Sample Authorization Letter for Cheque Book Collection

Sample Authorization Letters for Cheque Book Collection

The purpose of authorization letter for cheque book collection is to let someone collect the cheque book on their behalf especially when they are extremely busy or due to any unforeseen circumstances are not able to collect it. A cheque book collection authorization letter can be written by following a certain format.

Given below are some uses of sample authorization letter for checkbook collection:

  • It would assist a person to write the letter quickly.
  • An individual following the sample is likely to include the correct information.
  • With the help of a sample, it becomes easier to formulate a certain letter.

Authorization letter format for the purpose of checkbook collection:

(Contact Information)

This section given above should include your name, address, contact information, and the date.

The section given below should include the name, job title, and address of the recipient.

(Job Title)

Dear XYZ, (Here XYZ is the bank representative)

I, ________ hereby authorize Mr/Ms ___________ to collect and receive the cheque book issued on _________ against the bank account number ___________.

Mr/Ms ___________ details along with signature and identity proof are listed below. Kindly check the relevant information at the time of checkbook collection.

Identity Type:
Identity Number:

The section above would include information about the collector’s name, identity type, number, and signature.


This section would include your name.

Authorization Letter Template to Collect Cheque Book on Behalf

(Contact information)

(Name of Recipient)
(Job Title of Recipient)
(Address of the Recipient)

Dear (Representative of Bank),

I, ___________ hereby authorize Mr/Ms ____________ to collect the cheque book issued on _________ my behalf. This letter is just a one-time authorization and there are no additional permissions.

Kindly, verify the name of the collector and identity proof from the information, which is listed below:

Name of Collector: ___________
Identity Type of Collector: _________
Identity Number of Collector: _________
Signature of Collector:

Yours sincerely,

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