Sample Resignation Letters (for Job That’s Not a Good Fit)

A resignation letter for a job that’s not a good fit is simply a formal document that an employee writes to inform the employer that he or she wishes to quit the job because the job is not fitting for him or her. Different companies have different cultures and policies that all the employees are expected to follow. The problem comes when the culture and the systems are not fit for you. You don’t have to go against your values to fit since you will never be fulfilled in life. Quitting is the best decision to make. You should, however, do it professionally by letting your boss know that you are planning to leave.

Do’s and Don’ts (When writing a resignation letter)

When writing such a letter, it is not an opportunity to talk negatively about the firm. You should do it with a lot of soberness. You ought to keep in mind the following:

The Do’s

  1. You should give at least a two-week notice. This means that the earliest you will leave is two weeks or one week from the time you are writing the resignation letter. Even if the job is not satisfying to you, as long as you had taken the job opportunity, you should be willing to stay at least for two more weeks to give the company a better transition.
  2. Indicate in the letter that you are willing to offer help for the transition. If you leave the company abruptly in such a way that the company is left into confusion and rough transition, you may ruin your relationship with the company. Even though you do not want to work for the company anymore, you may end up needing help from the company in the future. Be willing to give a smooth transition.
  3. Ensure that you plan well before you resign. Look for a way to bridge the unemployment gap before you get another job. You can, therefore, ask for any employment benefit that the company might be owing to you.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not be negative in your letter. The world is small; you might end up needing someone from the company. As much as the environment did not work for you, it is not the time to complain about the company culture and policies that might not have worked for you.
  2. Do not make too many apologies. You are merely doing your right, and so you don’t have to apologize in the whole letter. You can apologize once and let it be. Do not show yourself desperate that you will be advised to stay on some promises which might not come to pass.
  3. Keep your words. If the resignation letter indicates that you are to work for two more weeks, do not start being lazy about it and start coming late and leaving early. Do your best during the two weeks.

Sample Resignation Letter

Rollan Junior
PO.BOX 12345-001

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am sorry to inform you about my plan to quit my job. I wish to report on 4th Dec 20XX as my last day. I feel that I am struggling to adhere to the culture of this firm. I got converted to the Islamic religion, and so I don’t feel I can fit the Christian culture of the firm.
Thank you for the season that we have worked together. I am working towards the transition through the training of my team members. Feel free to engage me in stabilizing the change during the short time I will be around, and also after I have left.

Thank you
Rollan Junior

Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Resignation Letter for Job That's Not a Good Fit

Sample Resignation Email Example

Dear Sir,

I wish to inform you of my plan to resign from this job by 4th Dec 20XX. I am sorry if this will create tension in the company, but I have to leave. I have tried to fit into the company policies, but I have not been successful. Instead of wasting time and finances of this company, I think it is wise of me to quit.

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to work in this firm. You can contact me during the two-week notice and even after my leaving to smoothen the transition. I am currently training my team members and updating my database.

Thank you
Regards Rollan

Resignation Email Example (Word Format)

Resignation Letter for Job That's Not a Good Fit email example

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