Letter of Recommendation from Supervisor (Examples)

A Letter of recommendation from a supervisor is a document that entails the positive traits of an employee so that they are in a better position to get a job.

You should provide detailed information on the skills of the candidate. Some of the aspects you can highlight include leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and managerial skills as well. You should give a clear explanation that proves the capability of the employee to handle the task. The statements provided in the letter should always be supported by specific examples to make them valid. Besides, you can also add mild criticism because nobody can be perfect. However, it should be presented as the flip side of strength.

When writing this letter, supervisors should not use generalities when describing a candidate. Also, they should not overstretch the truth. This will make the information look falsified. Supervisors should not use words like ‘I hope.’ Such words do not show confidence in the ability of the candidate. Instead, they should use words like ‘I am confident.‘

Free Templates

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Editable letter of recommendation example

Sample supervisor's letter of recommendation

PDF letter of recommendation sample from supervisor

Free supervisor recommendation letter example

Free sample letter of recommendation from supervisor

Editable letter of recommendation template for supervisor


    [Sender’s name]

    [Sender’s address]

    [The date]

    [The recipient’s name]

    [The recipient’s address]

    Dear [name of recipient],

    It gives me great pleasure to provide this reference letter for [name of candidate], who is applying to the position of [position] at your company. I have known her since her first workday with my team in August 2009. She was a young and ambitious graduate student then, and as we progressed through graduation together to our current positions, I have seen her grow into a seasoned professional and leader.

    I first met her in my mathematics class at the local community college. She was quiet but attentive, taking careful notes on the board. In our weekly lab sessions, she was eager to learn about computational modeling and simulation of complex systems—even more so when she learned that I worked in a similar field.

    I remember when she approached me with her resume and application to work at my company after perusing our website [insert relevant URL here]. She was determined to join my team to begin working toward her master’s degree during the summer break. I had been planning on hiring temporary labor for the project [insert project name here], but after realizing how capable she was with her background in [insert relevant coursework, knowledge of the subject matter, etc.], I instantly knew that she would be a great fit for my team. She has been an invaluable asset to my company ever since, as well as one of my favorite students.

    Within the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of having [insert your name here] as a student in my course. While there is no doubt that she has worked hard to succeed and will continue to do so, I feel like it would be unfair, not to mention how much initiative she regularly takes outside of class time. For example, her participation in [insert community service activity] has been truly impressive over the past few months. She was able to juggle school work, her volunteer work, and a part-time job all at the same time while still managing to maintain excellent grades and always have a smile on her face.

    I strongly believe in [insert the candidate’s name], and I do not doubt that you will appreciate her expertise, strong work ethic, and transferable skills once you consider her for this esteemed position. If you’d like me to clarify anything for you or if you have any question concerning this recommendation, kindly feel free to contact through my email at [Insert your email address] or my mobile phone number at [write your mobile number]


    [Sender’s name]


    Recommendation Letter Examples

    Example letter of recommendation from supervisor

    Editable letter of recommendation template PDF

    Free supervisor recommendation letter example

    Supervisor's letter of recommendation sample for higher studies

    Free current employer recommendation letter template

    PDF supervisor recommendation letter template

    Free editable letter of recommendation sample

    Editable letter of recommendation example from office manager

    Free supervisor recommendation letter form

      How to Write

      Prospective employers often ask qualified shortlisted applicants for the letter to get useful insights into the applicant’s work ethics, proven performance, and expertise in the given field. Supervisors are better positioned to provide a strong letter for their junior employees to help them secure new or better job positions. This article provides a detailed description of writing the letter and the essential things to include in the letter.

      Step 1: Letterhead

      This letter is a formal document, and like any other official document, it should have a letterhead. When writing the letterhead, follow the business letter format to demonstrate your professionalism. If the applicant requests that you submit the letter through email, it is standard practice to omit the header information as the email already contains your personal information. However, in this case, you will have to provide an informative subject line that immediately communicates the letter’s purpose to the recipient. This ensures that your email is not disregarded by the recipient or ends up in their spam folder.

      The letterhead of your letter will typically contain the following details:

      Your contact information

      Begin the letterhead by providing your full legal name, your email, and your mailing addresses, respectively.

      Include the date

      After providing your personal contact information, skip a line and write the current date. When providing the letter’s date, follow the month, day, or year format.

      Add the recipient’s details

      Next, include the recipient’s personal information and contact details. This includes their full name (if you already know them by name), their correct job title, and their addresses. If you are uncertain about the recipient’s name and title, it is safer to include the company’s name and business address.

      The salutation

      Use a professional, formal greeting or salutation and address the recipient of the letter by their name. This is the case where you already know the recipient’s name and their title. However, if prior research into the company does not disclose information about the hiring manager’s name, or if the applicant requests that you write a general letter that they will use to apply to several job positions, you can use a more generalized salutation such as “Dear hiring team or to whom it may concern.”


      Throughout your letterhead or header information, ensure that you use a professional font, such as Times New Roman, Arial Black, or Calibri. The font size of your text should also be easy to read to encourage readers to read through your letter.

      Step 2: Introduction

      Write an appealing introductory paragraph informing the reader who you are, how you know the applicant, and why you recommend them for the particular job. Start by introducing yourself and explaining your relationship with the applicant to enable the prospective employer to understand why you are qualified to recommend the specific applicant.

      You can use the introductory paragraph to provide brief and straightforward answers to the following questions:


      1. Did you work together with the applicant?
      2. For how long?
      3. Did the applicant report directly to you?

      Step 3: Body paragraphs

      In most cases, the body of a letter of introduction from the supervisor is usually subdivided into two main body paragraphs that provide useful insights into the applicant’s skills, work ethic, and attributes relevant to the potential job.

      Use the body paragraphs to explicate the following details about the person you are recommending:

      Describe the employee’s work habits, skills, and attributes

      Before you embark on writing the letter from the supervisor, you need to collect some important information from the employee to help you write a strong recommendation. Ask for a copy of the job description and carefully review it to identify the specific transferable skills that the employer is looking for. When writing your letter, make sure to emphasize these skills and include the related keywords. This reflects positively on the employer, demonstrating that you took your time to craft the letter. It is also prudent that you evaluate the candidate’s work by focusing on their strengths and applying them to the position that he or she is applying for. 


      If the applicant is applying for a management position, showcase their relevant leadership skills and highlight any tangible successes in the field that can be measured.

      Include specific examples

      Use the second body paragraph of the letter from the supervisor to highlight any specific examples that demonstrate the candidate’s suitability for the job and the qualities they possess.


      Describe any instances where the applicant stood out from his or her colleagues or use the comparison technique to help make a point to the reader of the letter.

      This helps to validate your claims, and it shows that you indeed know the candidate well enough to provide an objective recommendation of their work ethics and skills. However, only provide examples and anecdotes that demonstrate the prospective employer’s skills as a suitable candidate.

      Step 4: Conclusion

      The conclusion of the letter from the supervisor is the recommender’s final chance to make an impression on the prospective employer and fully endorse their candidate.

      To effectively conclude your letter from the supervisor, consider including the following details:

      Restate your recommendation

      First, restate your admiration for the work ethics, skills, and attributes that the employee possesses, and restate your reason for recommending them. Maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone to demonstrate to the potential employer that you believe in the candidate and endorse them fully for the job they are seeking.

      Provide your contact details for follow-up

      Offer to answer any further questions the employer might have regarding the recommendation and the candidate you have endorsed. This further reveals that you are positive about the candidate and that you believe in their qualifications. Provide your reliable contact details, including your email address and mobile phone number, if you write an email copy. However, if you submit your letter as a hard copy, you can avoid including your contact details in the conclusion, as you will have already included them on the letterhead.

      Write an appropriate sign-off

      After providing your contact details, end your letter using a professional closing remark such as sincerely, regards, kind regards, best wishes, etc., and provide your signature and name.


      Once you have finished writing your letter, proofread it to check for spelling and grammar mistakes and correct them accordingly. Afterward, ensure that your letter includes all the important information, including any specific skills and related keywords that the employer has highlighted in the job description, and format your document appropriately.

      Follow any instructions on the employer’s application material submission guidelines, including the file type, deadline, submission method, etc., to help your employee make the best possible impression.

      Sample Letter of Recommendation from Supervisor

      The following segment showcases three letters of recommendation from supervisors, each providing a comprehensive endorsement and setting a high standard for those aspiring to articulate commendations with precision and professionalism.

      Sample Letter 1

      To whom it may concern,

      I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Emma Johnson for any position she chooses to pursue. During her tenure at ABC Corporation as a Project Manager, Emma displayed exceptional organizational skills and an unwavering commitment to quality. Her ability to manage complex projects and lead teams was truly remarkable.

      Emma’s leadership and interpersonal skills are among her strongest assets. She has a knack for bringing out the best in her team members and fostering a collaborative and positive work environment. Her project teams consistently delivered results that not only met but often exceeded our expectations.

      In addition to her professional skills, Emma is a joy to work with. She brings a positive attitude and a sense of humor to the office, which greatly enhances the workplace atmosphere. Her dedication to continuous improvement and learning is evident in the initiatives she has led and participated in.

      I have no doubt that Emma will be an invaluable asset to any organization. Her blend of skills, experience, and a positive attitude sets her apart. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information.


      John Smith  

      Former Director, ABC Corporation

      Sample Letter 2

      Dear Hiring Manager,

      It is my pleasure to recommend Alex Martinez for employment. Alex worked under my supervision at XYZ Inc. as a Senior Software Engineer, where he demonstrated outstanding technical abilities and a strong work ethic. His contributions to our software development team were significant and consistently of high quality.

      Alex’s technical expertise, particularly in software development and systems analysis, is exceptional. He played a pivotal role in several high-profile projects, bringing innovative solutions and a detail-oriented approach. His ability to handle complex technical challenges while working under tight deadlines is commendable.

      Beyond his technical skills, Alex is a team player who actively supports and motivates his colleagues. He has mentored junior team members, sharing his knowledge and experience generously. His positive attitude and respect for others have made him a well-liked and respected member of our team.

      I am confident that Alex will be an excellent fit for your team and contribute significantly to your organization’s success. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

      Best regards,  

      Emily Brown  

      Senior Project Manager, XYZ Inc.

      Sample Letter 3


      I am delighted to recommend Sarah Lee for any position she may seek. As her supervisor at Global Tech Solutions, I have observed her exemplary performance as a Marketing Specialist. Sarah’s creativity, strategic thinking, and ability to execute complex campaigns have greatly benefited our organization.

      Sarah’s contributions to our marketing department have been significant. She has a unique talent for understanding market trends and customer needs and translating them into effective marketing strategies. Her campaigns have consistently achieved outstanding results, increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

      What sets Sarah apart is her exceptional communication skills and team spirit. She effectively collaborates with cross-functional teams, ensuring that all aspects of a campaign are aligned with the company’s goals. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work are contagious, inspiring those around her.

      I am confident that Sarah will be a valuable asset to any team. Her combination of strategic marketing skills and collaborative work style makes her an ideal candidate. Please feel free to reach out if you require any additional information.

      Warm regards,  

      Michael Johnson  

      Marketing Director, Global Tech Solutions

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      In the provided recommendation letters, the writer has adeptly incorporated several key technical features that serve as a useful guide for crafting effective and professional endorsements. Firstly, each letter follows a clear and coherent structure, consisting of an introduction, detailed body paragraphs, and a conclusive statement, which collectively presents a comprehensive and focused endorsement. The introduction in each letter establishes the writer’s relationship with the candidate, setting a context for the reader. In the body paragraphs, the writer skillfully blends specific examples of the candidate’s skills and accomplishments with personal attributes, balancing professional competencies with interpersonal qualities. This approach not only highlights the candidates’ technical and professional abilities but also sheds light on their characteristics, making the endorsement more rounded and persuasive.

      Furthermore, the use of simple yet professional language ensures clarity and accessibility, making the letters suitable for a broad audience. The tone maintained throughout is formal and respectful, which is essential in professional correspondence. Each letter concludes with a strong endorsement statement and an open invitation for further contact, reinforcing the writer’s support for the candidate. Additionally, the use of fictitious names and companies adheres to privacy and confidentiality standards, which is a critical aspect of professional writing. These features collectively make these letters useful in demonstrating how to write effective, professional, and engaging recommendations.

      Final Thoughts

      A letter of recommendation from a supervisor is an important document that can make or break an applicant’s prospects of getting a job. While not all companies have a policy requiring written reference letters from applicants, most do, and hence, as a supervisor, you should always be prepared to write one for your subordinate employees. This guide has provided you with comprehensive information on crafting great letters that make your subordinate employees competitive and help them in their job search process

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