Weight Tracking Template – 5+ Best Tracker Spreadsheets

There are many different ways to lose weight and there are just as many reasons for losing the weight in the first place. Some people do so to be healthy, others to look good in an outfit or bathing suit. Whatever the reason might be the best way to lose weight is by keeping track of your weight from the very beginning. A weight tracking template is the perfect way to do this as you can use it to track your weight from the very first day you are starting to lose it.

By using a weight tracking template, you have total control over what you are going to use it for and how. By tracking your weight with the weight tracking template you will be able to keep track of your progress and see how much you are losing, or gaining. The weight tracker is easy to use and comes pre-filled with all the basic information you might need. You can then customize the weight tracking template to better suit your needs by adding in dates, or even times to the template before you print it. You can customize the weight tracking spreadsheet if you are a trainer and using it for multiple trainees, setting a different goal for each one. You can go so far as to change the text, font, and color of the weight tracking template before you print it, or save it for more use later.

Whether or not your goal is to lose or gain weight you will succeed that much faster if you are keeping track of your weight throughout your progress. Record what you do differently, even what you ate to get an idea of what worked out the best for you in your journey. Here are 5 samples to help you with your tasks:

Printable Weight Tracking Template,

Printable Weight Tracking Template

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Weight Tracker Spreadsheet,

Weight Tracker Spreadsheet

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Weight Tracker Template for Excel,

Weight Tracker Template for Excel

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Weight Tracking Chart and Spreadsheet,

Weight Tracking Chart and Spreadsheet

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Weight Tracking Template,

Weight Tracking Template

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