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Within the transportation field, delivery drivers focus on mobilizing and delivering a diversity of goods and products. They use motorcycles, vehicles, vans, trucks, and bicycles to collect, carry and deliver the merchandise.

The delivery drivers work for all types of establishments that provide home or door-to-door delivery services, such as couriers, parcels, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, among others.

The delivery drivers follow the pre-established routes and ensure the package’s delivery in the shortest possible time. Additionally, they use a variety of tools to classify and inventory the assigned packages. In addition to this, they generally require the recipient to sign a form to prove that they received the package.

Their work rarely involves just driving. Plan the schedule, the route, and load the truck, ordering the merchandise to deliver is also a part of their job. Apart from this, unloading the products at the customer’s premises, receiving the billing, and sometimes charging for the merchandise is also done by them. Chauffeurs sometimes have an assistant to help them with loading and unloading jobs, but usually, they carry out their work alone. In the case of furniture, they usually even put them in place at the client’s request.

When most people consider applying for a job, they feel the most challenging part would be writing their resume. Of course, your resume is essential, but it is the accompanying cover letter that makes the vital first impression on a hiring manager that will get you noticed.

Are you stumped as to how to write your cover letter? Here we have created a step-by-step guide that will help you in creating a job-winning cover letter.

Free Templates

Crafting a compelling cover letter is essential when applying for a delivery driver position, and our templates are designed to simplify the process for you. By utilizing these templates, you can save time and effort while ensuring a professional and polished presentation. Each template offers a clear structure, customizable sections, and industry-specific language, enabling you to highlight your relevant skills, experience, and dedication to exceptional delivery service.

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    Skills and Responsibilities to Include

    You need to know what you do if you get behind a motorcycle, car, or truck wheel if you want to be a delivery driver. You will spend most of your workday on the road and be a pleasant driver. Some of the skills you need to acquire for delivery drivers are as follows:

    Safe driving skills

    For acquiring the delivery driver position, safe driving skills are crucial. Safe driving skills usually include being alert when driving and attentive to what is happening around you and identifying and preventing risks to avoid accidents. The additional skills may include monitoring the vehicle’s condition and making periodic reviews of the unit, and performing minor maintenance or repairs to the vehicle.

    Note That: A delivery driver must pay attention to safety.

    He should inspect the vehicle for any part malfunction and check the brakes, windshield wipers, and lights. Also, he must drive the vehicle following the pre-established routes, comply with land traffic laws, and park in the areas designated for the loading and unloading of merchandise or package deliveries.

    Time management and deadline orientation

    Managing your time effectively and working according to pre-established schedules and arriving at the site destined for delivery on time, and following deadlines is necessary for availing this job.


    The delivery driver’s job requires a considerable amount of multitasking. A driver has to deliver the package to the corresponding recipient, return the packages to the central office or company when their delivery could not be made, collect the acknowledgments, and charge the shipping cost, if necessary.

    Ability to work under pressure

    Along with other skills, a delivery driver must have the ability to work under pressure. It includes having an excellent physical condition and endurance and the ability to endure long hours of work and withstand different weather conditions.


    Teamwork is another skill that a delivery driver must have as the delivery driver’s job requires a considerable amount of coordination in managing the different package deliveries.

    Effective communication

    Effective communication will increase your chances of getting the delivery driver position as you have to interact with the packages’ recipients. By having excellent communication skills, you become the link between the company and the clients.

    Apart for these, there are a few things that you must have in order to get selected for the job.

    These are:

    • A valid driver’s license: A valid driver’s license is the first and foremost thing you need to have for acquiring a delivery driver job: to have a valid driver’s license; without a valid license, you do not stand a chance of getting a delivery driver position. The local government issues the driver’s license depending on specific criteria set by them. In some cases, you may have to renew the driving license.
    • A clean driving record: Another thing that is essential for getting the delivery driver job is to have a clean driving record. If you have any lousy history or record, you will not be able to avail of delivery driver jobs; this includes all kinds of fallacies, including drunk driving in some cases.
    • Previous experience working as a delivery driver: If you have experience working as a delivery driver, it will give our other applicants a competitive advantage as logistics companies prefer drivers with experience. For some jobs, it may be necessary for applying for the job.

    Delivery Driver Cover Letter Sample

    Dear Mr./Mrs.

    I learned with great interest from (indicate the site, the newspaper, or the person who provided you with the information) that you were looking for a delivery driver. Your business is known for (giving a business asset or specifying its needs in relation to delivery). I am therefore applying.

    I have since (indicate the number of years) my license B (or higher) and, despite a high daily mileage, I still have all my points. I also have solid experience in delivery driving (or in the transport sector if you were, for example, a truck driver) since I worked during (specify) at (name of the former employer).

    Used to using GPS, I also have an excellent sense of direction. Solid knowledge of mechanics allows me to maintain my vehicle and to carry out the most common repairs. My sense of organization allows me to meet deadlines and deliver orders. Polite by my education, I am concerned about my appearance and will ensure your customers a good image for your company.

    While waiting to meet you, I ask you to kindly receive, (Madam, Sir), the expression of my best regards.

    Your Name

    Final Thoughts

    Delivery drivers are responsible for delivering goods to company clients on time while also offering customer support. It involves delivering packages, working orders, receiving fares, attracting new customers, and resolving customer complaints. With a decent cover letter, you have high chances of availing this job.

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