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Debt Release Letter is an official letter sent by the creditor to the debtor along with any third party, after a debt has been paid, to inform them that there is no longer any financial obligations between the creditor and the debtor. A debt release letter is usually requested by the debtor, after making their final payment, to obtain an acknowledgment letter from the creditor to show a credit reporting agency or any other third party that the debt has been cleared and should be removed from their credit report.

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    Why it is Necessary to Issue a Debt Release Letter

    • The issuance of this letter means that there is no financial obligation between the creditor and the debtor.
    • The letter acts as a future reference for the debtor that he had fully paid the owed amount.

    What Should be Included in a Debt Release Letter?

    The agreement one is given must include all of the following primary information:

    • The creditors’ name and address
    • The debtors’/any other third party’s name and address
    • The loan reference number/account number
    • The date which the debt was paid
    • The total amount paid: the letter should indicate the total amount paid. Note that for you to obtain a debt release letter, you must have paid the debt in full.
    • A closing signature

    Debt collection laws

    Although creditors are obliged to collect every debt owed by their clients, the law restricts the methods used to collect them by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; the laws do not relieve debtors from paying what they owe. Creditors also have a right to call the debtor and demand for the payment and sue the debtors in court when it is necessary.

    • The law does not allow the collection agency to discuss the amount of debt you owe with your employers, family, and friends.
    • The law prohibits using abusive words, threats, slurs or insults, or even profane language when collecting debts. The debtor can always file a complaint in court if there is any evidence of harassment.
    • Debtors always have the right to pay the debt slowly. They can request the creditor for a breakdown of the amount owed and its interest rates which they can easily manage
    • The debtor should not completely ignore the creditor or the collector. He or she should indicate when it is appropriate to be called.
    • The debt collectors should always introduce themselves to their first contact with the debtor. The debtor has the right to know who they are, the agency or creditor they are representing, your outstanding balance, and also provide contact information on how you will get in touch with them.
    • Always request a written document in cases where the negotiation is done over the phone for future may include the owed debt and where or who you should be making your payments to.

    What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Debt Release Letter?

    Owing to someone or a company, a debt ties up all your capital so that you won’t be able to do the things you want to do. The effects can be more than financial; pressure to pay debts can sometimes damage your relationships with others, your health, and also your work.

    There are several benefits to paying off your debts and having a debt release letter. These benefits include;

    • Better Credit Score: Your credit score may improve significantly after paying off your debts, thereby increasing your chances of getting another loan. You can also use the debt release letter to inform any credit reporting agencies to remove any negative listings on your credit report.
    • Less Stress: Paying off debt feels like lifting a huge weight off your chest. One can sleep more comfortably after obtaining a debt release letter stating that they have been cleared of any financial obligations.
    • Fewer Risks: Being indebted, one does not have savings to fall back on. Bad debts may also lead to losing your assets, such as your home, car, and may eventually lead to bankruptcy.
    • Higher Self-Esteem: Paying off debts boosts your confidence around people. Paying off your debt removes one financial burdensome is relieved from the burden of calls or evens letters from the collecting agency. You can always refer to your debt release letter should there arise any issue with the creditor or the credit reporting agencies thereafter.

    Sample Debt Release Letter


    Mark Peterson

    726 Valley Road,

    Chicago Street, 9698

    [Debt collection agency]

    Attention: Apex Collection Agency

    62768, Abrams Street.

    Texas, 1740 Old Mutual.

    To Whom This May Concern,

    Kindly note that Paul Stevens; Ref no: A124DF5R has made their final payment of $769 for the account number: 292989181. Therefore, you should clear the debt from their account. Kindly notify the credit reporting bureaus and any other credit agencies that the debt has been cleared.

    It would be best if you refrained from making any more phone calls to the person mentioned above about this debt. The debt has been cleared, and the client, therefore, does not expect to hear from you except to acknowledge that their account has been paid-in-full. Any other communication may be considered as harassment, which may lead to litigations against your agency.

    Kindly confirm the debt release and, after that, delete any information about their account from your records.


    Mark Peterson

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