Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Examples & Templates

An electrical engineer cover letter is a formal introductory letter written by an individual applying for an electrical engineering position.

It shows employers the applicant’s qualifications, experience, and why they should be considered potential candidates for the position.

A cover letter accompanies a resume. In the case of an electrical engineer, it would help to show why you are the best person for this job. Many electrical engineers have worked on projects or tasks.

Therefore, they can offer specific examples of skills and experiential knowledge in their cover letters. Since a resume cannot cover all this information, a cover letter is an applicant’s chance to show their experience, skills, projects, etc.

Cover letters are one of the few documents employers use to decide whom to hire. A well-written cover letter can help you get an interview with recruiters, as long as it conveys all the strong points you want to emphasize before meeting with the employer face-to-face. This article has discussed various topics concerning an electrical engineer cover letter.

These include:

  • How to write an electrical engineer cover letter
  • Tips for writing an effective electrical engineer cover letter
  • What to include in an electrical engineer cover letter
  • An electrical engineer cover letter sample for your reference

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Checklist

A cover letter for the position of electrical engineer is a formal document that should follow the standard business letter format.

Below is a checklist of the outline:

  • A header with your contact details. The header on your cover letter should have the same details as the header on your resume.
  • Date
  • Hiring manager’s name and contact details
  • Company contact details
  • The salutation, i.e., Dear (Name of Human Resources Manager)
  • A paragraph describing your interest and any achievements that fit the position.
  • A paragraph highlighting previous employment experience and skills.
  • A paragraph highlighting your education/coursework.
  • A paragraph stating what you bring to the company.
  • A gratitude paragraph thanking the hiring manager for reading your cover letter.
  • Signing off with your name
  • An easy-to-read font such as Arial, Calibri, or Verdana and font size of 10-12.
  • Margins of 1 inch on both sides of the page.
  • Double spacing between paragraphs and 1 to 1.15 spacing between lines.
  • Left-aligned content.

Five Easy Steps of Writing Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

The key to writing a great cover letter is knowing precisely what to incorporate in the letter. You can write an effective electrical engineering cover letter following proper writing guidelines.

Below are step-by-step guidelines on how to write a perfect cover letter for the position of an electrical engineer:

Step 1: Showcase why you want this particular job

Start your letter with a strong statement highlighting why you want this job. State that you are qualified and interested in the position. Read the job description carefully and customize each letter with specific keywords selected from the job posting to associate your skills with the requirements.

You can also mention if a family member or friend inspired you to study electrical engineering. This is especially important for fresh graduates who want to show why they are passionate about electrical engineering or why they took the course.

Furthermore, electrical engineering is a course that requires dedication and hard work, which is what employers look for in an applicant’s cover letter.

For Example:

“I am looking for a job as an electrical engineer in your company because I believe my skills are compatible with the projects the company is currently working on. I am confident I can contribute to your success and help you meet your goals.”

Step 2: Include your relevant coursework

If you are a fresh graduate, formal school experience may be your best work experience, especially if you have never had an internship or other work experience. State any schooling experience that has prepared you for this position.

For Example:

“I have a PhD. in electrical engineering from [state school]. During my college studies, I worked as a teaching assistant for two professors who were among the best in the field. They taught me much about the industry and gave me valuable knowledge that will greatly benefit your department.”

Step 3: Include your work experience

To make your electrical engineer cover letter as effective as possible, include all of your relevant experience. Newly graduated electrical engineers should take advantage of their academic achievements since their only experience is what they have done during their studies. They should find a way to show how their college work prepared them for this role.

The more experienced electrical engineers should discuss their employment history with all previous companies up to date. They should also mention how their extensive experience has prepared them for the current role they want to take.

Example: Experienced electrical engineers

“I have four years of work experience in electrical engineering. I was an engineer at ABC from 2013–2017 and then worked as a lead engineer for DEF from 2017 to date. I have helped redesign the company’s current product throughout my career to lower costs and increase efficiency. During this period, the profitability rate of our company has doubled.”

Example: Fresh graduates

“In my studies, I learned about all electrical laws, codes, and standards of practice and experience using industry-specific tools and applications through internal school attachments.”

Pro tip: Only state your salary requirements in the cover letter if asked to. Otherwise, stating salary requirements will make your letter unappealing to recruiters who may not consider your application.

Step 4: Highlight your electrical engineering skills

As an electrical engineer, you have developed and perfected many skills that are specific to the field. Make sure that you highlight these skills in your cover letter.

For example:

If you have led a design team, mention that you have managed a design team. If you are an expert at designing telecommunication circuits, then mention it.

Also include hard and soft skills such as leadership and people management, problem-solving and critical thinking, troubleshooting, and creativity. These skills will demonstrate your value to the employer as a potential employee.

Some of the skills that you should include are:

  • Knowledge of specific production processes like quality control, costs, etc.
  • Computer skills, i.e., Microsoft skills such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Technological skills such as programming.
  • Project management software skills such as Microsoft Project.
  • Software design skills such as ARCHICAD
  • Programming skills such as Java, python, etc.
  • Architecture software and system requirements analysis skills such as Unified Modeling Language.

For Example:

“My expertise in systems engineering will make me an asset to your company’s development of new products and its operations as it grows and expands. I am extremely confident that my ability to facilitate change and develop innovative new projects is something that your company values highly.”

Step 5: Provide examples of your achievements (with numbers)

Use numbers to quantify your achievements. This gives your an advantage over other applicants as you can show quantified results of your previous experience. It also shows that you delivered good results in your previous employments.


“I have successfully designed and implemented a test automation system that reduced lead time to test equipment by 25%. The system reduced the failure rate of equipment testing by 42% and increased the level of design test coverage by 21%.”

Pro tip: Adding a postscript always captures the attention of hiring managers. Write the P.S. at the bottom of the page, two lines below your name and signature. Write the abbreviation of the postscript as P.S


“My exceptional coding skills will significantly help when the company opens a new office in Barcelona, ​​Spain. “

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample cover letter you can follow for writing your own:

Clifford Peters

Electrical Engineer


Lincoln Ave. New York, NY 4456


September 20, 2022

Beth Ashley

Hiring Manager


Harvey St. Manhattan, NY, 33456

Dear Beth Ashley,

I am looking for a job as an electrical engineer in your company because I believe that my skills will be valuable to your company. I have been passionate about electrical engineering since high school through my brother’s influence, as he is in the same field. My five years of experience working on complex engineering projects allowed me to deliver high-level projects on time and within budget. I believe that I can help you achieve your goals, and I am confident that I can contribute to your success.

I have a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from LLL University and earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from AST University. I have also completed eight internships with various companies in the field of engineering. As a student, I volunteered as a teacher at our local high school. During this time, I showed my colleagues how to use our new computer system and helped many of them begin programs on it.

I have eight years of relevant work experience. I worked as a researcher and scientist in the aerospace field at ABCD from 2005-2016 until now. During my time there, I helped develop numerous online shopping platforms for new products that were faster and more efficient than our original designs. I have also been working in the field of computer software development for six years.

I am highly skilled in solving engineering problems. I have a particular talent for creative problem-solving and finding efficient solutions to complex technical problems. In addition, my skill in writing computer programs allows me to understand how a new system works quickly. As a result, I can review the system and program it without running into problems very often. I can also communicate clearly and show proficiency in taking on a challenge.

As an electrical engineer, I worked on the project of replacing faulty lines in my previous work at ABCD by using new technology. My extensive experience working with telecommunication circuits made the replacement more effective than expected. The company saved more than $100,000 in technical expenses because of my work weeks spent replacing the old design with a new design.

I am confident that my problem-solving and other skills I have demonstrated in my past positions have made me a highly qualified candidate for your company. I look forward to meeting with you. Please schedule an appointment with me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Clifford Peters

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Templates

An electrical engineering cover letter template is a document with various formats and designs that you can use to create a new document with detailed elements. The primary purpose of a template is to make your job easier and reduce any chance of errors in formatting or content. Using a pre-made template is much easier than writing from scratch.

We have provided customizable cover letter templates that you can use for free:

Free Downloadable Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 01 for Word Document
Free Downloadable Electrical Design Engineer Cover Letter Sample for Word Document
Free Downloadable Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 02 for Word Document
Free Downloadable Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 03 for Word Document
Free Downloadable Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 04 for Word Document
Free Downloadable Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 05 for Word Document
    Great Printable Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample 06 for Word Document
    Great Printable Assistant Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample for Word Document

      Best Practices

      An electrical engineer cover letter can make all the difference between getting you an interview with a potential employer or not. Therefore, we have provided you with some tips for writing a cover letter that will make hiring managers see you as the perfect fit for a position.

      These include the following:

      Research the company

      It is important to research the company you are applying to if you want your cover letter to stand out. This will give you an idea of how the company has developed and what it does. It will also give you an idea of the type of people you would be working with. Well-conducted research also shows potential employers that you are serious about the position.

      You can also use recent headlines as research material.

      For example:

      The company you are applying to might have launched a new product that you are familiar with recently. You can highlight your experience working with it and how it benefited your previous company.

      Be clear and write complete sentences

      Your cover letter should be written in complete sentences and contain a clear flow of information. Avoid writing sentences that are incomplete or unclear. Many employers make a judgment about candidates based on the clarity of their writing and whether or not the sentences are grammatically correct.

      Therefore, you should avoid using slang, contractions, fragmented sentences, and unclear writing.

      Break the text into paragraphs

      When writing your letter, you should break the letter into separate paragraphs. This will make the letter easier to read and understand. Each paragraph should focus on one important point so the hiring manager can easily understand what you are trying to say.

      Avoid common, overused cover letter sayings

      Certain overused sayings in cover letters may make your letter seem unoriginal. Therefore, you should avoid using phrases such as “I am a hard worker” or “I have the qualities to be a great asset to your company.”


      Lastly, you should always carefully proofread your cover letter before sending it. Read the letter aloud to check for grammatical and spelling errors. If you are having difficulty identifying mistakes, ask a friend or relative to read through the letter and help you identify them.

      Final Thoughts

      Applicants use a cover letter to apply for electrical engineering positions in various companies. Both experienced and freshly graduated electrical engineers can write a cover letter. Since freshly graduated engineers have no working experience in the field, they highlight their relevant coursework and how their learning experience has prepared them for the job market. On the other hand, experienced engineers highlight their working experience with previous companies and show how they have earned skills that have prepared them for a new position. The cover letter should be well formatted and include all the relevant information for an electrical engineering position. It should also be tailored to the specific company and position an applicant is applying for.

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