Best Law School Recommendation Letter Samples

Law School Recommendation

A law school recommendation letter can be described as a document that supports a student’s application for law school. This letter plays a critical role in the outcome of the application. Although some institutions do not emphasize these letters, in some institutions, your application will be considered incomplete if the recommendation letters are missing.

The letter will have more significance if your former professor or direct supervisor writes it. The main aim of the letter is to prove the student’s legibility for the law program. The letter should first highlight the students’ academic potential and other relevant achievements and skills that will make them successful in the program.

What to include in the letter

In the letter the write should include the following:

Intellectual Excellency: The writer must indicate the academic achievements of the prospective student and if they can go through law school successfully.

Relationship: It’s also crucial for the writer to state their relationship with the student.

Examples: The writer should include one or several examples that support their claims.

Applicants best qualities: It’s also important to summarize the applicant’s best qualities. The write should only emphasize the qualities that are relevant to the program.

Additional information: The write should interview the student to get additional information they can include in the letter. For example, their ambitions and challenges they have overcome in life.

Law school recommendation letter sample # 1

Law school recommendation letter

Sample 1 (Text Version)

Dear Admissions Committee,

I submit this recommendation letter in support of Johnson Tomley’s application for admission to your law school.

Mr. Tomley has completed an internship in our office in the past summer. He had the pleasure to work with experienced attorneys in our firm. During this period, Tomley was actively involved in the preparation and analysis of court case and evidence. Additionally, he embarked on a project; compiling and analyzing past won cases by our attorneys.

One thing I noted about this candidate is the passion for law. Unlike most interns, Mr. Tomley portrayed exceptional talent and curiosity. I believe enrolling for law school will be a golden opportunity for him to actualize his dreams.

In this respect, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Tomley for law school.


Brown Levi, Esq,

Cambridge Family law Attorneys

Law school recommendation letter sample # 2

Law school recommendation letter 2

Sample 2 (Text Version)

Perris Timberlake

Timberlake &associates

1245 Main St

Dallas, Texas 75056

October 1st, 2019

Washington State University

234 J Street

Washington DC, 9000

Dear admissions committees,

I write this letter to recommend Mr. Allan Florrick for law school. Mr. Florrick has been working with our law firm for around five years now. I have known him to be an intelligent and exceptional attorney.

Through his commitment to service, we have seen the number of clients increase. His efforts to win challenging cases can’t go unnoticed in our firm. He was the force behind the famous Washington post case that was much publicized late year.

Besides his exemplary performance, Mr. Florrick is a team play, an attribute that has made him a darling of many in our firm. He is very articulate on matters of law. His passion for these professions is impressive.

I’m sure after his program; he will be among the best attorneys in the state. In this respect, I highly recommend him for this law program.

If you have any concerns about the candidate, please let me know.


Perris Timberlake

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