them automatically according to your schedule.
                  • You will develop optimism in your personality by staying focused on your goals.

                  Plan in advance

                  A template should be made before the start of your week. You can start making a schedule from Saturday, Sunday, or even Monday; it’s up to your convenience. You can get benefits of planning the week because:

                  • It will help you in staying focused and finish your tasks within the allocated time.
                  • If you have achieved your goals before the actual time, you can go for an outing with your family or friends.
                  • A planned schedule will give you a sense of comfort, and there will be no stress of workload.
                  • You will not get distracted, and any plan will also not be skipped.


                  You can deviate from your plans due to any emergency or unseen happening.


                  It may take more time for you to make a schedule template at the start. You can prepare a default checklist for all those activities done by you every day, such as business projects, personal health, exercise, meals, household chores, etc.

                  • It will help you in not writing daily life activities again and again.
                  • It will save your time in making the template.

                  Planning extra times

                  It would help if you kept in mind that a task may require more than the anticipated time when done actually. e.g., you must plan to reach your office 10-20 minutes before the actual time considering the traffic loads or car running out of fuel, etc. Planning for the buffer times will help you in a way that your remaining schedules of a particular day will not get disturbed due to any delay in one of the tasks.

                  Leave space for unexpected events

                  Any sort of planning can never be perfect because man can never compete with nature. So you should leave some slots for the unanticipated events. These slots can then be used for an unexpected outing or going out for lunch or dinner with your colleagues, friends, or family members.

                  Be accountable

                  It’s human nature that a person gets distracted from his goals until there is no one to ask them about how everything is going. To encounter this problem, you may share it with your life partner, mother, father, or any closer friend. It will help you in tracing out your progress, and you can also discuss the problems faced by you in getting the tasks done. They can also give you a piece of better advice that how you can manage your time correctly by altering your schedules.

                  Don’t compare

                  You should not compare your template with that of anyone else. Because the life of two persons can never be the same, varied numbers of circumstances are faced by everyone in their lives. So if you compare yourself with others, you will get demotivated. You should only compare your previous day with your upcoming days to improve day by day.

                  Get yourself rewarded

                  Self-rewarding practice should be adopted by you. The only person who can recognize the genuine efforts behind every achievement is only you. The best reward can be given to you by yourself. You can go out for a random party or can buy anything you like. In this way, you will get satisfied with your progress and motivated for the upcoming tasks.

                  Do the complex tasks first

                  Your level of energy for doing your work at the start of the day is more as compared to the energy level at the end of your working day. So you should choose those tasks first, which seems to be difficult for you, and get them done in the first part of your day. The tasks whose deadlines are just approaching in a bit of time should be done on a priority basis. On the other hand, relatively easy tasks can be done after completing these tasks.

                  Da Vinci Schedule

                  According to Da Vinci schedule, you can divide your template into different categories, which can be as follows:

                  • Deep work.
                  • Administrative work.
                  • Meetings.
                  • Fitness.
                  • Networking.
                  • Playing.

                  By dividing the template into such parts, you can have some time for your personal fitness and social life as well. In this way, your mind and body will get refreshed by which your work performance will also get improved, and you will become more focused on your tasks. When you will do your tasks according to a proper plan by remaining focused, your chances of progress will increase many times.


                  Making a template can be very helpful for you in different ways. It will help you in keeping a record of every task and activity which will be done by you in the next week. You can assess your schedule and make changes according to the available time.

                  You will get motivated when your tasks get accomplished according to your weekly schedules. In this way, you can also trace your success every day. It will give you a visual record that you are getting better day by day in terms of your accomplished goals and objectives.

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