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In some instances, you may usually need to prove that you indeed reside at a particular address. To do this, you will often have to draft and submit an address verification letter to the relevant authorities. But just what is it? What roles does it play? And what steps should you take to draft it?

Well, we dedicate the entire length and breadth of the following article to explain these and, indeed, many more pertinent issues that surround this wonderful topic of discussion. How about you taking your precious time to learn more about the issue?

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Free Address Verification Letter Format for Word

Editable Address Verification Letter Sample for Word

    Purpose of the Address Verification Letter

    The following are the common circumstances when you might need this letter:

    • As a Court Alibi: In the course of litigation, you may have to prove that you were not present at the exact spot where the crime which is under trial at the court happened. This is something you most always do by use of an address verification letter. It convinces the judge and the jury of your exact location at the time.
    • Applying for a Government Program/Benefit: Some government programs or benefits are often tied to particular places or locales. Yet again, you have to prove that you indeed stay at that place to be able to qualify for the selfsame benefit. How else might you do this save for verifying that you indeed reside in the ‘right addresses?
    • Eligibility for Scholarships: As with the case with the government programs, you will also have to prove that you reside in particular addresses to be eligible for certain scholarships. How else can this be possible save for you drafting and sending out an address verification letter? This letter aims to show that you reside within the allowed precincts.
    • Bank Account Opening: Before opening the bank accounts, you will often have to prove that you indeed reside in the place where you claim to be. Banks want this specific piece of information to be able to know more about their clients and solve any emerging issues well.
    • Address for Utility Services: Utility companies need your physical addresses to be able to mail the bills, invoices, and receipts conveniently. Even though you may claim to live in that address, such a claim in and of itself is not enough. You have to indeed verify that you live there for the sake of added confidence.

    What to Include in an Address Verification Letter

    In your letter of address verification, be sure to incorporate the following pieces of information:

    • Date: Start by indicating the date when the letter was drafted. Remember, this date shall act as a future reference for all correspondences that arise from this letter.
    • Name and Address of the Landlord: Next, place the details of the landlord. Identify his Name and address clearly at the top of the letter. This detail will serve as the standard reference for any future responses and follow-up.
    • Name and Physical Address of the Tenant: Now get to the body of the letter. Here, place the details of the tenant by revealing his name and the address wherein he is located. Be sure to make the details accurate to avoid any ambiguities.
    • Period of Tenancy: Spell out the period of tenancy, i.e., how long this tenant has been residing in this premise and when his tenancy contract is slated to come to an end.
    • Contact Details: It is always necessary that you showcase your contact details for ease of follow-up and correspondences at a later date. These should be at the bottom of the letter.

    Address Verification Letter Template (Textual)

    Let’s take a look at a general format to follow for the job:






    City, State Zip Code

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

    RE: Address Verification Letter

    This is to notify you that _________ (name of the tenant), is and has been a tenant in one of our apartments in Miami. His present residence is at _______ (physical address of the present residence of the tenant). He has been our tenant for ___ (duration of the tenancy) now, having entered our premise in _____ (date when he entered the premises).

    His employment contract is due to end in _______ (time left for the contract to come to an end) i.e. ____ (date when the current contract is due to end). The house he stays in costs _________ (monthly rental costs) a month.

    In case you need any further clarification from us, feel free to reach us on XXX-XXX-XXXX.


    Your Name


    Address Verification Letter Sample

    Address Verification Letter Sample

    Friday, July 10, 2020,

    Mr. Corbyn Hannity,

    Chief Realtor – Elite Miami Realtors,

    700 S. Royal Poinciana Boulevard,

    Suite 400,

    Miami, Florida 33166

    Dear Mrs. Jessica Brown,

    RE: Address Verification Letter

    This is to notify you that Mr. Harmony Emilsson is and has been a tenant in one of our apartments in Miami. His present residence is at 140 NE 39th St. Miami, FL 33137. He has been our tenant for four years now, having entered our premises in July 2016.

    His employment contract is due to end in 2-years’ time, i.e., July 2022. The house he stays in costs $400 a month.

    In case you need any further clarification from us, feel free to reach us on 1-305-284-3115.


    Mr. Corby Hannity,

    Chief Realtor – Elite Miami Realtors

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We now identify and answer some of the frequently asked questions that revolve around the address verification letter:

    Why Does My Address Come Up As Invalid?

    An address may come up as invalid because it is searched and found inconsistent with the addresses that are already maintained by the United States Postal Services. That may require you to revise it and find one that is indeed suitable for the stated purpose or locale.

    What Must Happen For A Street Address To Be Considered Valid?

    For a street address to be considered valid, it has to comprise the Name of the individual, the company or apartment of residence, building number, suite, the Name of the street, and the zip code of the locale wherein the stated installations are fixed.

    How Do You Verify An Address?

    Just visit the UPSP website and seek the verification of that address. Alternatively, you may use the common search engines to be able to find out whether the address is truly existent or not.


    We bring an end to our look into the address verification letter there. How about you taking over from where we have left? That can only mean that you now seek ways and means of verifying your address or at least responding promptly to the quest to have the addresses verified. Best of luck as you tackle that.

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