How to Write an Appointment Cancellation Email (Examples)

An appointment cancellation letter is a formal letter that is necessary for canceling important job-related appointments you can’t make it to. Writing a formal letter is the most professional way to cancel your appointment, as it provides a written notice for reference and lets them know that you care. It also helps to send one so the person you are sending it to can send an acknowledgment of the cancellation letter so that you can discuss scheduling a new appointment.

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    When Should You Write an Appointment Cancellation Letter?

    There are many situations where this letter would be required. If there is a crucial company meeting coming up but something else has come up, like your child being sick, and you know you can’t attend, a cancellation letter is necessary. This is also when you would get acknowledgment and be able to reschedule for another date. If you are a manager who has previously interviewed a potential employee for a certain position and has decided to cancel an appointment for further interviewing the employee, then you use a cancellation letter. A situation that can also come up is if you are the employee who had their first interview with the company and has decided not to move on any further, you would send a cancellation letter for your next meeting with the company.

    How Do You Politely Cancel an Appointment?

    t is wise to contact the person you set the appointment with as soon as you realize you are unable to make it. The sooner you contact the person, the better, as it will minimize further inconveniences. Make sure you explain your reason for the cancellation in detail. This will illustrate that you respect the person and value their time.

    Suggest a time and date when the appointment can be rescheduled to demonstrate that you are interested in the appointment. Briefly apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank the person for their time. Avoid vague language, and be straightforward and honest.

    Sample Appointment Cancellation Letter


    Dear Dr. Smith,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inform you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, I must cancel our scheduled appointment on January 5, 20XX, at 10:00 AM.

    I was looking forward to our meeting, but I have come down with an unexpected illness. I understand that this cancellation may cause inconvenience, and for that, I sincerely apologize.

    If possible, I would be grateful to reschedule our appointment for a later date. I am available on January 12th and 19th, preferably in the morning. I hope one of these options is convenient for you. Your understanding and flexibility are greatly appreciated.

    Please let me know your availability, and I will do my best to accommodate it. If necessary, feel free to reach out to me at (555) 123-4567 or via email at

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to the opportunity to meet at a more suitable time.


    John Doe

    Key Takeaways

    This letter is an effective example for someone seeking guidance on writing a cancellation letter due to its structure, tone, and clarity.

    Let’s break down its key components:

    1. The letter follows a standard business letter format, starting with the sender’s details, date, recipient’s details, and a formal salutation. This format is universally recognized and easy to follow, making the letter look professional.
    2. The letter immediately states its purpose in the opening paragraph – the cancellation of an appointment. This direct approach is respectful of the recipient’s time and ensures the main message is not lost in unnecessary details.
    3. Despite being a cancellation, the tone is apologetic and considerate. The writer acknowledges the potential inconvenience caused by the cancellation, which demonstrates empathy and professionalism.
    4. The letter is concise, focusing only on relevant information. It provides a brief explanation for the cancellation, avoiding over-sharing personal details, which maintains a professional boundary.
    5. The writer proposes alternative dates for rescheduling, showing initiative and a willingness to maintain the engagement. This is important in professional communications, as it shows respect for the relationship and commitment to the matter at hand.
    6. By providing contact details and expressing willingness for further discussion, the letter makes it easy for the recipient to respond and rearrange the appointment.
    7. The letter ends with a formal closing, reiterating thanks and apologies, which reinforces the respectful tone and leaves a positive impression.

    Appointment Cancellation Letter Templates

    If you send out a sloppy cancellation letter, especially when you’re not sure how to format it exactly as it should be, these templates can help you make a professional appointment cancellation letter.



    (Name of recipient)

    (street address)

    (name of the hospital/clinic)

    Dear (recipients name),

    I am writing to kindly cancel on the dental check-up appointment set for (date/month/year/time). I am (name of the sender), unfortunately, due to an urgent family matter I have to fly out of the country and I will not be able to make back by the current appointment date. I am meekly requesting a reschedule on the appointment to (the date and time sender is comfortable with). Please accept my genuine apology for the cancellation on the appointment.

    I express apologies once again for this sudden cancellation and for any inconveniences.


    (Senders first and last name)

    How do I write an appointment cancellation letter?

    There are certain things you should do and certain things you shouldn’t do when writing an appointment cancellation letter. The first rule is to be as polite and formal as possible. Do not sound informal or rude in your letter. There may be instances where a first interview did not go well for a position or company and you are canceling your next meeting with the employer.


    But that doesn’t give you a very good reputation as an employee if you are deliberately rude or speaking informally; always sound professional to show your good work ethic.

    At the beginning of your letter, write a formal apology for canceling the appointment. This shows that you, as a professional, know how important the meeting is.

    Rule number two is to format your letter properly. You don’t want a manager, employer, or employee to see that your letter isn’t formatted in the correct way a cancellation letter should be. You might think formatting doesn’t matter, but managers and employers especially will be looking closely at the details of your letter; if they see how much effort you put into the letter, you will be seen as a better employee.

    If you are dealing with canceling a meeting at a company you are not planning on leaving, make it clear that you wish to have acknowledgment of your cancellation, reaffirm that you will attend future meetings, and explain your reasoning. You don’t have to give extensive details on the reasons you can’t attend unless specifically asked but do assure that you are cancelling for something of the utmost importance that can’t be postponed or put off.

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