One (1) Week Notice Resignation Letter Samples (with Guide)

When resigning from your current job position, it is always essential to provide your employer with a formal resignation letter notifying them of your intent to leave the company. Doing so ensures that you leave the organization under reasonable terms and helps strengthen your relationship with your employer, ensuring that you get good references for your future job search endeavors.

In most cases, employees are required to issue their employers at least two weeks’ notice before their resignation effective date to allow the employer time to hire and train a substitute. However, sometimes an employee may be forced to leave on short notice; thus, it is essential to know what you should do when resigning under short notice. Generally, it is advisable to provide your employer with a one-week notice resignation letter that clearly states your intent to leave within a week.

What is a One-Week/Short Notice Resignation Letter

A one-week notice resignation letter, sometimes referred to as a short notice resignation letter, is a document that acts as a formal announcement to your employer that you intend to resign from your current job position within one week of the date on which the resignation letter is written.

The one-week notice resignation letter is most commonly used when an employee has accepted another job offer. The new employer wants them to start immediately; when an employee needs to leave their current position due to unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency or death in the family; or in cases where the current job conditions are intolerable for the employee.

The purpose of the short notice resignation letter is to allow employees who resign on short notice to give proper advanced notice to their employers without burning any bridges at their current company.

Free Sample Letters

When it comes to resigning from your job, providing a one (1) week’s notice can be a professional and courteous way to ensure a smooth transition. Crafting a resignation letter can seem difficult, but with the help of free templates, the process becomes much easier. These templates and sample letters offer a range of formats and structures, allowing you to tailor your letter to your specific situation. By utilizing free templates, you can save time, ensure clarity in your message, and present a polished resignation letter that reflects your professionalism.

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      Writing the Short Notice Resignation Letter

      To properly notify your employer of your decision to exit their company, you need to write a concise one-week notice resignation letter. The resignation letter should be written professionally and in a formal manner. Your tone should also be positive throughout the letter. It would be best to avoid including any negative comments, regardless of your reason for leaving the job, and instead, focus only on the positive aspects of your job. writing your short notice resignation letter properly will not only give you some peace of mind, but it can also help you hold on to your current position in the future if the need arises.

      In this context, your one-week notice resignation letter should incorporate the following information:

      Your intent to resign and the position of your job

      The introductory paragraph of the one-week notice resignation letter should include a brief statement indicating your intention to leave to ensure that your employer knows the letter’s purpose immediately after they begin reading it. Besides, make sure to include your title/position of the job such that there is no confusion whatsoever.

      Last day of work

      Including your last working day in the short notice resignation letter is essential to ensure that your employer is informed and prepared for your departure to allow for a smooth transition process. Generally, it is a great idea to include your last day of work in the first paragraph of the one-week notice resignation letter.

      The reason behind your resignation

      The reason behind your resignation should also be clearly stated in the short notice resignation letter. This is essential because it will make it easier for your employer to respond promptly. While providing the reason for your resignation, you must remain as specific as possible and give a cause based on facts. However, make your explanations brief and avoid including too many details, especially if you are leaving due to personal reasons or reasons that are not related to the job itself. Typical reasons that may prompt an employee to resign on short notice include; pursuing a different career or resigning because you have suddenly realized that you are unhappy in your current job and need to change your work environment.

      Thank the employer

      A short and simple thank you note can go a long way in further strengthening your professional relationship with your soon-to-be-ex-employer. As such, show gratitude for the opportunities your employer has provided you during your tenure, the experiences and skills you have acquired while working in the organization and how these have impacted who you are in your current professional life. For example, you may mention the specific projects you are grateful for having been a part of, the type of training and career development opportunities provided to you during your employment, or express gratitude for the overall experience.

      Offer to help with the transition

      If feasible, offer to help with the transition, mainly because you are leaving under short notice, to demonstrate your willingness to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. For example, mention in your one-week notice letter that you are willing to work overtime to successfully train the person who will take on your current job responsibilities.

      Concluding statement and signature

      End your one-week notice resignation letter with a brief concluding statement thanking the employer for the opportunity to work with them, and include a formal sign-off, then add your signature and typed name.

      Short Notice Resignation Letter

      The following one-week notice resignation letter template and sample serve as additional guides to help you craft your short notice resignation letter most professionally and appropriately. You can use them as a reference source while writing your resignation letter to ensure that you include all the essential details:


      [Employee’s name]
      [Job position]
      [Preferred contact information]


      [Recipient’s name]
      [Company name]

       Dear Mr./Miss/ Mrs.,

      I hereby give you a formal notice of my intent to resign from my current position as ____________ [state your job position] at _____________ [write the company name], effective immediately.

      My last working day will be on ____________ [provide your final work day] at____________ [include the time], which is one week short of the anticipated end of my contract with this company. I am forced to leave under such short notice due to urgent unforeseen circumstances at home that I have to resolve immediately.

      I have had a great time working in this organization. For that, I am sincerely grateful to you for the continued support and the numerous learning opportunities you have provided me with during my employment here.

      I look forward to helping you make this transition a smooth process for you, my fellow workers, and the new person taking on my current role.

      Thank you for being so understanding of this matter. If you need any assistance regarding my work, pending projects and the estimated deadlines, please feel free to contact me through my mobile number at __________________ [include your phone number] or email at _________ [provide your email address].


      [Your signature]

      [Your printed name]
      [Job Position]


      Sample 01

      Javan Davis Shurtleff,
      Credit Reporting Manager,
      XYZ Limited Company,

      January 14, 20xx

      Mr. Charles Wellington,
      Human Resource Manager,
      XYZ Limited Company,
      4th Street, New York CBD.

      Dear Mr. Wellington,

      I am writing this one-week notice resignation letter to notify you that I will be resigning from my current position as the Credit Reporting officer, XYZ Ltd Company, effective on January 23, 20xx. I am resigning with short notice because I have accepted a new job offer with another organization, and my new employer requires me to start work immediately.

      I have been with XYZ limited company for the past five months, and in that time, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience, which has prepared me for my new position. I feel confident that my work has been satisfactory, and I am grateful to you for the opportunities presented to me by your company during my employment. I also want to thank you for all the support you have provided me during these few months, which were challenging and truly rewarding.

      I wish your company and my colleagues continued success and prosperity. I highly value your understanding of my situation. I am willing to work overtime to ensure that all my projects and assigned tasks are completed before my official departure from this company. I am also available to couch my substitute for the position during my notice period or via my mobile phone number at +1123678900 or email at after my exit. So kindly feel free to contact me.



      Javan Davis Shurtleff

      Credit Reporting Officer.

      Sample 02

      October 13, 20xx

      Mike Daryl
      Head of Operations
      Bridgeport Supplies Company
      1313 Marshall St
      Portland, OR, 90211

       Dear Mr. Daryl,

      This letter is to let you know I will resign as the procurement assistant at Bridgeport Supplies., effective one week from today. I lost my parents in a grisly road accident on Monday. In this respect, I will have to relocate to our home country for burial and to take over the management of the family businesses.

      I am grateful for the opportunity your company has granted me for the last ten years. The strides I have made in my career as a procurement officer are courtesy to your company and the fantastic employees.

      Please let me know how I can assist in ensuring a smooth transition in the transition period.

      Thank you.


      Amason Cliff

      Sample 03

      To: [Manager’s Email Address]

      Subject: Letter of Resignation – [Your Name]

      Dear [Manager’s Name],

      Please accept this letter as a resignation notice that will resign from my position as the sale representative for Pathways Medics effective one week from today (September 8, 20XX). My family will be relocating to Oregano, and I will have to move with them.

      I highly appreciate the opportunities your company offered me to learn and grow in my career.

      Please if you need any assistance for a smooth transition, let me know. I the meantime I will work on all pending tasks before the due date.


       [Your Signature]

      Do’s and Don’ts

      To ensure that your one-week notice resignation letter effectively communicates your intent to leave graciously and in a manner that demonstrates your professionalism, there are certain things that you should consider and things that you should avoid. The following are the standard do’s and don’ts while writing short notice resignation letters:


      The things to consider while writing your short notice resignation letter include:

      Tell your employer first

      For the sake of courtesy, make it a point to inform your employer of your intent to leave before informing your colleagues or any other person within the organization. If possible, tell them in person. However, if it is not possible to schedule an in-person meeting with your employer, notify them of your decision to leave via a call or write them an official email.

      Follow the business letter format

      After providing your employer with a verbal short notice resignation, write a formal resignation letter following the accepted business letter format. Following this format is essential because the one-week notice resignation letter is a formal business correspondence that will be permanently stored in your personnel file. As such, your letter should include the header information in the topmost part of the letter compromising of your contact information, the date on which the letter will be submitted, and your employer’s contact information. In addition, you should end the short notice resignation letter with your handwritten signature and your printed name below it.

      Keep it short

      Your short notice resignation letter should be brief, clear, and concise. Do not include too many irrelevant details because you want to express your intent to resign without rambling or disclosing too much information that could negatively ruin your reputation with the company.

      Proofread and edit

      Before you hand in your one-week notice resignation letter to your employer or superiors, make sure you read through it and edit it to make sure it is grammatically correct and free of any mistakes.

      Maintain a formal tone

      Avoid any temptations to complain about the job itself, other workers in your department or the work environment to ensure you maintain a formal tone throughout the letter. In addition, regardless of your reasons for exiting the company, keep your emotions in check. Any emotions you show, especially if they are negative, can only give rise to unpleasant incidents and make the situation worse for everyone.

      Be gracious

      Be courteous and humble enough in your short notice resignation letter to thank the employer for the opportunities presented to you during your employment and the chance to work with them. However, avoid excessive flattery.

      Keep the door to feedback open

      Make sure that the letter does not shut any doors. Keep your communication lines open if there is any feedback or other information you need to communicate to your employer by including your reliable contact information.


      Below is a detailed list of the things to avoid while writing a short notice resignation letter to ensure you do not burn your bridges with your former employer:

      Don’t brag about your new job

      Even if your new employer is a great place to work, do not discuss its advantages and benefits because it could make your employer think that you are just bragging about how you got the job. Instead, include only the most essential information accepted in standard resignation letters.

      Don’t argue with the management

      Generally, no employer will appreciate or want to hear any negative remarks or arguments from their employee. Therefore, your one-week notice resignation letter should be professional and focus only on the reasons behind your resignation, not on any reasons why you did not like the management.

      Don’t quit without a warning

      Although most employees may be tempted to quit without prior notice, mainly if the work environment has been stressful or unpleasant for them, you must avoid leaving without a proper warning, as this can lead to unnecessary issues. In addition, maintaining a positive relationship with your professional network is very important. As such, you should always strive to notify your employer and give them as much notice as possible to hire and train your replacement.


      Whenever you leave your job without sufficient notice, it is essential to notify your employer in writing a week before the date you intend to go. The one-week notice resignation letter is usually written by employees when they are forced to vacate their employment due to unforeseen circumstances like family reasons or issues arising from the workplace. However, your short notice resignation letter must not appear reluctant, accusatory, or overly negative despite these situations because such letters may taint your reputation and make you seem like an ungrateful employee.

      Thus, for your short notice resignation letter to remain effective, you must ensure that it is not overly emotional. Your letter should also provide a clear and quick summary of the events that have led to your decision to leave the job on short notice, your final day of employment, a thank you note, and an offer to help with the transition. By following these simple guidelines while writing your short notice resignation letter, you can rest assured that you will be able to leave your employer on good terms and without any guilt plaguing you because of any misunderstandings between the two of you.

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