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Trying to get a human resources job for yourself? We hope you haven’t forgotten how important drafting a properly structured and composed cover letter while applying for this job is! If you had forgotten, you still don’t need to worry because this article covers all the essentials you need to keep in mind while preparing a cover letter for several Human Resources jobs, along with free templates. Read on and find out all about it.

In simple terms, a cover letter refers to the document you send alongside your resume to give additional information on your experience and work-related skills.

A cover letter helps convince the employer by explaining how you are qualified for the position. When writing a cover letter, remember not to repeat what has already been mentioned in the resume. Instead, provide specific information on why you think you are the ideal candidate for the job. You need to see your cover letter as a sales pitch that will help market your credentials, leading to interviews and potentially getting the job. Let the letter create the best impression of you to the reader.

Typically, a cover letter accompanies the resume you send out. Employers use cover letters to assess applicants for the job opening. They also use them to shortlist candidates they will call for interviews.

Free Samples and Templates

Free Human Resources Assistant Cover Letter Sample for Word

Editable Human Resources Coordinator Cover Letter Sample for Word

Printable Human Resources Generalist Cover Letter Sample for Word

Free Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Sample for Word

    The Importance of a Good Cover Letter in Getting a Human Resources Job

    When applying for a Human Resources job, cover letters play a crucial role in determining your success chances. A cover letter will help show your immediate value to the company: In any job application, first impressions matter. A compelling and concise human resource cover letter is your first chance to stand out from the rest. It shows your determination and willingness to work for the company.

    Furthermore, a well written human resource cover letter shows how unique you are. It displays your combination of skills and qualifications that are needed to get the job.  How you word your human resource cover letter gives the reader a glimpse of your personality. Even a resume cannot depict these features. The tone and flow of your letter gives the reader essential insight into your traits and personality. Hiring managers always look out for any traits that can add value to their team.

    A compelling, tailored human resource cover letter shows you have invested your time understanding the job requirements and what the company expects from you.

    Components of Human Resources Cover Letter

    There are a few basic components of a human resources job cover letter that you must remember while preparing your cover letter, regardless of what type of human resources job it is that you are applying for.

    These basic components are:

    The cover letter header: Ensure that your cover letter has a descriptive heading/subject line. For example, you can write “Application for the Role of Human Resources Manager.”

    A personalized introduction: Write an introduction that is customized to the occasion. Specify the position you are applying for and state how you can across the job listing.

    Your elevator pitch: Put up a strong case for your job application. Your cover letter should be your opportunity to win over the employer.

    The letter body: This is probably the most essential part of your cover letter as it is supposed to delineate how you are a perfect fit for the job. In this section, talk about your qualifications and provide relevant examples to support your claim.

    The conclusion: This is the last section of your cover letter.  Make it sound as professional as possible but remain focused on describing in a few lines why the managers would not regret hiring you.

    The signature: At the end of your letter, ensure that you provide your official signature that will be used throughout your tenure at this specific workplace.

    A strong finish: Always finish off your letter with a compelling and robust statement.

    HR Managing Skills that Must be Included in Your Cover Letter

    Mention the human resources management experience: Talk about your experience in the human resource department. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are also pivotal this role. To succeed in the human resource role, you must have excellent communication skills. Remember to mention them in your cover letter.  Furthermore, Mention your negotiation skills in the cover letter. This is a position that will need you to have leadership skills. You will also need good presentation skills. As an HR specialist, you will be called upon to explain various projects to stakeholders. Therefore, you need to have excellent presentation skills.Active listening is a must-have in this position. You need to be an excellent listener to thrive in this role.

    In your role as an HR manager, you need to have sufficient labor law knowledge. This will help you run the department successfully. Time and again, an HR manager is called upon to organize various events. This is why you need to have good organizational skills. Direct support is also important because it helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. You need the keenness and quickness to successfully run the HR department. Computer competencies are crucial in the HR role. Today, no office lacks computer technology. To be a successful HR practitioner, you need to be competent in computer technology.

    Types of Human Resources Jobs and Cover Letter Examples

    There are several types of HR jobs that are available for candidates to apply for, provided that they are genuinely dedicated to work in the manner that the Human Resources department require them to.

    Some of such types and their sample letters are given below for your assistance:

    Human resources assistant

    Individuals in this role are tasked with supporting a company’s human resource specialists. Some of their roles include answering telephone calls, writing correspondence, scheduling appointments, among others. When applying for this position, your cover letter should focus on your qualities and how supportive you can be to an HR specialist.

    Human resources assistant job cover letter sample

    Dear Mrs Williams,

    I am writing to apply for the position of HR Assistant. I came across your job advertisement on and my qualifications match what you are looking for.

    As you see from my resume, my key functions at my present position are:

    Assisting in the resolution of employee issues

    Help recruit new staff and provide orientation to them.

    Maintaining employee documentation.

    When we organize luncheons for staff and company excursions, I coordinate all food and travel arrangements, as well as researching prices for souvenirs and office gifts, ordering them, and presenting them.

    I would like to meet with you personally to expand on my experience and answer any questions you may have.

    You can contact me easily at 333-357-4680, or send me an email at if you prefer.

    Cordially yours,

    Sam Smith

    Human resources coordinator

    The role of a human resource coordinator is to facilitate all human resource processes. It is a role that administers employee welfare, acting as the link between employees and insurance providers. A cover letter in support of this role should be detailed to the latter. Start your cover letter with salutations, then mention why you are writing the letter. Some of the key points you should mention in your letter include your previous work experience, your achievements, academic qualifications, and how you will benefit the company.

    Human resources coordinator job cover letter sample

    Dear Mr. Peterson,

    As a highly skilled Human Resources Coordinator, I read your posting for a new Human Resources Coordinator with interest. My experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking at Motohub Engineers, in particular my role as Human Resources Coordinator at Dunhill Group Inc, and I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organization.

    With more than four years’ experience as a Human Resources Coordinator, I am adept in managing employee relations, tracking data, and completing organizational tasks. I am extremely enthusiastic about Motohub Engineers focus on organizational improvements for employees and would welcome the opportunity to positively contribute to your human resources objectives.

    I will follow up to request an appointment to discuss how my experience and background meet your needs.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Ann Henderson.

    Human resources generalist

    This is an individual tasked with a wide range of duties instead of a specialized line of work. Some of the responsibilities associated with this role include compensation and benefits, hiring, administration, among others.

    Human resources generalist job cover letter sample

    Dear Mr. Alvarez:

    I am submitting my attached resume for consideration for the HR Generalist position you have advertised on

    As noted in my resume, I earned a related BBA-HR Degree in Human Resources and possess over 6 years of experience working as an HR professional at two renowned companies in the US. Below are some of my job qualities:

    • Capable of carrying out the recruitment process efficiently while maintaining quality standard.

    • Able to consistently draft new and improve HR policies and procedures to boost staff motivation.

    • Proficient in executing effective employee performance evaluations and subsequent performance based appraisals.

    I also possess a high level of passion for work, superb management skills and the urge for performing my responsibilities with quality.

    I trust the benefits I’ve provided my past employers will encourage you to grant me an interview to further discuss this opportunity

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Yours Sincerely,

    John Kenny.

    Human resources manager

    An HR manager is tasked with supporting the business to deliver people-related processes. A cover letter written in the application of this role should focus on administrative responsibilities. In most cases, companies look for a highly experienced HR manager because it is a very crucial position. In your cover, therefore, you should mention how experienced you are in the role. If possible, give a few examples backing up your statement. It is also recommended that you mention your administrative duties.

    Human resources manager job sample cover letter

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Alexander Johnson and i saw your job ad for the HR Manager position at CV Group, Inc. on As I am very passionate about my job and have been working in human resources for the past 6 years, I believe that my qualifications align perfectly with the described job requirements.

    In my current job at Server Choice Ltd, I am mainly responsible for the whole development and implementation of new people strategies and plans and management and coordination of all recruiting processes and procedures. This experience has helped me to significantly improve my laadership ability and taught me how to stay time end function well under pressure. What’s more, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other departments as wall, which has let me further develop my knowindge and gain experience in other fields.

    Finally, I am in charge of the maintenance of a friendly and open-minded organizational culture that has always been my number one goal and priority.

    I am excited at the prospect of growing both personally and professionally while working with you.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Alexander Johnson.


    Should I address my cover letter for human resources job to Human Resources?

    It depends on what the job listing instructions are. If you have been instructed to direct the letter to Human Resources, do so!

    What do employers look for in a cover letter for an HR job?

    Your qualifications and past experiences. Cover letters are also used to determine a candidate’s personality and whether they are qualified for the job.

    Applying for HR jobs can be a complicated and uncertain process, but that is only the case when you don’t have a cover letter attached with your resume while applying. For you to boost your chances of getting the job, always write a cover letter!

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