40 Blank Workout Log Sheets & Tracker Templates

A workout log sheet is a record or journal used for tracking the progress of an individual’s training or exercise routine.It can be a notebook/journal or online application and can be used at home or in the gym.

A workout log sheet is a step in the right direction when it comes to effective and productive sessions. It is a way of maximizing the 20 or 45 minutes you have to work out in your daily routine and remaining consistent with achieving your desired goals. To reap its benefits, it needs to be quick and easy to fill out and use. This is to save time at the gym or in your training session so that more time is directed to exercising, not recording what you will be doing.

An effective log sheet must also be useful to the user. It should contain information such as the type of exercise, duration, and associated details such as weight, the tally of steps, sets or laps, and dates. This information makes it a reliable foundation for making decisions. Additionally, the log sheet should be versatile/adaptable. This is to allow you to incorporate different routines or exercise styles. Making your workout log adaptable prevents you from creating a new one every time you want to make changes in your routine.

Workout Log Templates

Workout log templates are fillable forms that can be used to record details of a session, such as date, body weight, workout method, mood, and other relevant details such as fitness goals. The templates guide you on what information to record when working out.

We have provided customized templates for you that can readily be downloaded from here at no charge. They have been professionally designed and can be used by both beginners and professionals in their training journeys.

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 01

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 02

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 03

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 04

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 05

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 06

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 07

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 08

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 09

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 10

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 11

Downloadable Workout Log Sheet Template 12

    Preparing it is a straightforward process. Typically, it will be completed at the gym a few minutes before starting your session.

    Below is the step-by-step process for preparing it:

    Record the date and body weight

    The first information that should be written down is the date of the session and your body weight at the beginning of the session. Other details can be recorded: including food/calorie intake, method, mood, fitness goals and targets, progress photos, inspirational quotes, personal achievements, recipes, sleep duration, and support material such as blog posts or articles. This information is recorded once you have changed into your workout clothes.

    Create a plan

    Secondly, the log sheet should outline your routine for the day. The plan ought to show the type of exercise, weight lift, sets, and reps.


    Examples of different types of exercises include strength training routines, weights, and sprints.

    This may require one or two minutes at most before the session and a quick revisit of the previous or prior week’s workout routine. You can add a few extra pounds or sets to the previous week’s routine and create target exercises for that session. If you are not sure of the exact weights you intend to lift that day, leave that section empty to fill up later.

    Track your sets

    Next, keep track of your exercises and note them down. Record the number of sets and reps you have completed immediately after completing the set and rep.

    For example, an effective methodology for keeping track of lifting exercises is as follows;


    • Lift your weight
    • Record tally of sets and reps
    • Record rest time intervals between exercises
    • Change weight (if needed)
    • Repeat 

    Make adjustments if necessary

    Lastly, adjust the basic structure of the plan outlined in the workout log to accommodate impromptu or unexpected changes in the session.


    Examples of adjustments include unexpected rest intervals, a quick water break, etc.

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 01

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 02

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 03

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 04

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 05

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 06

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 07

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 08

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 09

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 10

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 11

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 12

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 13

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 14

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 15

    Free Blank Workout Log Sheet 16

      How a Workout Log Sheet Can Make Your Session Effective 

      There are various incentives and benefits to using and keeping a workout log sheet for your training sessions.

      Discussed below are some common benefits of keeping track of your sessions using one:

      It gives you actual results

      By inputting your training details, you can have a record of exactly what you’ve been doing in your training and help you plan for further training success. In addition, by comparing the exercises you are undertaking and comparing them to the fitness results, you can gauge how effective the plan is and adjust accordingly.

      Holds you accountable for the missed sessions

      Workout logs help users become accountable for their targets in the gym. It helps you determine if you’re sticking to your fitness plan by outlining what you’ve been doing and should continue doing. It allows you to be truthful about realizing how serious you are about following your diet plan. It also helps with eliminating wasteful time during training sessions and maximizing time spent training.  

      Motivates you

      Committing and staying focused is not that easy for most people. Most people will give up when they see the level of commitment and perseverance needed to undertake training sessions. This can often be attributed to a lack of tracking their progress. However, this problem is eliminated when a workout log is used because you can track how far you’ve come and predict how far you can go, which is normally enough motivation for people who work out.

      Helps in evaluating your progress

      Tracking your training sessions gives you an overview of your schedule, which becomes an excellent basis for evaluating the progress and success of your training. By storing records of your past training sessions, you can establish which routines work best to achieve your targets.

      Helps you stay consistent with your workouts

      Consistency is a crucial factor in success in training. Workout log sheets can be used as planners for training sessions to ensure you maintain a high level of consistency with your exercises. It allows you to set goals for maybe a week, meaning that even when you miss certain exercises, you can make up for them later. The log helps you know exactly how many sets and reps you need to recover. Its versatility is a quality that allows you to create routines that suit your lifestyle, even when you have a busy schedule.

      Helps prevent injury

      Injuries are relatively common. Keeping track of exercises you undertake with a workout log helps you identify exercises that cause discomfort in your body and muscles. Consider adjusting the number of sets, reps, or weights being used.  

      It keeps you honest

      It helps you be true to yourself. As you record tally marks after competing sets, it means you end up with accurate logs that are dependable for making fitness decisions that are beneficial to your training goals.

      Helps you build better goals

      By tracking your abilities in the gym, such as the highest sprint speed recorded, the heaviest weight lifted, etc., workout log sheets help determine your limits. This way, you can set realistic goals (short and long-term) that match your potential and create a feasible plan for achieving these goals. As you execute your plan, you can easily track progress using this log sheet.

      Allows you to find patterns

      It allows you to analyze your workout and note patterns that have more efficiency and better results. In addition, you can identify the combinations of exercises that best fulfill your goals. The log can also help you integrate lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep, stressful workdays, etc. when creating effective routines.

      Gives you a chance to vent

      These can be used to record notes on experiences that affected your sessions. You can note down how a stressful day at work affected the number of reps you did or how strong feelings were influencing your decisions during the session.

      Helps your personal trainer

      In some circumstances, you may have to hire a personal trainer, especially when aiming to achieve a particular goal. Having a workout log helps with the transition from self-training to a professional trainer. They can analyze the log sheet and base their recommendations on the information in the log.

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 01

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 02

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 03

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 04

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 05

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 06

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 07

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 08

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 09

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 10

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 11

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 12

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 13

      Excel Workout Log Sheet Template 14

        Final Thoughts

        A workout log is a summarized record of a person’s training routine to keep track of which exercises the individual undertakes during their sessions. The log is also used to make decisions on improving the routine and making it more beneficial to the user. It can be a physical notebook, journal, or application. The four main characteristics of a good one are that it must be beneficial to the user, easily adjustable, quick, and easy to use. They are known to facilitate consistent training, improve the user’s accountability, and are an excellent motivation source for people training and exercising.

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