20 Perfect Teacher Recommendation Letter Samples

A Recommendation Letter for a Teacher is written to provide a character reference for a teacher looking for employment.

The letter should highlight the teacher’s positive character and personal traits to increase their chances of getting employed. It is usually about one page long and should be simple and easy to read.

The individual (recommender) who writes it can be:

  • A fellow teacher
  • A colleague like a principal or vice-principal
  • A sponsoring teacher in the case of a student-teacher
  • A former professor for a teacher with no work experience

The recommender should keep in mind that it is used by individuals applying for job positions in academia; hence, an honest and correctly written letter is required. In addition, the recommender may be required to craft this letter so that a student teacher or a fellow teacher (colleague) can use it to look for employment.

Apart from fellow teachers looking to be hired, a recommender may have to prepare it for educators who want to move to another school. This helps to improve their chances of getting the job.

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    How to Write

    A recommender writing such a letter for a fellow teacher should ensure that they craft it correctly and include all the details required to provide a proper character reference. The teacher must know all the elements they must incorporate in the letter and how to format it.

    Here is a step-by-step guide that a recommender can use when crafting this letter for their colleague:

    Section 1: Letterhead

    Since it is a formal letter, the recommender must include the letterhead. The letterhead is usually at the top-left corner of the letter.

    It should contain the following information:

    • Date of writing: The recommender should include the date they wrote the letter to show that it is valid.
    • Full name: The recommender should then include their actual name in full for identity purposes.
    • Title: The recommender should mention their title or job position on the letterhead.
      For example:

    They could be a fellow teacher or a principal.

    • School name: Since the recommender of the teacher is usually a colleague, it is necessary to include the school’s name where the recommender teaches.
    • Complete address: The complete address includes the street address, city, state, and zip code information, which must be part of the letterhead.
    • Preferred contact (optional): The recommender can choose to include their preferred contact information if they want to. This may include their phone number or email address.


    September 22, 2021

    Ana Miller
    456 Shallow Valley
    Downtown, NA 456789

    Section 2: Introduction

    The next step, after the letterhead, is the introduction. This part of the letter is usually addressed by including these three pieces of information.

    These are:

    A professional greeting

    The recommender should remain formal even when it comes to greeting the recipient. They can either write “Dear (Name of Recipient)” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

    Introduce yourself

    The first paragraph should then be all about the recommender introducing themselves to the recipient. The recommender can mention their name, title, role, and qualifications.


    I would like to personally recommend Miss Rachael for the position of 3rd-grade teacher at Starlight Academy. I am a 3rd-grade teacher here at Wisdom Academy.

    State your relationship

    This first paragraph should also include details about how the recommender is related to the teacher and the length of their relationship. A lengthy relationship between the recommender and the applicant will guarantee the letter more credibility. The perfect recommender is someone who has worked closely with the teacher looking to be hired. The recommender should provide details of when and where they worked together with the applicant.


    As her colleague of 6 years, it is sad to see her leave but I believe that she would be a great addition to the staff and a great teacher to the students. I have worked closely with Miss Rachael as we taught the 3rd-grade students together for the whole period.

    Section 3: Body

    The body paragraphs of this letter are usually two and always focus on what makes the recommender fit to recommend the teacher and all the positive information they have about this teacher who wants to be employed.

    State your qualifications

    The recommender should provide details that represent their qualifications in regard to writing the letter. The recommender is usually a person in authority and should mention their title, role, and qualifications clearly. Their position should be directly connected to the teacher in question so as to prove that they are qualified to prepare it.


    As a fellow 3rd-grade teacher, I have had the chance to teach side by side with Miss Racheal. I have taught at Wisdom Academy for a while and I witnessed as she joined our staff. I was among the colleagues who guided her and introduced her to the school’s culture.

    Your positive assessment of the applicant

    The other paragraph in the body should then focus on all the teacher’s positive qualifications and optimistic character. The recommender should include the following information in this paragraph to exhaust their positive assessment of the applicant.

    The applicant’s role and position in a school

    The recommender should mention the role of the applicant and highlight the position they are applying for. This will help in tailoring the letter to fit the applicant’s position correctly.


    As a 3rd-grade teacher in music here at Wisdom Academy, she is qualified to be a 3rd-grade teacher in music and arts at Starlight Academy. She was great with the students and helped many of them in their music lessons. She will be the perfect music and art teacher at Starlight Academy as she was here.

    Training and skills

    The recommender should then highlight all the training and skills that make the applicant suitable for the job position they are looking for. The recommender should mention the applicant’s skills, especially their soft skills like being creative, compassionate, and organized. Also, a recommender should highlight how these skills will help them improve their performance in the classroom, which should be beneficial to the students. The recommender can also mention how these skills help to create a positive environment with not only the students but also their fellow teachers and parents.


    Miss Rachael has a bachelor’s degree in music and took extra courses to learn more in arts. She has great expertise and knowledge that would be beneficial for the students at Starlight Academy. She is creative and this makes her an appropriate music and art teacher. Her creativity enables her to easily recognize the talent among her students and resolve any issues with her many great ideas that will benefit them.


    The recommender can also give information about how the applicant’s role and position are making contributions and bringing changes to the community.


    Miss Racheal helped a group of her music students start a charity organization for the school. Their parents and other sponsors got involved and together with her students, she was able to raise funds that helped to support the school’s extracurricular activities.

    Student-teacher tasks and responsibilities

    For a student-teacher, such a letter should include how the tasks and responsibilities they need to accomplish are preparing them for the actual teaching work.


    Mr. Austin was our student teacher and he was tasked with preparing and presenting daily lesson plans. This means that he is ready to comply with the school’s policies and uphold them accordingly. This makes him a great teacher who is bound to work well with his colleagues.

    Suitability for employment

    This involves the recommender mentioning all the character traits, personality, and skills that make the applicant fit to be hired as a teacher. The recommender should ensure that the letter is tailored to the job position the teacher is applying for. They should ask the teacher a few questions about the position they are applying for so as to gather the required information for writing it. With this knowledge, the recommender will include only relevant skills in the letter.


    Miss Rachael is responsible and diligent in her work. She is timely and can easily adapt to different situations. Her inspirational nature makes her a great gift to the students. She can motivate her students to do and achieve their best in both classwork and extracurricular activities.

    Reasons for departure

    For a recommender who is a current colleague or supervisor in the case of a student-teacher, it is best to include their reason for leaving in the letter. The reasons should always be positive. This option should be left out if the recommender lacks something positive to write about the teacher’s departure.


    Mr. Austin has completed his training here with us at Angel’s Academy and is now ready to apply his knowledge. That is the main reason why he is leaving us. Apart from that, he has always wanted to teach at Bright Academy and I believe his skills, training, and knowledge make him fit for that position.

    Give a few examples

    The best way for a recommender to handle this section is by providing specific examples that describe the teacher’s character and personality traits. The recommender should provide clear examples that highlight the teacher’s skills and accomplishments.

    Section 4: Conclusion

    The last paragraph of the letter is the conclusion, where the recommender provides details of the teacher in summary.

    This information should be written clearly and should include the following:

    Restate recommendation

    The recommender should show confidence in the applicant by restating their endorsement of that particular teacher for the job. In addition, the recommender should affirm the applicant’s effectiveness in terms of character and skills when dealing with any pressures that might arise from the job position (teacher).


    I believe that Miss Racheal will be a great addition to your staff and will benefit the students. I highly recommend her for the 3rd-grade teacher position that she has applied for in your school.

    Invite for further contact

    The recommender can invite the recipient to reach out to them if they need more information about their colleague or want to ask them questions concerning the teacher.


    For more information about Miss Rachael, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

    Provide your details

    The final part of the letter requires the recommender to provide their details and then sign off the letter. The recommender should either provide their phone number or email address that will be used to reach them regarding the teacher they are endorsing. The recommender should again include their full name along with their position or role. The final part is to sign the letter for closing purposes.


    You can reach out to me on (phone number) or (email address). Thank you for your time and consideration.

    (Ana Miller),
    (Contact details of recommender)

    Recommendation Letter Template

    [Your Name]  

    [Your Title/Position]  

    [School/Institution Name]  

    [School/Institution Address]  

    [City, State, Zip Code]  

    [Your Email Address]  

    [Your Phone Number]  


    [Recipient’s Name or “To Whom It May Concern:”]

    Subject: Recommendation for [Teacher’s Name]

    I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend [Teacher’s Name] for [specific position, opportunity, or general recommendation]. As [Your Title/Position] at [School/Institution Name] for [number of years], I have had the pleasure of working closely with [Teacher’s Name] for [duration of time teacher has worked there or you have known them], during which [he/she/they] has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and commitment to fostering the educational and personal growth of our students.

    Professional Expertise and Classroom Management:  

    [Teacher’s Name] possesses a deep understanding of [mention specific subject or educational area] and has effectively integrated innovative teaching methods to enhance student learning. [He/She/They] has shown remarkable ability in creating engaging and inclusive lesson plans that accommodate the diverse learning styles and needs of students. [Teacher’s Name]’s classroom management skills are exemplary, creating an environment that is both disciplined and nurturing.

    Contribution to School Community:  

    Beyond the classroom, [Teacher’s Name] has been instrumental in [mention any extracurricular activities, committees, or initiatives the teacher has contributed to, such as leading a club, organizing school events, or participating in educational committees]. These contributions have significantly enriched our school’s culture and positively impacted our students’ overall educational experience.

    Interpersonal Skills:  

    [Teacher’s Name] is highly respected by students, parents, and colleagues alike for [his/her/their] empathy, integrity, and approachability. [He/She/They] has a natural talent for building strong, positive relationships, which has been key in [mention any specific achievements, such as improving student engagement, facilitating parent-teacher communication, or mentoring new teachers].


    [Teacher’s Name]’s dedication to excellence in education, combined with [his/her/their] passion for teaching and outstanding interpersonal skills, make [him/her/them] an ideal candidate for [mention the position, program, or opportunity]. I am confident that [Teacher’s Name] will continue to make a significant and positive impact in the educational field.

    Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] should you require any further information or insights regarding [Teacher’s Name]’s qualifications and achievements.


    [Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]  

    [Your Printed Name]  

    [Your Title/Position]  

    [School/Institution Name]

    Recommendation Letter Samples

    Recommendation Letter Sample 01

    Dear Superintendent Anderson, 

    Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Jason Bennett

    I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Jason Bennett, a dedicated and exemplary high school educator at Crestwood High School. Having had the privilege of working closely with Mr. Bennett for the past five years, I am confident in my assessment of his teaching abilities, commitment, and impact on students. 

    Mr. Bennett has been an invaluable asset to our school community, particularly in the Science department. He possesses an exceptional ability to connect with students on both an academic and personal level. In his classes, students are not just recipients of information but active participants in the learning process. Mr. Bennett employs innovative teaching methods and leverages technology effectively to create an engaging and dynamic classroom environment. One noteworthy aspect of Mr. Bennett’s teaching is his dedication to fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. He consistently incorporates real-world examples into lessons, making abstract concepts tangible and relevant to students. I have observed him implementing project-based learning initiatives, where students not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also apply it to practical scenarios, demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject matter. Beyond his exceptional instructional skills, Mr. Bennett has been actively involved in extracurricular activities, such as leading the school’s Science Club, where he has made significant contributions to the overall development of our students. He is highly regarded for his ability to inspire and mentor students outside the traditional classroom setting. 

    In addition to his teaching prowess, Mr. Bennett is a team player and collaborator. He is always willing to share insights, contribute to curriculum development, and collaborate with colleagues to enhance the overall educational experience for our students.

    In summary, Mr. Bennett is a highly effective and passionate educator who consistently goes above and beyond to create a positive and impactful learning environment. I am confident that he will continue to make significant contributions wherever he goes. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


    Principal  Madison Williams 

    Crestwood High School 



    Recommendation Letter Sample 02

    Dear Superintendent Thompson,

    Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mrs. Emily Turner

    I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Emily Turner, an outstanding primary school teacher who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in working with younger children.

    I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mrs. Turner for the past three years, during which time I have witnessed her unwavering commitment to providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for our youngest students.

    Mrs. Turner’s teaching style is characterized by creativity, patience, and a genuine passion for early childhood education. She has a unique ability to engage with her students, making learning both enjoyable and educational. Her classroom is a vibrant and welcoming space where children feel encouraged to explore, ask questions, and develop a love for learning.

    Beyond her adeptness in delivering curriculum content, Mrs. Turner excels in fostering social and emotional development. She implements activities that promote teamwork, communication, and empathy, creating a positive classroom culture where each child feels valued and supported.

    Mrs. Turner’s involvement in extracurricular activities, such as organizing interactive learning projects and participating in community outreach, further underscores her dedication to providing a holistic educational experience for her students.

    In addition to her teaching skills, Mrs. Turner is an effective collaborator and communicator. She maintains open lines of communication with both parents and colleagues, ensuring a collaborative approach to each child’s education and well-being.

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Emily Turner as an exemplary primary school teacher. Her passion for fostering the growth and development of younger children, coupled with her creativity and commitment, makes her an invaluable asset to any school community.

    If you have any further questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact me.


    Principal Jessica Rodriguez

    Sunshine Elementary School


    Do’s and Don’ts for Writing

    For some tips on how to craft the best letter of recommendation for a teacher, here are some do’s and don’ts that the recommender should observe when writing it.


    This is what a recommender should observe and follow when writing this letter for a colleague:

    Do keep the letter structured

    The letter should be straightforward and in a formal format to maintain its structure. A recommender should have a tight letter of one page with short and precise paragraphs. However, the necessary information should be provided.

    Do focus on important qualities

    While writing it, the recommender should pick and focus on about three of the most important qualities of the teacher. This way, the letter is precise but detailed. Also, the letter recipient will not have an overwhelming letter to read as it will be well-presented.

    Do focus on the job description

    The job position the teacher is applying for should be the main part of the letter. The recommender should include this information and ensure the structure of the letter relies on the job description.

    Do follow the submission guidelines

    The recommender should ask the teacher they are writing this letter for to provide them with details about the guidelines for submitting it. The recommender should then observe those requirements to learn how to format the letter and where and when to send it.


    This is what should be avoided when writing this letter:

    Don’t write for friends

    A recommender should never write it for friends. The letter should only be written if the recommender has interacted professionally with the teacher looking for a job. A friendship instead of a working relationship may cause the letter to be discredited.

    Don’t give general descriptions without examples

    Writing this letter without specific examples that relate to the general descriptions provided for the teacher may result in an ineffective letter. Specific examples help prove to the recipient of the letter that the recommender has an actual relationship with the teacher.

    Don’t write for candidates you don’t believe in

    A recommender should not write a letter for candidates they do not believe in. A reference letter should be honest, believable, and passionate. Without all these factors, the recommender’s credibility will be doubted, which might affect their reputation. However, be polite when avoiding applicants you do not believe in, instead of writing a lukewarm letter of recommendation.

    Don’t be negative

    This is all about writing about their positive character and skills. As a recommender, being negative in the letter is not required. It should be positive to help the teacher stand out among the other applicants.

    Tips for Writing a Great Recommendation Letter for a Teacher

    As a recommender, being asked to write such a letter for a teacher can be easier with these tips. These tips will provide more guidance to a recommender on how to write it efficiently.

    These tips are as follows:

    Follow business letter format

    A recommender should always keep in mind that it is an official letter and should, therefore, use the business letter format when writing it. Furthermore, the letter should always remain formal. If the recommender is rushing against time, they can send a recommendation email instead of hurriedly writing an informal letter.

    Include language from the job description

    The teacher should provide a brief job description since a recommender must always tailor the letter to fit the job description. A recommender should focus on the skills and qualifications that fit the job description. The language being used in the letter should also align with the job description.

    Use numbers to quantify their successes

    When using examples to explain the teacher’s skills, attributes and achievements, the recommender should focus on numbers to help quantify this success. Numbers make the information more factual and credible.

    Remain positive

    No matter the situation, the recommender should always write positive things about the teacher. They should always show confidence in the teacher and highlight all the reasons why they believe in them. Positivity will help the applicant stand out among their fellow job candidates applying for the same teaching position.

    Proofread, edit, and test

    After writing it, the referee should always proofread it to check if it is accurate, professional, well-formatted, and has no spelling or grammar mistakes. They should edit any mistakes and ask a friend to proofread and edit the letter too.

    In a recommendation email, the referrer should send the email to themselves as a test to confirm that everything, especially the format, is well-written.

    Final Thoughts

    A letter of recommendation for a teacher is an official document that provides a character reference for a teacher looking for employment. A recommender should provide positive and honest information about their colleague, as this letter will support their application and increase their chances of getting the job.

    A recommender is usually the principal, a fellow teacher, a former professor, or a sponsor teacher. The letter will be viewed as credible with such authority since the recommender will write it that highlights their positive assessment of the applicant based on their professional relationship.

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