Sample Authorization Letters to Receive Documents on Your Behalf

As part of official written communication, Authorization letters are utilized in many fields today. For instance, the insurance company might need your authorization letter while giving money to any of your family members. Your bank might ask you for your authorization letter properly signed when drawing a particular sum of money from your account to someone else. Such a letter may also be required when authorizing a person to collect some vital documents on your behalf.

An authorization letter to receive documents on your behalf is an official letter written to assign some other person the duty of collecting some specified documents and act on your behalf. It serves as proof of your consent to the concerned organization to allow someone else to collect such specified documents on your behalf. It is written so as to avoid any sort of legal complications or controversies that may arise later on.

Such a letter, should use simple language yet formal while facts clearly written so as to avoid any ambiguity. The right tone should be employed. Being an official letter, it requires you to:

  • Keep it formal and direct as you write.
  • Keep it brief, short and straight to the point.
  • Mention the person who is to collect the documents or whatever other duty on your behalf; also, mention your relationship with the person
  • Mention the individual who is giving out the authorization and the reason for authorization.
  • Give the extent of the authorization if possible and also the starting date.

Sample Authorization Letters

Are you in need of assistance when it comes to authorizing someone to receive important documents on your behalf? Look no further! In this digital era, the process of delegating such responsibilities has become increasingly streamlined through the use of sample authorization letters. Free downloadable templates in Word format are readily available, making the process simpler for you.

Template for Authorization Letter to Receive Document

Sample authorization letter to Collect My Official Documents - Free template

Editable authorization letter sample for document submission and collection

Authorization letter template for receiving documents - Free sample 01

Authorization letter template for receiving documents - Free sample 02

Editable sample authorization letter for document retrieval

    How to Draft an Effective Authorization Letter

    If you are looking to draft an effective authorization letter to receive documents, you have to make sure that you look into quality standards that will allow you to draft a letter that is both preventable and appropriate to be used for a specific transaction, and complete with all the necessary details that you would like to present.

    Here are some basic guidelines that can help you ensure the effectiveness of your authorization letter that you would like to write:

    1. An authorization letter is important to discuss as it helps discuss all the details of the transaction. Make sure to present the information of the person you are authorizing to receive documents on your behalf, the details and the specifications of the document that they expect to receive, the duration of the effectiveness of the contents of the letter, and the date in which the authorization letter is to be terminated.
    2. The authorization letter should contain all the basic information needed to be made available by the other party, who will be releasing the documents. If there are any attachments and additional documents required to serve as evidence or proof for the transaction’s validity, make sure that these are also included in the letter you will be drafting.
    3. The letter should also contain all the contact information that can be used by the recipient of the letter if they would like to gather any additional information or if they would like to raise any questions or points of clarification.
    4. The letter must also not be lengthy. It should be direct to the point. If there is no need to get into many details, simply present the basic things that you believe are necessary for the transaction.
    5. Lastly, the authorization letter must have original and fit content for the transaction where it will be used.

    Importance of Writing an Authorization Letter

    Most people think that it is not necessary to write an authorization letter to receive documents anymore. This may be true for transactions that involve only you, your friends, or relatives. However, this is not the case when the documents you are expected to have a hand on are considered ss confidential items or business materials. Some of the reasons why authorization letters are important to include:

    1. Writing an authorization letter is, at times, one of the requirements that you need to submit before you are allowed to be represented by another person. This normally happens in cases where the document that is to be received contains sensitive, private, personal, business, confidential, and/or secure information.
    2. Creating an authorization letter to receive documents will help you present the specifications of the transaction at hand. With the letter, you can ensure that you still have some form of control over how things will progress by limiting the power that you will give the person whom you have authorized to act on your behalf when specific documents needed to be received.
    3. Drafting an authorization letter to receive documents can make it much easier for you to protect your intentions and rights. You can present the signed authorization letter to receive documents as proof or evidence should misunderstandings or disputes occur in the future.
    4. Using an authorization letter to receive documents can help organize the entire process of your representation. With the letter, there will be clarity, especially when it comes to the identification of all the parties involved in the transaction together with the documents that are expected to be received within the period of your absence by the person you authorized to do so.  


    Almas Ted,

    P.O. Box 123, Ox wood, California

    Contact no. 0279875630922

    January 7, 2018


    Whom it may concern,

    The University of All-State,

    Office of Critical Records,

    P.O. Box 456, New Well, Jersey

    RE: Authorization to collect my official documents

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I, Almas Ted, need my University certificate and transcripts for some official purposes. Since I am tied up and therefore not able to come and collect the documents by in person, I hereby authorize Mr. Alex Jade, who is my brother, to apply for and collect the copies of the mentioned certificate currently held in your office. I have no objection in Mr. Jade signing any documents on my behalf in my absence. The collection will take place on 10th January 2018

    Yours Sincerely,

    Almas Ted.

    Note: This sample letter can be used to authorize anyone to receive cheque, documents from post office, mark sheet from college, passport, certificate or anything. Just change the subject accordingly.

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