Entry Level Cover letter: How to Write (10 Best Examples)

Entry Level Cover letter: How to Write (10 Best Examples)

An ‘entry-level cover letter’ is a special letter which is drafted in favor of a person who has never held any employment position when applying for one. It basically summarizes the applicant’s academic achievements and skills, which may be handy in the job being applied for.

Tips for writing Entry-Level Cover Letter

To draft this letter, you have to incorporate a couple of details and adhere to some best practices. Listed and explained below are those issues to consider while doing just that:

Step I: Draw some nexus between your skills and the vacancy at hand

It is imperative that you draw a nexus between your skills on the one hand and the challenges posed by the vacancy you are applying for, on the other hand. To do this, you will have to research the requirements of the job thoroughly and know what challenges to look up to. It is only then that the prospective employer may consider you a serious applicant.

Step II: Obtain some inside information about the job

If possible, try as much as possible to obtain some inside information about the stated job. You may have to contact a representative of the company for any clarification. Be sure, though, not to use a language that may be considered canvassing as that will lead to automatic disqualification.

Step III: List your qualifications

Since you do not have any experience in the job, you have to list your skills and qualifications. While at it, be sure that skills perfectly align with the demands of the job you are applying for. This step is necessary as it will bolster your chances of being picked for an interview.

Step IV: Open the letter well

How you start matters a lot. It is hence perfectly in order to open the letter well. Be sure to make the opening statement quite enthusiastic and full of zeal. Do not forget naming the exact position you are applying for.

Step V: Describe your skills in details

To further make you well-placed for a call for an interview, you have to describe your skills in further detail. By detailed explanation, we mean course projects, personal experiences, internships, and leadership roles you may have held in the past and which may contribute to your productivity.

Step VI: Express your achievements quantitatively

Some achievements require that you portray them quantitatively. This means you are assigning numeric values to those achievements with the aim of making them easier to interpret. For instance, you may state that your persistence in class shored up your performance by a whopping 10%.

Step VII: Close the letter professionally

After you are through with drafting the letter, you should leave a professional closing. Make it known to the recruitment manager that you are interested in the job and would do anything to get it. Also, make it known to the manager that you will add much value if granted a chance to work there.

Entry Level Cover letter Sample

Sample: Sample for Graduate Management Trainee

Your Name
Your Address


Name of Hiring Manager
Company Name
Company Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Hiring Manager,

Re: Application for Graduate Management Trainee

It is with much joy and thrill that I hereby tender my application for the position of Graduate Management Trainee with your organization. Though I have never held any job before, I still feel equally capable of taking on this wonderful challenge.

I do hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the prestigious XXX College. Moreover, I am also passionate about matters management, as is evidenced by my membership in the many clubs and societies that have business character and orientation.

Take time and peruse through my resume to get to know about these clubs and the skills they inculcated on me. Considering that I am out of work at the moment, I will be free to start attending to the chores immediately I am called upon to do so.

Feel free to seek additional clarification from me with regards to any issue. I do not want to miss this opportunity, really.


Your Signature

Your Name

Entry Level Cover letter Sample (Word Format)

 Entry Level Cover letter Sample (Word Format)

Entry Level Cover letter Email Example

Re: Application for a Market Research Assistant

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have noted that you want a passionate and zealous professional to fill the position of Market Research Assistant, which is currently vacant in your organization. Well, I do submit my applications for the same with great zeal and enthusiasm.

I am a fresh graduate of Marketing. To add to that, I aspire to establish a long career in this field. A chance to work with your organization will thus get me started well and propel to higher echelons of success and accomplishments.

Though I will be in it primarily to get money for my upkeep, my stint at your company will also accord me the opportunity to grow and exploit my full potential. This is perfectly in line with your requirement that the ideal candidate is willing to ‘grow’ with your company.

I do possess tons of skills and experiences which make me suited for the role. Among these are competitiveness, go-getter attitude, and awesome interpersonal communication skills. Please get to me via XXX-XXX-XXXX for any clarifications or to schedule a meeting.


Your Name

Entry Level Cover letter Email (Word Format)

Entry Level Cover letter Email (Word Format)