One (1) Week Notice Resignation Letter Samples (Email Examples)

One (1) Week Notice Resignation Letter

Under normal circumstances, you should issue a two week notice to your employer if you want to resign from your current job. But in some situations, you may not have the pleasure of issuing a two weeks’ notice. For example, when you have an emergency family situation or the work [place is completely unhealthy or unsafe. Any resignation notice period less than two-week sis regarded as short notice resignation. Writing a one week’s notice resignation letter to your employer is to inform them you will no longer work for them in a week time. Writing the letter ensures you leave your current employer, honorably. The letter should adopt a helpful and polite tone.

How to write the letter

A standard one week’s notice resignation letter should include the following:

  • The reason for resigning
  • The late day at work
  • A polite tone
  • A description of short notice resignation
  • A detailed plan of you will complete any pending work
  • Appreciation of the opportunity to work for the company
  • Your signature and date

How to issue a one-week notice

When issuing a one-week notice resignation letter, you must give a valid reason why you’ve given a short notice resignation. This is vital to maintain a positive relationship with your employer. In the letter, you should state you last day at work besides reveal if the date can be negotiated.

Additionally, you must work with your employer to identify a successor and hand over any pending assignments to the individual. Depending on your reasons for resignation, you should be flexible enough to enable a smooth transition and prevent affecting normal operations the business.

Once you’re written the letter, proofread, sign, and issue the letter to your immediate boss or the human resources manager.

Sample one week notice resignation letter

Amason Cliff

292 NW 2nd Ave.

Portland, OR, 93700

(503) 807-5043


October 13, 2019

Mike Daryl

Head of Operations

Bridgeport Supplies Company

1313 Marshall St

Portland, OR, 90211


Dear Mr. Daryl

This letter is to let you know I will resign as the procurement assistant at Bridgeport Supplies., effective one week from today. I lost my parents in a grisly road accident on Monday. In this respect, I will have to relocate to our home country for burial and to take over the management of the family businesses.

I am grateful for the opportunity your company has granted me for the last ten years. The strides I have made in my career as a procurement officer are courtesy to your company and the fantastic employees.

Please let me know how I can assist in ensuring a smooth transition in the transition period.

Thank you.


Amason Cliff

One week notice resignation email example

To: [Manager’s Email Address]

Subject: Letter of Resignation – [Your Name]


Dear [Manager’s Name],



Please accept this letter as a resignation notice that will resign from my position as the sale representative for Pathways Medics effective one week from today (September 8, 20XX). My family will be relocating to Oregano, and I will have to move with them.

I highly appreciate the opportunities your company offered me to learn and grow in my career.

Please if you need any assistance for a smooth transition, let me know. I the meantime I will work on all pending tasks before the due date.



[Your Signature]

One week notice resignation letter (Word Format)

One week notice resignation letter (Word Format)

One week notice resignation email example (Word Format)

One week notice resignation email example