6+ Authorization Letters to Receive Documents

As part of official written communication, Authorization letters are utilized in many fields today. For instance, the insurance company might need your authorization letter while giving money to any of your family members. Your bank might ask you for your authorization letter properly signed when drawing a particular sum of money from your account to someone else. Such a letter may also be required when authorizing a person to collect some vital documents on your behalf.

An authorization letter to receive documents on your behalf is an official letter written to assign some other person the duty of collecting some specified documents and act on your behalf. It serves as a proof of your consent to the concerned organization to allow someone else to collect such specified documents on your behalf. It is written so as to avoid any sort of legal complications or controversies that may arise later on.

Such a letter, should use simple language yet formal while facts clearly written so as to avoid any ambiguity. The right tone should be employed. Being an official letter, it requires you to:

  • Keep it formal and direct as you write.
  • Keep it brief, short and straight to the point.
  • Mention the person who is to collect the documents or whatever other duty on your behalf; also, mention your relationship with the person
  • Mention the individual who is giving out the authorization and the reason for authorization.
  • Give the extent of the authorization if possible and also the starting date.

Here is a sample letter,

Almas Ted,

P.O. Box 123, Ox wood, California

Contact no. 0279875630922

January 7, 2018


Whom it may concern,

University of All State,

Office of Critical Records,

P.O. Box 456, New Well, Jersey

RE: Authorization to collect my official documents

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Almas Ted, need my University certificate and transcripts for some official purposes. Since I am tied up and therefore not able to come and collect the documents by in person, I hereby authorize Mr. Alex Jade, who is my brother, to apply for and collect the copies of the mentioned certificate currently held in your office. I have no objection in Mr. Jade signing any documents on my behalf in my absence. The collection will take place on 10th January 2018

Yours Sincerely,

Almas Ted.

Note: This sample letter can be used to authorize anyone to receive cheque, documents from post office, mark sheet from college, passport, certificate or anything. Just change the subject accordingly.

Template for Authorization Letter to Receive Documents

Editable Authorization Letter to Receive Documents