Electrical Engineer Cover Letter (Samples & Email Examples)

Electrical Engineer

As the name suggests, the ‘electrical engineering cover letter’ is a special application letter drafted in favor of a would-be electrical engineer. This letter summarizes the contents of a resume and the kinds of qualifications that an applicant intends to bring on board if accepted. The letter also draws a nexus between the skills that an applicant possesses and the kinds of demands that the job holder is ordinarily expected to fulfill. This way, it helps a recruiter to establish whether or not the applicant is suited for further consultations and invitation for interviews.

Things to Highlight in Cover Letter

You have to highlight the following things in an electrical engineering cover letter:

  • Your educational background
  • The fields of electrical engineering you are particularly specialized in
  • The goals, dreams, ambitions, and aspiration you have
  • How suited for the job you are (a link between the skills and the demands of the job)
  • Any past achievements in your previous jobs
  • Other skills and expertise you have that may make you stand apart

Sample Electrical Engineering Cover Letter

[Hiring Manager’s Name]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Telephone Contacts]

[Today’s Date]

[Your Name]
[Physical Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Telephone Contacts]

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. [Manager’s Name],

Re: Application for the position of an Electrical Engineer

It is with much joy and pleasure that I write to you to consider me for the position of Electrical Engineer with your organization. I base my confidence on my skill-set, academic accomplishments, and exceptional career track record.

After high school, I did pursue a degree course at the famous YTR Institute of Technology, where I graduated with flying colors. After my graduation, I moved ahead to obtain government certification in the said field. I have since worked as an Electrical Engineer for the last seven years for two companies whose identities I have disclosed in the resume.

Among my core competencies is the ability to work for long hours with minimal supervision, unprecedented attentiveness to details, and the ability to multitask. So effective, I have been that I have won numerous accolades from my past employers and clients alike.

When invited for an interview, I hope to discuss my qualifications in further depth and greater clarity.

[Your Signature]

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter (Word Format)

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter (Email Example)

e-mail address

Re: Applications for the position of an Electrical Engineering Assistant

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. [Manager’s Name],

I learned of the existence of an Assistant Electrical Engineer with great joy. Indeed, this is the vacancy I have been waiting for all along. Not only do I possess the necessary skills and expertise, but I also have a dream to further my skills and experience in this same field for years to come.

Many factors make me suited for this role. The rigorous academic training and the long working experience are the two main factors. Indeed, I did excel in my studies in Electrical Engineering with flying colors. Immediately after clearing my studies, I did embark on a long career in the design, fixing, installation, and inspections of electrical components and apparatus.

In this capacity, I have worked for 15 uninterrupted years. Throughout my long and illustrious career, I have gained many accomplishments and accolades from my employers and clientele alike. My most outstanding achievement is the ability to work under a tight budget and time constraints.

The resume I have enclosed serves to summarize all these issues at a glance. I hope to offer more clarification later on when I come over for an interview. Please consider me for the same…

[Your Name]


Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter email Example

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