Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Cover Letter Examples

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) cover letter is a written document that goes along with your resume package to introduce yourself and give the prospective employer an idea of what you hope to achieve if you are allowed to work with them. The cover letter is usually addressed to the hiring personnel of the nursing care institution or the individual employer. It highlights your interest in being hired as a CNA, your skills in the role, qualifications, and previous experiences in the same capacity.

Whereas having a great resume is essential, you might still not secure the job you are looking for if you do not know how to write a great CNA cover letter. In this regard, before putting pen to paper, you must give some thought to presenting your qualifications and experiences appropriately. This way, you can stand out from the vast pool of qualified applicants, increasing your chances of being hired. Consider reading through this article to understand better what you ought to include in your CNA cover letter, the best way to format your document, and how to craft it effectively.

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    Essential Skills Required to Qualify

    Nursing assistants play a significant role in caring for the sick, injured, disabled, and older adults in health care settings and homes. The job usually involves direct contact with the patients; thus, employers often look for the following specific personal traits while considering applicants:


    Showing empathy and understanding for the patients in need of care for the individual’s well-being will go a long way in getting you hired. Thus, highlighting this skill in the CNA cover letter makes your application stand out from others.


    The ability to listen and provide adequate care despite making minimal demands on the individual and holding back anger, frustration, or impatience will stand you in good stead at getting hired.


    In the cover letter, you must also demonstrate physical and mental stamina by showing that you can work long hours, cope with stress and pressure effectively, and meet the job’s physical demands.

    People skills

    The role of a nursing assistant typically involves dealing with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Therefore, in your CNA cover letter, you must demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with patients and fellow healthcare staff members.

    Safety consciousness

    One of the main concerns and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant is to ensure that patients in the care and those around them are safe. Thus, demonstrate a high level of safety awareness in your cover letter.


    A good nursing assistant can consistently deliver as per expectations, ensure punctuality, and keep their word to maintain a reputation. Most employers look for this skill in qualified CNA applicants; thus, include it in the CNA cover letter.

    Note : The CNA cover letter is a formal document. Therefore, it should be written following the appropriate format to ensure it is impactful in achieving the results you need. Left-align the text, but avoid justifying it on the page. You may indent your paragraphs, but this is not always advisable as it takes up much space, making your work go beyond the required single-page long length.

    Use a font type that is professional and easy to read, such as Times New Roman,  Cambria, Calibri Body, Arial Black, or Georgia. The font size should be either 11 points or 12 points maximum. Set the line spacing to 1.15, skip a single line between the main sections, and leave at least one-inch margin on the left and right sides. There should also be about one and a half inches on the top of the page and one inch on the bottom section of your document.

    Writing a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Cover Letter

    Now that you know the various skills to include in a CNA cover letter and the right way to structure and format the letter let’s move on to how actually to write the letter.

    Here is a comprehensive guideline on the right way to write the cover letter:


    The header is your CNA cover letter’s first impression and should be written most professionally. The header information includes your name, address, city, state, zip code, country, and contact information. First, skip a single line, then write the current date. Similarly, skip another single line and include the recipient’s information, such as their name, company name, and address. Next, write a formal salutation addressed to the letter’s recipient.

    Show your passion for the job

    In the opening paragraph of the CNA cover letter, demonstrate your passion for the job by clearly addressing the letter’s purpose in the first place. Use the first sentence to describe your reason for writing the letter citing reference to the job description, then briefly explain why you believe you are the right person and why you should be considered for an interview.

    Your qualifications detail

    Once you have written an impressive opening paragraph and now have the reader’s full attention, it is time to highlight your qualifications. The details in this section include your academic qualifications, relevant training attended, and the awarded certificates. However, it is important to summarize your qualifications background in a manner that does not replicate what is already on your CV.

    Relate your previous work with the job requirements

    Next, write about your previous work experiences and relate your experiences to what the employer is looking for. To achieve this, consider reading and understanding the job description beforehand. Then, tell the hiring manager the positions you held before, including the tasks and responsibilities you performed while working in that role, and mention your notable accomplishments. Moreover, mention how these experiences have positively impacted your career to give the employer a better idea of your work and what you can achieve.

    Elaborate your skills and abilities

    You must discuss the personal and professional qualities you possess that are necessary to perform the tasks associated with the CNA job. This includes industry-specific skills such as empathy, ability to effectively communicate with patients and fellow staff members, patience, workplace safety consciousness, ability to work well under pressure or stressful situations, reliability, time management skills, work ethics, knowledge of medical terminologies, ability to keep accurate records of patient’s health conditions, ability to administer medication as prescribed by physicians and doctors at examinations, among others.

    Mention your CNA license status and other certifications

    State in your letter that you are a certified nursing assistant and know how to perform the job’s essential functions. Ensure you provide your CNA license number and indicate its status and other certifications you may have obtained relevant to the job.

    Thank you and call to action statement

    End the letter with a short and straightforward closing statement that shows your appreciation for the employer, for taking the time to read your application materials, and for their consideration. You should also include a call-to-action statement inviting the employer to follow up and speak with you regarding the job. 

    Formal closing

    Lastly, include an appropriate sign-off such as “yours faithfully,” “sincerely,” “yours truly,” etc., then provide your signature.

    How do you write a CNA cover letter with no experience?

    Suppose you apply for a CNA job with no prior work experience. In that case, you must demonstrate your extensive knowledge of the field in your CNA cover letter. To achieve this, consider writing a brief paragraph about yourself and your professional goals, describing the various courses you took in the nursing assistant program and why you decided to venture into the field. This will demonstrate that you are looking to take on the opportunity and ready to face challenges that come your way. In addition, this will help the employer see your potential despite your lack of previous job experience.

    Template & Sample

    Given below are the template and sample of certified nursing assistant cover letter you can use to write your own letter:


    [Applicant’s name]
    [Applicant’s address]
    [Contact information]


    [Recipient’s name]
    [Recipient’s job position]
    [Company name]

    Dear [recipient’s name/Hiring Manager]

    I am writing to apply for the certified nursing assistant position currently vacant in your organization. I believe that my [write your years of experience] working in a medical setting would be an asset to your company.

    I graduated from [insert the college/university] in [provide the year and month] with a bachelor’s degree majoring in [insert nursing field]. Since then, I have worked as a certified nursing assistant with a few sub-speciality certifications. I have had experience in-home care and surgical recovery, as well as some experience in pre-operative and post-operative care

    My recent job experience was at [insert the medical setting’s name], where I cared for patients who required help taking their medications and maintaining healthy diets while hospitalized. In addition to these clinical duties, I have performed [mention any other specific duties and roles you performed while working in the institution and specify the specific departments you worked in.]

    I am [mention your traits and skills]. I am serious and devoted to my work and have received [include your achievements in previous job positions and awards/type of recognition you received]. You can review my resume and relevant certificates attached to see my profile and learn more about my qualifications in the certified nursing assistant field. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this role and anything else you may need to know regarding my background and qualifications.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to an interview with you soon.


    [Applicant’s signature]


    Daniel Smith
    12345, Avenue Street, Nairobi.

    February 13, 20xx

    Chloe Hudson

    Human Resource Manager
    Avant healthcare Institution
    P.o. Box 575-00100
    Nairobi, Kenya.

    Dear Ms. Chloe Hudson,

    I am writing to apply for the certified nursing assistant position advertised on your company’s official website. I have extensive knowledge and experience working in and around healthcare institutions and settings and a strong interest in nursing.

    I trained as a nursing assistant at Walbridge School of Nursing and graduated with a certificate in Nursing. I also enrolled in other nurse-related programs and workshops to enhance my nursing skills. I have worked in various nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living homes. My most recent job was at ABC nursing home and hospice, where I worked as a CNA. My roles included bathing and grooming patients, feeding patients, checking for patients’ vital signs such as blood pressure and pain levels, administering prescribed medications, and changing wound dressings. I also assisted with care planning for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other physical impairments.

    My experience at ABC nursing home and hospice enabled me to develop several soft skills such as compassion, patience in dealing with patients, and working well under stressful and challenging conditions. Through my excellent people skills, I was able to work effectively with patients who had injuries due to falls or bedsores caused by extended bed rest, and I was also able to teach my patients basic hygiene skills to help prevent any hospital-acquired infections.

    My time management skills, caring personality, excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, patient-driven approach, and imitativeness make me a good fit for the certified nursing assistant position at Avant Healthcare Facility. I also believe that my background knowledge and extensive training in the nursing field, and my passion for the nursing career will make me a valuable addition to your reputable team.

    You can review my resume and relevant certificates attached herein to see my profile and qualifications. I look forward to speaking with you to further discuss this role and my qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Daniel Smith

    Tip: Add keywords in your cover letter

    Writing a CNA cover letter that is original and specially tailored with the right keywords from the job advertisement, appropriate nursing skills, and quantified results accompanied with strong action verbs is sure to get your application materials noticed by the hiring personnel. As such incorporate actions verbs such as administered, communicated, comforted, coordinated, resolved, accommodated, assisted, volunteered, etc., into your cover letter to stick out from the crowd and be considered for an interview.

    Letter Writing Tips

    To ensure that you write an effective letter that is sure to get noticed by the prospective employer, you must consider the following certified nursing assistant cover letter writing tips:

    Do your research

    Before you start writing your CNA cover letter, you must know precisely what the hiring entity is looking for in a suitable candidate. The best way to identify this information is to talk to someone who works for the employer or ask for a job posting to understand better how to emphasize your strengths and abilities and relate them to the job.

    Tailor the letter around the job description

    Before writing the CNA cover letter, make sure to read and understand the employer’s job description in detail. This will help you create a letter tailored around the skills, responsibilities, experience, and qualifications that the employer is looking for; hence, your letter will get noticed instantly.

    Be concise

    The CNA cover letter should be concise because hiring managers are busy people and wouldn’t want to waste time reading long, pointless, and unnecessary information. As such, include the relevant points only and avoid being too detailed. An ideal cover letter should only be a single page long.

    Align with the company

    Make sure that your cover letter and the body of your application materials are aligned with the company’s goals, values, mission, and principles to stand out as a potential candidate on the list. You can do this by outlining your motivations and describing the steps you will take to accomplish them in your CNA cover letter.


    It is also crucial that you proofread your CNA cover letter to identify any mistakes you may have made in the writing process. Then, review the final document once or twice to ensure that everything is correct and free from typing and spelling mistakes. Proofreading and revising the document accordingly will help you create a professional impression, thus increasing your prospects of securing the job.


    The certified nursing assistant occupation plays a significant role in the medical field. Several people have also trained in the field, making it one of today’s most sought-after job positions. Therefore, you must have a great cover letter and an up-to-date resume to be considered a potential qualified employee. Your CNA cover letter should present your skills, qualifications, experiences, and relevant training initially and excellently while ensuring that it does not duplicate your resume. The document should be tailored to the job opening requirements, and it should be aligned with the company values, mission, and objectives.

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