20 Best IT Cover Letter Examples

As an IT technician applying for a job, it is essential to have an IT cover letter. The position of an IT technician is a competitive one. To ensure you stand out among other applicants, you need to find a way to present yourself to the hiring manager as the most suitable candidate for the job.

It is an official letter that you write as an IT technician looking for a job to highlight your experiences, qualities, and skills concerning the position. You need the hiring manager to understand who you are and what you will be bringing to their organization as an IT technician.

Templates and Examples

Free IT Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free IT Technician Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free IT Cover Letter Example 02 in Word Format

Free IT Cover Letter Example 03 in word format.

Free IT Project Manager Cover Letter Example 01 in Word

Free Technical Support Cover Letter Example 01 in Word

Free System Administrator Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Software Engineer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Software Developer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Data Analyst Cover Letter Example 01 in Word format

Free Engineer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Web Developer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Cyber Security Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Data Analyst Cover Letter Example 02 in Word format

Free Data Entry Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Data Scientist Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Business Analyst Cover Letter Example 01 in Word file

Free Game Designer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Full Stack Developer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

Free Java Developer Cover Letter Example 01 in Word Format

    Primary Purpose

    An IT cover letter is an essential and official document as it serves a primary purpose. First, it helps convince the hiring manager to consider you among the thousands of applications. The letter will present you as a professional, hardworking individual willing to go the extra mile since you chose to write a cover letter.

    The letter is meant to act as a bridge between you and your résumé. Since your résumé only presents your skills and abilities as an IT technician, you will need your cover letter to create a personal and emotional connection with your prospective employer.

    Key Elements of a Cover Letter

    It would be best to observe the basics when writing the cover letter. First, you need to follow the standard official format of writing this letter.

    Let’s take a look on the step by step guide to create a convincing cover letter to apply for the job:

    Ensure you always start your cover letter with a header. The header should contain the names, contact information, addresses of the sender, and that of the recipient. This means it is vital to find out the recipient’s name before writing the letter. Ensure to add a date in the mid of the sender’s and recipient’s information.

    Add the correct salutation. For the greetings, use their name or the phrase “hiring manager” as it is more subtle.


    Since securing an IT technician job is a competition, you need to convince the hiring manager from the start of your letter with a practical introduction.


    The next part you will need to focus on is the body of your cover letter. You need to have about 3 to 4 body paragraphs.


    For your conclusion, you need to make a real and powerful pitch. You can also write a call to action statement at the end of your letter.

    Sign off

    For the sign-off, you should use a professional phrase like “Sincerely” or “Best Regards” or even “Regards.” You also need to include a signature as part of the signoff.

    Writing a Perfect IT Cover Letter

    With the above standard format in mind, here is how to write the cover letter as an IT technician looking for a job.

    Here are the details you need to include in your letter as you write it:

    Step 1: Introduction

    The introduction section should include the following information:

    Configure an impressive opening paragraph

    The most crucial factor is to capture the hiring manager’s attention by writing an impressive opening paragraph. You should introduce yourself and mention briefly why you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Ensure you also name the company to show the recruiter that you are a professional. Your opening statement should be in about 2 to 3 sentences.

    Mention the job you are applying for

    You also need to mention the job you are applying for. The recruiter is most likely receiving many application documents, and identifying the job position you want in your cover letter will make it easier for your documents not to get ignored in the process.

    Show enthusiasm

    Write your introduction with confidence and enthusiasm. It would be best to show the hiring manager that you are interested and eager to work with them.

    Express how you would be a great asset 

    You can reference your skills and qualifications to show the recruiter what makes you a great asset to the company. The idea is to convince them to consider you the best candidate for the job.


    I am Rael Peters, and I have been an IT technician for the past five years. I am applying for a job position here at ABC Company as I believe that my IT-related skills and expertise make me the most suitable candidate for the job.

    Since I found out that ABC Company has a vacancy and is looking for an IT technician, I was excited about working here and chose to apply for the job position. ABC Company is a top IT-related company in the country. I believe that my ability to install software and maintain hardware will be the perfect choice for what your company is looking for in an IT technician.

    Step-2 (Body) 

    After grabbing the recruiter’s attention, it’s time to focus on the body of your cover letter.

    Here’s a important details that you should include in your body paragraphs:

    Mention your relevant qualification and experience

    Highlight the qualifications and experience you have as an IT technician. Ensure that these qualifications are relevant to the job position.

    Explain your previous role and what did you bring to that company

    You need to also focus on your previous role and how the company benefited from you. This will present you as a valuable asset to the hiring manager. Also, it will help to increase your chances of being selected as the best candidate for the job among the other job applicants.

    Include and quantify your relevant skills and goals 

    Finally, do not forget to quantify your relevant skills in your body paragraphs. It would be best if you also highlighted the goals you have for the company once you are hired as an IT technician.


    I have immense experience in being an IT technician. I am good at communicating and interacting with people. Also, I have vast knowledge in software installation, computer programs, and computer systems. At my previous company, I used my experience to improve the company’s performance by 14%.

    Furthermore, with my knowledge of operating systems and their applications, I created an improved interface between the hardware and the user so that the employees and customers could easily use the application software to perform tasks. I believe that my knowledge and technical skills concerning being an IT technician will help me improve data security in your company by 20%. Data should always be protected, and hiring me as your IT technician will guarantee you that. Furthermore, I aim to ensure that the company’s data is safe from hackers and cyber-attacks.

    Step-3 (Conclusion)

    The final part is the conclusion, where you should thank the recipient of the letter for their time and consideration. Ensure you also add a call to action to show the hiring manager that you are interested in working for them. You can also suggest an interview or call back.


    I genuinely appreciate your time and consideration. I want to discuss further my chance to work as your IT technician during an interview. So please feel free to contact me on my given contact information.

    Although you should still maintain some technical terms to present yourself to the hiring manager as knowledgeable in IT, ensure that even a layperson can understand your cover letter. Also, for most prominent companies that receive many applications, an automated system is tasked with choosing cover letters with specific keywords, usually these technical skills.

    That is why you need to include them but to a minimum. You can achieve this balance by including hard skills, technical skills, and soft skills such as proper spoken and good customer service communication skills.


    You should write the cover letter in a way so that every person, whether an IT expert or not, can understand your skills and qualifications. Apart from the recruiter, it is likely that your application documents will go through various people in the company. Therefore, writing a cover letter with very technical language may reduce the chances of your letter being read.

    Template & Sample

    IT Cover Letter Template

    [Your name]
    [Your full address]
    [Your phone number]
    [Your email address]


    [Recipient’s name]
    [Recipient’s title]
    [Company’s name]
    [Company’s address]

    Dear [Recipient’s Name or Hiring Manager]

    I am writing this letter regarding the [mention the job position] at your [name the company]. I have been an IT technician for the last [mention the period or the number of years] at [name the previous company]. I was thrilled to learn about the [job position] vacancy since I have always wanted to work with [name of company]. With my [name a factor that makes you impressive], I believe I am the most suitable candidate for the job.

    With my [include a relevant qualification], I believe that my [name the years] experience will propel me to help the company when it comes to [mention how you will be beneficial]. I am skilled in [name your skills related to the IT position]. As an IT technician at [mention the name of your previous company], I was able to [explain your previous role and what you brought to the company]. By increasing the output by [including and quantifying your relevant skills], I was able to [explain your achievements and goal].

    I am looking forward to discussing my chance of being [mention job position] at your [mention the company’s name]. Thank you for your time and consideration. You can reach me on my [phone number] or [email address].



    IT Cover Letter Sample

    Ben Stevenson
    39 Look UpStreet

    21st February, 20xx

    Abigail Lacey
    Hiring Manager
    QRP Company
    34 Everywhere Avenue

    My name is Ben Stevenson, and I am writing this letter regarding the vacancy of an IT technician at QRP Company. I was excited to learn about the opening, and I would like to apply for that IT position. I have been an IT technician for the last four years at XYZ Company, and I believe that my experience and expertise will benefit the company. In addition, I am willing to learn and contribute to making QRP Company the best in the IT world.

    I am qualified for handling application and operating systems, programming and software installation, troubleshooting, configuration, fixing, and maintaining hardware plus software. I also have proper communication skills, excellent customer service skills, problem-solving skills, and self-discipline. In addition, I pride myself on my ability to work with others both as a leader and a team player. Therefore, I believe that I am a suitable candidate for the job. In addition, I increased data storage and accessibility by 15% in my previous company by improving how data is organized and distributed.

    My passion for technology and experience will benefit the company once I am hired. I intend to improve the way customers interact with the employees by making the necessary changes to the application software used at the company.

    It would be my honor to work with QRP Company; I am looking forward to more interaction with you through an interview. We can discuss more what you expect regarding the IT technician position. I will also get a chance to share my vision of how to improve the IT department at QRP. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please feel free to reach out to me at my given contact details.



    Do’s and Don’ts

    As an IT technician, you need to write a proper and effective cover letter to get selected as the most suitable applicant for the job position.

    Here are some of the do’s and don’ts you need to observe when writing the cover letter:


    • Keep your letter concise with a maximum of 250 to 350 words or one page. A to the point letter is more appealing to read.
    • Ensure all the technical skills and aptitudes listed in the cover letter are correctly detailed and relevant.
    • You can include the projects or start-ups you have in your cover letter.
    • Instead of generic letters, customize your cover letter to fit the job position you are applying for in the respective organization.
    • Check your work for spelling and grammar mistakes by proofreading and editing the letter. You can run your word processor’s spelling and grammar check or ask someone to go through your cover letter.


    • Avoid using the non-existent, unprofessional, or outdated contact information.
    • Don’t use technical language when writing your cover letter. Instead, explain your point in way that everybody can understand.
    • It is not wise to exaggerate your skills or expertise. Instead, ensure you are honest about the kind of qualifications and experience you have.


    If the job application does not mention the need for an IT cover letter or mentions that it is optional, you still need to go ahead and write it. Many candidates will choose to send only their résumés and other needed documents while leaving out a cover letter. Therefore, you should take the initiative to impress your prospective employer by writing a cover letter. This will also increase your chances of getting the position. However, do not include an IT cover letter if the application instructions explicitly tell you not to include one.

    Key Takeaways

    Here are some key takeaways to consider before writing cover letter:

    • As an IT technician looking for a job, you will need to have the cover letter when you make your application.
    • You will need to list all your skills, qualification, experience, and expertise in your cover letter to ensure you can stand out among other candidates and increase your chances of getting hired.
    • In your cover letter, ensure you include technical and people-related skills to impress your prospective employer.
    • Ensure that you observe the provided format and include the required information for a convincing and compelling cover letter.
    • Use the template or sample to have a guaranteed and proper cover letter.
    • As you write your cover letter, focus on crafting it so that the recruiter will view you as knowledgeable but still guarantee that a layperson can understand it.

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