Sample Bank Account Verification Letters For Visa

When you intend to host a person from abroad, you have to prove to the US Embassy or Consulate that you have that ability. To do this, your bank has to draft and send out an account verification for the visa letter and send it out to the US embassy in the country from which the applicant hails.

They draft this letter for a fee. We want to dig deeper into this letter to know all about it and how it may be leveraged for this benefit. Find these pieces of information in the discussions that follow.

Free Templates

Downloadable Bank Accounts Verification Letter For Visa Format for Word Format

Downloadable Bank Accounts Verification Letter For Visa Sample for Word Format

    Purpose of the Bank Accounts Verification for Visa

    This letter serves two main purposes, explained below:

    • Demonstrate your financial Strength: For one, it demonstrates your financial strength to the US immigration authorities. This is done principally by letting the same authorities know about the amount of money that you have in your account. That gives them the confidence they need to let your visitor enter the US.
    • Aid in Visa Application: Next, it aids in the visa application. The US embassy which is located in the foreign nation, upon receiving the letter, will facilitate the application process and the subsequent entry of the visitor into the United States. 

    What to Include in an Account Verification Letter 

    A typical letter of this kind has to comprise the following details:

    • Your Full Name – It contains your full name as it exists in the bank records. It is this name that is subsequently used to verify you and create a connection between you and the visitor later on.
    • Full Name Of The Visitor – It is the official name of the person or visitor whom you would like to host. The name here is the one as it appears in the passport or other official documents.
    • Your Bank Account Number – The account which you intend to verify. If you have more than one account, choose the oldest as it is more credible.
    • Date Of Account Opening – Refers to the date when you first opened your present account. As hinted above, an older one is more likely to be trusted than the most recent one.
    • Account Type – What is the type of account you want to verify? Is it a savings account, a fixed deposit, or a salary? Generally, a more solid account like a fixed deposit account is more trusted than a fluid one such as that of a salary.
    • Your Current Balance – It is the amount of money that is presently available in your account.
    • Average Balance – This is the level of balance that has been in existence in your account over a given period of time. It could stretch from 3-12 months.

    Bank Accounts Verification For Visa Format

    Let us give you a format here which you may use to draft a letter of this kind:


    [Bank Name]

    [Bank Address]


    To: US Embassy/Consulate of ______ (country of quest)

    RE: Bank Account Verification for Visa of ___ (the full name of the guest) from ___ (the name and address of the host)

    To Whom It May Concern

    This letter proves that _____ (your full name) is an account holder with __ (name of the bank). Below are the details of the account:

    Type of Account: ________

    Account Number: _______

    Current Balance: ________

    Average Balance: ________

    Date Opened: mm/dd/yyyy

    It is our hope that this vital piece of information shall be sufficient.


    [Bank Name]  [Name of Authorized Bank Employee]


    Bank Accounts Verification for Visa Samples


    Equity Bank

    6200 NW 63rd Street,

    Kansas City, MO 64151

    June 29, 2020

    To: US Embassy/Consulate of Nairobi, Kenya

    RE: Account Verification for Visa of Duncan S. Oluoch from Catherine Blaise

    To Whom It May Concern

    This letter proves that Catherine Blaise is an account holder with Equity Bank.

    Below are the details:

    • Type of Account: Fixed Deposit
    • Account Number: 1238796055
    • Current Balance: $12,476.90
    • Average Balance (past 12 months): $9,789.33
    • Date Opened: March 8th, 2015

    It is our hope that this vital piece of information shall be sufficient.


    Equity Bank

    Mrs. Mitchell Robinson – Customer Relations Officer


    How to Get an Account Verification Letter for a US Visa?

    Follow the steps below to obtain a verification letter for a US visa:

    Step I: Accrue sufficient funds

    Make sure that you have more than enough money to host a visitor. This amount varies with the nature of the visa and from state to state. You have to clarify with the local authorities to be sure of just how much you might need to host a foreigner.

    Step II: Approach your bank

    In the next step, you have to approach your bank either personally or via written correspondence. Let them know of your intent to host a visitor. They will give you the forms you need and the guidelines you will have to follow to be able to fill them out completely.

    Step III: Fill out the form and pay the fees

    Proceed to fill out the form and pay the fees. The fees range from $10-$20. Remember, your application will not be processed unless you remit this amount of money. In the form, you will also provide the contacts via which the letter will be available to you and the relevant US embassy.

    Step IV: Receive your document

    Upon verification, your bank shall issue the letter to the relevant US embassy and a courtesy copy to you via the addresses you provided in the applications. This will take no less than one working day. If it takes more than 3 days, you may have to pay a visit to them again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s take a look now at some of the frequently asked questions that revolve around this letter:

    Who writes such a letter?

    Your bank writes it on your behalf and sends it straight to the relevant US embassy. Along with it, the letter contains the company letterhead, the official stamp, and the signature of the relevant authority.

    To whom do I send this letter?

    Send it to the person you are sponsoring. Send out courtesy copies to the application center and the relevant US embassy. They will confer and verify the details before granting the visa.

    What if my bank does not provide this letter?

    Ask them to send your latest bank statements. Let them accompany this with a letter explaining the purpose of the statements.

    What else do I require to sponsor a US visa?

    You need a letter of invitation, an affidavit, a letter of employment, and the latest three or four payslips.


    To reiterate an earlier point, drafting this letter is important, as the decision to allow your visitor to enter the United States or not is largely hinged on it. You should not play around with it and the process of drafting it. Take great care that you adhere to the steps above.

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